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Farmhouse Fun

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luv the look on their faces


I lived in a farmhouse while going to school in the mid-west. In time other houses sprouted up on either side, in the back and on the other side of the street. The street became a semi well travelled one-way street, so in the morning many cars passed with folks on their way to work and school. This house had the perfect set up for a show off like me, big windows on both sides close to the front of the house, another big window opening up to the front porch, a nice big front door and a big picture window in the living room. You couldn't ask for anything better.

My classes were often in the afternoon, which left me the morning to show off the goods. My roomates would leave for work and I would get up sporting an early morning hard-on, comb my hair and head for the kitchen for my favorite lube, canola oil, stays nice and oily for a long time.

I lived in this house for several years, so I can't tell you how many people I masturbated to. I would be totally naked and start looking back and forth from one corner of the house to the other for women walking on the side walk which was about seven feet in front of the house. I could see them approaching from the side windows, so that by the time they were in front of the picture window I would be going at it, sometimes the timing would be perfect and I would shoot my load right at them, sometimes hitting the window. It seemed as though I could shoot my cum several feet back then. Most of the time the women would look away, shake their heads, do the shame on you thing with their fingers or give me the finger. Fortunately none of them apparently told the cops.

I have three experiences that stand out from the rest. The first one happened during Christmas break. I had the house to myself, my roomate went home, I was working and the parents only lived 1.25 hours from this town. We had a Christmas tree set on one side of the window with tons of ornaments on it. I would love to jack off two inches from the window, right next to the tree, so that I could watch myself in all the ornaments, kind of like a fun house mirror. Anyhow, here I am going at it and across the street are two seperate women walking down the side walk, one black and one white. The picture window is on the south side of the house, which means the sun is lighting me up. The white girl looks over, does an 'oh my god', and says something to the black chick, who gives me the bird, turns her butt to me and moons me, pulls up her pants and both walk on defiantly.

My other favorite was a young woman who would walk by the house on her way to school. She was shocked the first time going by and seeing me standing there going at it, oiled hand, jerking like crazy with seven feet and a sheet of glass between us. She came by repeatedly a dozen or so times before she probably had seen enough and started taking a different route to school. I would look forward to her approach and her stare as she walked by.

The last story is about my mail woman. We had a male postal person for some time, then one day a woman showed up to deliver the mail. She was an average looking person, but with a very nice physique, must have been all that walking she did. It was late spring, early summer when she started her rounds, so she would wear the standard mail shorts and sometimes t-shirts. She apparently had encountered others like me before, because she kept on delivering the mail. You know the old US mail motto, through rain snow and sleet, and now through some dude in his house jerking his meat. I never did it in her face like others that walked by, but I would stand at one of the side windows with my back to her, buck naked, beating my meat, she had to know what was happening. Other times I would walk past the picture window with my dick bouncing up and down and we would wave to each other. Once I took the mail from her stark naked with oil all over my dick. She just looked, I said thank you and she said your welcome, turned and continued on her rounds. She must not have minded seeing nude, of course I didn't do it for her on a daily basis. At the end of the summer she was gone and the regular guy was back, end of the fun.



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