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As a teenager I was very confused. I knew I wasn't gay. I couldn't be. I mean all the gay guys they showed on TV were lispy voiced flamers. I surely wasn't like that. I was just your average teenager with one big exception. I was not interested in girls, did not have a girlfriend, and was always checking out the other boys. I especially liked swimming class because I would not only get to see all those cute boys in their skimpy speedos they made us wear, but I would also get a peek at their beautiful naked bodies as they changed before and after class! When I jacked off I found myself not thinking of girls but of the boys I had seen in swimming class. I often wondered if any of the other boys were like this but dared not ask. Even as a young boy I was shy and this shyness was compounded by my strange feelings I could not yet understand. Consequently, I was a bit of a loner and only had a few friends. Looking back, if I had been more outgoing and daring, I would have accepted who I was and sought out others with similar interest and feelings. Surely there had to be another boy in my school who enjoyed the beauty of the male body as much as I did. And if there was, did he look at me the way I looked at him? After all I wasn't ugly! I was about 5'9', lean but not skinny, blue eyes, with long blond hair. So if there was at least one other boy like me in school why couldn't we find each other? Maybe because he, like me, was confused, shy, and afraid? This is where Rory comes in and the story really begins.

One of the few pleasures of my high school years, besides swimming class, was checking out the new crop of freshmen. I always looked forward to those first few days of the new school year when all of the new boys were entering high school with their young bodies tanned by the summer sun and their innocent looks of confusion as they roamed the halls for the first time. This year was no exception. I eagerly wandered the halls taking in all the new beauty surrounding me. One boy in particular caught my eye right off the bat. I had never seen him around and wondered if I had just missed him or if he was new in town. I don't know what it was about him but when I saw him for the first time my heart melted and my dick hardened. He was nothing special really. Just a scrawny boy with a baby face. He was only about 5'5' tall with messy brown hair and beautiful green eyes. From the first day I saw him, he became my jack off fantasy. I would go out of my way just to gaze upon his beautiful boy body as he aimlessly wandered the halls. Alas, all I could do was lust after him from afar because I was way too shy to approach this young beauty and juniors just did not speak to lowly freshmen! He had captured my imagination as no other had before and few since.

Over the course of the next few weeks I started to notice that he always roamed the halls by himself, ate lunch alone, and sat alone reading outside during free period. I began to realize that he was probably just as shy as I was! Then one day I totally caught him checking me out when we passed in the hall! I had turned to get a glimpse of his little boy butt only to catch him doing the same to me! We both turned beat red, smiled at one another, then turned back and continued on our way. A couple of days later fate stepped in for the first time. I was walking down the hall hoping to see him when I saw him pounding on his locker door. Finally an opportunity to talk to him without it being weird. I stopped and asked 'Got a problem with your locker?'.

'Ya. Can't get it open!' He responds with total agitation in his squeaky voice. I kind of chuckled to myself when I heard his voice, realizing that he was just into puberty and his voice was just beginning to change.

'Here let me try.' I offer. He steps aside so I can get at his locker. He tells me the combination and after a couple of tries I get it open. As I am trying the combination for the first time I feel him brush up against me. A jolt of electricity races through my body. I found myself wondering if he had felt it too. Was it an accident or did he do it on purpose? I just didn't know. After all, I had caught him checking me out just a few days earlier! Well anyway, our first encounter was rapidly drawing to a close much to my dismay.

'There ya go buddy! Just got to play with it some times.' I instruct him.

'Thanks. I'm Rory.' He tells me.

'Nice to meet you Rory. I'm Tyler.' I say as I extend my hand. Rory grabs my hand and shakes it just as the warning bell starts ringing, reminding us we better get to our next classes.

'See ya 'round dude.' I say.

'Hope so!' Rory responds in a warm voice and with a smile on his face.

Now when we pass in the hall we say 'Hi' to each other. We have eaten lunch together a few times. And we have spent some of our free periods together talking. One thing I learned was that he was indeed new to the town. His mother had just got a great new job and his dad worked from home so they moved. The more I learned about Rory The stronger my sexual desires for him grew. In the past I had a whole stable full of boys I would jack off thinking about. They had now all been replaced by Rory. I could not figure it out. He wasn't that hot. He was just another boy from school. But still there was just something about him that really REALLY got my juices flowing. It was about a week later when fate drew us even closer together.

