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Farmboys (2)

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This is a continuation from a previous recent entry titled 'Farmboys'. Please read first for continuity.


Our trips to the swimming hole would soon be ending. School would be starting next week. We would be freshmen. It was getting colder. We would not have time with farm chores and homework. Our routine through the summer never changed. After farm chores we would head to the swimming hole, take a swim, then jack off together. It was usually early afternoon. It would be eight months before we did this again. We had one more meeting before our winter sabbatical.

We met at the swimming hole shortly after noon. It was sunny and unusually warm. We draped our towels over the fallen tree trunk. We stripped. We already had boners anticipating what was to come. We waded chest deep into the cold creek. Our dicks usually became flaccid as soon as they hit the cold water. Today I was able to maintain my boner even in the frigid creek. We were facing each other. The water is always clear. You can see the bottom. My dick was visibly undulating with the current of the creek. Mike impetuously reached out and gently grabbed my hard cock. He squeezed it twice. I was surprised. We had watched each other jackoff every day all summer. We had never touched each other. I had wanted to but wasn't sure if I should. I had been waiting for this. I reached out for his dick. It was shriveled from the cold water. I stroked it with my thumb and forefinger. It rose to the occasion. Neither of us spoke a word. I let go of his prick and headed for the bank. I knew what I wanted to do and did not want to wait. Mike followed.

I straddled the fallen tree trunk. Mike straddled the tree trunk facing me. We were both rock hard, pointing straight up. I reached for Mike's cock wrapping my fist around it. He reached for mine. I said, 'No. I'll do you then you do me.' It was perfect positioning straddling the tree trunk. The curvature of the trunk even added some anal stimulation. I pumped Mike's cock with slow even strokes. He asked me to speed up. I sped up and took longer strokes, from the frenulum of his bag to the corona of his uncut head. Every time I stroked, the foreskin peeled back until it was tight. His balls slapped the trunk. He stiffened his whole body. He leaned back and braced himself with his hands on the log. He let go an explosion of cum. He fell back supine on the log. After a few minutes he sat up.

It was now my turn. My cock was still very hard. I found that jacking my friend was very horny. He palmed my dick then wrapped his finger around my throbbing shaft. The veins were purple and protruding. He had a firm grip. He pumped my cock with a caring enthusiasm. I wanted to delay my gratification as long as possible. I wanted this to last forever. I had waited all summer. He stopped and smeared some pre cum over the head of my dick. It first felt warm then cold. My nuts were beginning to hurt as I was struggling to supress an orgasm. I didn't want him to stop. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I jerked and and moaned, 'Oh god.' I blew a huge load that landed all over Mike's chest. I took my finger and put it in the cum. I put it to my mouth and tasted it. Mike did the same thing.

We laid down beside each other on our towels in front of the log. We talked about what had just happened. We agreed that it was the best swim and jackoff we had all summer. We did not move for 30 minutes. We couldn't. Our legs were too weak.



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