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Farm Boys (1)

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Our families had lived on adjacent farms for several generations. A creek marked the northern borders of both properties. There was no one else for miles around. David and I had been born within two months of each other. I was older. We literally grew up together. It was a community of hardy farmers.

We had just finished seventh grade. We were now on our much anticipated summer vacation. For as long as I could remember David and I spent much of the sumnmer at the swimming hole. The swimming hole was a spot where the creek was a little wider and a little deeper. A spot perfect for swimming. We went there on a daily basis. No one ever bothered us. It was very private and secluded, a half mile from either house. This day was a little cold for a swim but the water in the creek was always cold. On a hot July day it was refreshing but it was still early May and we were in Wyoming. We had not been to the creek to swim since last August.

I called David. His mother answered. She put David on. I asked him to meet me at the creek in a half hour. He told me he would. My purpose for going to the creek that day was somewhat self serving. We swam naked, always had. I had a growth spurt over the winter which included my dick. I had a small tuft of dark fur growing above my cock. I wanted to see David's reaction to my new pubescent features. The sun was out so a swim would not be out of the question. Even though the air was chilly the sun would warm our bodies. Mike was already there when I got to the creek by foot. I suggested a swim and he concurred.

I took off my shoes and shirt as a cue to David. At that point I began to stall. I wanted David to strip first. I thought that would have more impact when he saw me in pubescent form. He took my cue. He was naked and heading for the water. As he reached the bank he turned around and said, 'Come on'. I had dropped my shorts. His penis was shriveled. It was barely peeking out of a small growth of light brown hair. To my dismay my dick was much the same dimensions peeking out of a slightly lusher growth of darker brown hair. I attributed it to the chilly air. So much for impressing David with my growing dick and brand new pubes. Today we looked very much the same.

We swam awhile. We got out and dried off. My eyes curiously gravitated to David's crotch. After a brief moment I looked up and noticed him surveying mine. Our eyes met. We had caught each other 'looking'. We just smiled. We built a fire, good thing he brought a lighter. There had been a fallen tree trunk there as long as either of us could remember. We spread our towels down in front of it. We sat on the towels reclining against the fallen tree trunk. The radiant heat from the fire warmed our still naked bodies.

Finally I broke the ice. I asked him when he started growing hair around his dick. He said right after school started last fall. It had been growing all winter. He asked me the same question. I gave him the same answer. I asked him if he noticed his cock growing. He affirmed it was and he admitted that it sometimes got very hard and stiff. I told him mine did too. We each went home.

Two days later we met at the swimming hole again. There was no pretense this time. We had seen each other. We both shed our clothes and dove into the creek. It was a much warmer, sunny day. We got out, dried off, then spread our towels in front of the tree trunk. This day our cocks were of normal dimensions. We were each sporting about three inches soft. Since we had satisfied our curiosities two days earlier, I wanted to ask Mike about the apparent erections he was having. I did. He said that when he got them he would beat them. I inquired how he beat them. He said that you beat them up and down. We were after all naive farm boys. I asked how he knew. He said he caught his brother. They shared a room. He walked in on his brother baeting off. He asked him what he was doing. He was told he was beating it. I asked Mike how many times he had done it. He said never. I asked why not. He admitted he was afraid. My cock had been getting hard while we talked. Without hiding it, I looked down at David's dick. It was half way there. 'Let's try it', I said.

Without saying another word, we each took a tentative grip on our cocks. We weren't actually stroking our semi hard cocks as much as fondling them. Eventually we each achieved full erections. Our three inches were now about five. Mine was as hard as a rock. Precum was already formimg. It was awkward to continue fondling motions with a hard cock. I remembered what David's brother told him, 'beat it up and down.' David had already got into the motion. He had seen his brother. As I began stroking the length of the shaft, up and down, I got into a cadence that left me in a trance. It felt great. My trancelike stare, I realized, was focused on David as he pumped his cock. David was focused on me. The visual stimulation was incredible. My cock began to pulsate. My dick head began to swell. I shivered violently. A small stream of white thin goo dribbled from my dick.

I leaned back on the log. I closed my eyes. I shivered again, in relief. I looked over at David. He was pumping furiously. Suddenly he slowed the pace and took two deep breaths. A small pool of thin clear fluid drooled off his cock head. He slumped forward and took two more deep breaths. We had each cum together. It was the first time for both of us. We were literally growing up together. We grabbed our stuff and left for home. Not a word was spoken.



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