My mother announced that we would be having a new lady from work and her family over for dinner on Saturday night and I was expected to be there since they were bringing their boy with them. Furthermore, I was expected to be on my best behaviour and to make their son feel welcome. I was not real happy about this. Not that I had any big plans or anything. It was just the thought of having to entertain some kid I didn't know while our parents sat around drinking wine and making small talk. It never occurred to me who this kid might be!! Saturday night arrives. The house is freshly cleaned, mom had prepared a wonderful dinner, and we are patiently awaiting the arrival of our guests. The doorbell rings and I go to answer it. As I open the door I am shocked to hear 'Tyler! Hi!' Standing on my front porch was my boy Rory with his mom and dad!! Maybe this wasn't going to be such a bad night after all!

'You boys know each other?' Rory's mom inquires. We proceed to tell her how we met one day when he was having problems with his locker. And how we had kind of become friends since that time. We all sat and ate dinner. After dinner Rory and I went up to my room and hung out until it was time for them to leave. We had a great time and got to know each other a whole lot better. Rory even instigated a bout of wrestling. I was in heaven at this point. I even let him pin me just so I could feel his body pressed tightly against mine! I could even see the outline of his hardon through his pants! After they left I quickly went to bed because my own hardon was demanding attention! I quickly stripped off my clothes and started stroking my aching 6' cock! The thoughts of Rory and I wrestling, the smell of his sweat mixed with his shampoo, and the sight of his boy boner bulging in his pants was enough to quickly throw me over the edge. Way before I wanted it to end, I was shooting wad after wad of cum all over the place. I had never cum that hard before! My dick did not soften. I was able to pull two more loads before I drifted off to sleep with thoughts of sweet Rory still swimming in my head!

They say that the third time is a charm. Seems fate works that way too! A couple of weeks later my mom tells me that she and dad are going away for the weekend to a team building workshop for her job. Rory's mom and dad were going too. And finally, that Rory was only 14 and to young to stay alone so he was going to be staying at the house with ME!!! The possibilities started racing through my brain. Rory and I at my house alone with no parents around for the entire weekend. This would be my chance! We would strip naked exposing our engorged boyhoods to each other before exploring the pleasures of boy on boy sex for the whole weekend!! But wait! What if he did not have the same feelings and desires I did? What if him checking me out, the electricity at his locker, and his boner while wrestling were all just my wishful thinking and I was making more of it than it was?? Besides he was only 14! How could I expect him to understand such feelings, if he indeed was experiencing them, when at 14-hell at 17-I still did not fully understand them?! Plus, if I did make a move and he wasn't interested he would probably tell his parents who would in turn tell my parents!! This would cause major problems!! I could not risk it. I would just have to be content having the boy of my dreams nearby for a whole weekend and jacking off to the fantasies.

The weekend finally arrives. Rory's parents meet at our house to drop Rory off and pick up my parents. After the usual parental lecture they are off leaving me and Rory alone. I could sense something different about him as we settled in. I could also feel a strange energy in the house. It was something I had never experienced before but I was sure of one thing-it was sexual! Again, I chalked it off to my wishful thinking. Or was it?! 'So ya think they are coming back for any reason?' Rory inquires with a seductive grin on his face.

'nah. It's been an hour. they won't be back now.' I tell him.

With that said, Rory instigates a wrestling match. We start wrestling around when all of the sudden Rory stops and says 'Let's do it the way the pros do.'

'What do you mean?' I ask.

'You know-wearing only underwear!' Rory exclaims as he pulls off his shirt!

Oh my God! Is this really happening?! Were all my paranoid thoughts for nothing? Was something really going to happen? My thoughts are running wild while I watch my boy take off his shirt. I could not help but notice the nice patch of brown fur under each arm while the rest of him is nice and smooth.. 'Sounds like fun!' I say as I take off my shirt exposing my slightly hairier torso to him.

