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When I was 15 years old my best friend and I went to party held at a friend's house. It was the typical 'make out' kind of party where after the food was eaten and the punch was gone, the people at the party 'paired up' and sort of disappeared into the woods. I remember my heart beating a million beats per minute as a boy from a neighboring high school (John) came up to me and started talking. He asked me if I wanted to take a walk into the woods. I couldn't wait to get there.
I am not exactly the outgoing type, and I was not very experienced at the time. I had gone to first base just that summer at camp, and had allowed the cutest boy in camp to go to second base, but I had never allowed anyone below my waist. I told John I would love to go into the woods for a walk. We found a fairly secluded spot on the ground and proceeded to start kissing. He was kind of rough in his kissing and kept looking around all the time. He said 'Alright, let's get this show on the road' and proceeded to grab my breasts and start rubbing them. I told him to calm down a little and I guess I took control. We laid back down and he was better this time. He gently rubbed by breasts through my bra and when he found my hard nipples he concentrated on them. He slipped a hand up my skirt and started rubbing my panties paying particular attention to my crotch and the crease of my lips. I was thrilled. His finger finally slipped under the side of my panties and parted my lips and slowly (but oh so nicely) slid into my vagina. I remember he didn't pay any particular attention to my clit, but that didn't matter. My heart was banging out of my chest, I was sort of rocking on the ground, and I have never been wetter in my life. I could feel John's hardness on my leg, and that thrilled me even more. Beside's my little brother, I had never seen a penis before, and I wasn't really sure what to do with one.
John seemed to know what he wanted to do with his though. He sat up on his knees and pulled his pants down. I was lying down with my shirt pulled up, bra exposed and skirt bunched up around my waist with the moon making my white bra and panties almost glow in the dark. John pulled his underwear down and out popped his penis. It was sort of twitching, and kept bobbing up and down to his movements. He was trying to get a condom out of his back pocket, but I was too fascinated with his dick. It looked so smooth, and just begged to be touched. I reached up and kind of started caressing his cock. I remember thinking how warm it felt in my hand. He turned and looked at me. I ran my hand gently up the underside and made a little circle at the head. His dick twitched in my hand, and I heard a little moan escape his lips. I had touched my first cock. I was elated. I looked down and in the shadows I could just make out his balls. I sat up a little and took my left hand and caressed his cock and took my right hand and started feeling his balls. They were soft and a little hairy and John started looking for the condom a little harder now.
John said 'Ah ha!' and pulled the condom out. He tore the package with his teeth, but I hardly remember it at all. I was too intrigued with his cock. I sat back a little and kept my right hand on his cock. I remember being scared, but pleased with my decision to 'go all the way' with this boy. John had just gotten the condom from the package when I ran my hand up the underside one more time. John tensed. I heard an 'Oh, no' escape his lips and he leaned back and his cock just started erupting in my hand. Semen went flying from the tip of his penis onto my neck, my belly, and basically coated my white panties in little white lines. His cock was rhythmically spurting in my hand and cum was still dribbling out and running down my arm. I couldn't believe what had happened. I hadn't expected this at all. I knew that boys ejaculated and it had been the center of some serious late night girl discussions at camp that summer, but here it was in real life. All over me.
John looked me in the face, and said 'You did that on purpose.' 'You could have just said you didn't want to do it.' Then he put his now limp cock back in his pants and walked away. I tried to see all the semen that was on me in the moonlight and used some leaves from a tree to wipe most of it off. My panties were hopelessly soaked, my right hand smelled like semen, I had dirt and leaves on my clothes, and I had cum stains on my bra and panties, but I was in heaven. I had never felt more alive in my life.
That was my first fascination with penises, but not my last. I am married now and I see my husband's penis every day. Sometimes when we are engaged in some foreplay, I will close my eyes and pretend that I am back in the woods behind my friend's house with John. I will take my husband's cock in my hand and pretend that I am touching it for the first time. Only this time, I make sure his cock makes it inside before he comes. :)



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