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Farrah and I

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When I masturbate, I try to think of lesbian related things to get myself off.

God, the thought of fucking a girl really gets me off. Just the thought of slipping my tongue into her pussy and tasting her while she moans and whimpers for me to make her cum just makes me want to fuck myself really hard. Ugh... Goddamn.

Hell, I wish I knew a girl to have sex with. I of course don't want to use others FOR sex, but... God. I'd really like to...

I also fuck myself with my brush, while rubbing my clit slowly. I like to moan softly and say things like "don't stop" or "ugh, fuck me harder". The normal things... I really like listening to myself moan.

But, in one ongoing fantasy I have, it's where I'm with this absolutely beautiful redhead named Farrah.

Wavy red hair, bright green eyes, a nice bust (maybe a C...), with legs that could bring a man to his knees.

She's flirty, and likes to design clothing. And I just moved in since I needed somewhere to stay.

She's obviously flirty with me and looks at me in this way where I know she wants to have sex, but I'm shy, and she knows that.

But then one day I'm so turned on by how she's going about in her underwear all the time, and later on that night, I finally ask her if she'd like to have sex.

She accepts immediately, and we get to her couch, making out. I slip my tongue into her mouth and nibble on her lip while she squeals. God, I'm getting hot...

I'm really wet by then, and can feel my breath getting ragged as she gasps and sucks on my tongue.

Farrah kisses down my neck and I moan, leaning my head back so she can cover more. She sucks and bites my collarbone and I feel myself getting shaky. God, it feels so good... She unbuttons my top and slips her hand under my black lacy bra, rubbing my nipples and pinching them lightly. She makes me pull off my top and undoes my bra, then lets it fall to the ground.

I am now shirtless, and she can see my DD breasts. She smiles, licking her lips, then leans in and licks my nipple, her hand rubbing the other. I moan again, biting my lip. I'm not a very vocal person and tend to try stifling my moans, but it's hard. She's so good at this.

"F- Farrah, please..." I whimper and press my thighs together, feeling myself get wet. She laughs, pulling away and going lower, unbuttoning my jeans and slipping my pants off.

She giggles, looking over my panties with the little bow on them. "You're so sexy, Gabrielle..." She rubs my clit through my panties and I squirm, whimpering.

"F- Farrah, please! F-Fuck me... I need you..."

She smirks, then leans in and pulls my panties off with her teeth. "Oh, someone's been shaving... All for me?"

I nod and she grins, then leans in again and licks my lips, not touching my clit. "Oh, you taste so good, Gabby..."

I whine, closing my eyes tight. She laughs once more and pulls my lips apart slowly, the action really not doing my need to cum any favors... God, I need her to lick me, now...

She licks my clitoris and I jerk just a little, my heartbeat racing. "F- Farrah! O- Oh..."

She presses her face against my pussy and starts to suck on my clit, soft and slow (torturous for me...) then hard and fast. alternating between the two, she slips two fingers inside me and curls them up to rub my G-spot. I start to shaky and scream, panting.

"FARRAH! FUCK- Fuck, fuck, Farrahhh..." I moan and scream, pushing her face into my pussy. I whimper and try to grind myself against her, but she pushes me down.

"Not yet, princess..." She grins, then gets up and leaves the room. I lay there, realizing I'm sweating and a lot hotter than I thought so.

God, I'm going to fuck her so hard.

She comes back in, wearing a pink strap-on, then grins and makes me sit up.

"I hope you're ready, baby," she mumbles into my ear. I shiver, biting my lip when she brings the tip to my mouth. "Get it nice and wet..."

I suck on it, my tongue exploring every inch of the dildo, as if it were real. Once I'm done she pulls it out and kisses me, then makes me lay back. I spread my legs, biting my lip again.

She puts the tip at my pussy and rubs my clit, then sets it lower and pushes it in slowly.

"F- Fuck..." I moan, watching her push it in. She then slams it in hard and I jump, screaming out. "FARRAH! O- Oh GOD!" I wrap my arms around her neck and she starts to thrust into me, then starts to kiss me. I feel her licking my tongue, then going lower and sucking on my nipples. I just lose it in all the pleasure and lean back, legs wrapped tightly around her.

She stops once she realizes I'm reaching my peak and pulls out, then gets back on her knees.

"Wh- Why did you stop-"

She leans in and slips her tongue into my pussy, hands on my thighs and digging her nails in deep. The pain and pleasure melt into one and I moan, arching my back.

"Say my name," she says, then goes back to letting her tongue probe my walls. I can feel her hot tongue sliding against my g-spot, then further into my pussy, then she pulls it out and licks my asshole. I moan and whimper, then arch my back a bit more. "F- Farrah! Farrah... Farrah, Farrah, Farrah, Farrah...! Fuck me, please! Make me your whore, please!"

She laughs, then pinches my clit and oh god it feels so fucking good... I moan loud, feeling myself getting closer.

"FUCK ME!" I scream, and she sucks hard on my clit, then gets up and thrusts her strap on into me again I feel myself finally cum and I squirt onto her. She pulls out and licks my pussy clean, then trails her tongue up to kiss me, pushing my juices into my mouth.

Fuck, that got me hot. I hope that did some good...

I'm gonna go play with myself and think of this... ;)



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