Next he unbuttons his pants and me mine. I was a bit nervous here because I already had a semi going! I was somewhat relieved to see the outline of a boner straining the front of his tighty whities as he pulled off his pants. Rory was intently watching as I removed my pants exposing to him the growing bulge in my tighty whities. Funny thing, I usually wear boxers but for some reason I was wearing briefs today-maybe it was wishful thinking or once again fate! We start playfully wrestling, rubbing against one another as much as possible. I grab a hold of him from behind and pull him in tight with my arm around his smooth chest and his butt pulled in close to my crotch. He pushes back grinding his butt against my hard dick before breaking free. He then taunts me by saying 'Catch me if you can!' As he runs toward and up the stairs.

I catch up to him in my bedroom.By now our boners are both bulging out of the front of our briefs. I again grab him and pick him up throwing him down onto the bed-kind of like a gentle body slam. I then go to pin him but he squirms and rolls away just as I hit the bed. Then he mounts me sitting right on my hard dick. I move and thrust about like I am trying to escape but in reality I am just enjoying the feeling. The whole situation is surreal. Things were working out better than I had ever hoped! Was all this wrestling leading up to what I had yearned for for so long? Or was it just a 14 year old boy goofing off the way 14 year olds do?? That question was quickly answered when he pins my arms back over my head and leans in and kisses me! I wrap my arms around him and pull him in tight. Our bare chest and thinly clad cocks are now rubbing together as our tongues dance. Rory looks me square in the eye and purrs 'You want to have sex with me? Don't you?'

Ooohhh yyeesss Rory! For the longest time!' I stammer. With that Rory sits up and just stares at my body. As he traces my treasure trail down to the waist band of my underwear he sexily inquires 'Where does this lead?!'. With that he tugs down my underwear freeing my hard cock from its cloth cage and starts stroking it.

I gently push him off of me and roll him onto his back. I then pull off his underwear. I was amazed that such a scrawny young boy would have such a big dick, set of low hanging balls, and a thick bush! I carefully explored every inch of that boy's groin. First I petted his thick bush, then gently stroked his veiny 6' dick paying special attention to his big pink head, finally rolling his big balls in my hand. 'Is this your first time with another boy?' Rory lovingly asks.

'Yes.' I quietly replied 'Yours?'

'No. I knew an older boy in my old town who taught me a lot! Now let me teach you!' Rory eagerly offers.

This is too good to be true! My 14 year old fantasy likes guys, has experience, and wants to teach me!! I swear I have died and gone to heaven!! Rory gets us into a 69 position and starts working my cock. 'Do to me what I do to you and if it feels really really good do it back to me so I know you like it. I will do the same to you!' Rory instructs. We start jacking each other off. I am still more or less exploring the beautiful sight in front of me. I was way to worked up and started to shoot buckets of cum within a minute or two. Rory, I guess because he was experienced, held out longer. Even though I had just cum, my dick did not soften rather it stayed hard as a rock and Rory just kept on stroking it! Waves of pleasure engulfed my entire body. I had never felt anything so good in my entire life. I could tell by Rory's wiggles and moans that he was experiencing the same amount of pleasure I was. Then it happened. For the first time in my life I was watching as I was making another boy cum! The look of pure ecstasy on his face coupled with the numerous shots of sperm erupting from his piss slit let me know he was really enjoying it! I again was thrown over the edge and had another thunderous orgasm. Both of us were now sweaty and spent. Rory mounted me again kissing me deeply as our cum mingled on our young naked bodies!

As we layed there cuddled in each others arms, Rory told me more of the older boy who had introduced him to the pleasures of boy sex but admitted, like me, that he had had feelings for boys long before that happened. I admitted to him that I had had an unexplainable crush on him since the first day I had met him and that I too had always liked boys!! We had sex a couple of more times that night before falling asleep naked-wrapped in each other's arms.

We had more sex that weekend than one could imagine. Rory taught me many ways guys could get off together without 'going all the way'. We even came up with a couple of new ways that he had not tried before. This was the beginning of a long and loving relationship. Our parents never questioned our friendship and often let us stay together when they were out of town. Rory has grown into a real hottie! He starts college next year and I want him to be my room-mate in my off campus apartment. That would be way cool!!



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