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Fantasy Turned To Reality

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I know a Madame who helped set up a great role play with one of her girls. The Madame sets it all up and girl act it out with me.

A couple of weeks ago I met Brittany for the first time. She is tall, slim, pretty, B cup, and has a great smile. The role play we acted out went like this.

First, Brittany doesn't ask me any questions about the role play, that would wreck it. She is told by Madame: Please do not ask me about the role play as it takes away from it being real. Just follow along with the survey and instructions and act natural. You are a student and this is a class assignment.

The setting: This is your home and you are a student in a human sexuality class, completing a sexual survey with a male volunteer is one of the assignments. I am a friend of a friend who volunteered to answer your questions. Present yourself as a 24-year-old student.

Your attitude: nervous, shy, submissive but a capable student who has an assignment and is not overly embarrassed by asking the questions. It has been two years since you had a boyfriend and sex.

Britanny asked Survey questions for about 20 minutes.

I arrive and Brittany sits us down in the living room, chit chat for two to three minutes, explain the class and the survey and thank me for doing this for you, it has been hard to find someone. She uses a clipboard and paper to write down the answers I give.

This is what Brittany asks:

1. How old are you.

Answer 32.

2. Are you heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.

Answer heterosexual.

3. Number of partners before marriage.

Answer five.

4. Age when you had your first sexual experience.

Answer age seven with playing Dr. and age 16 with another teenage girl.

6. Explain two to three of those experiences.

Answer - When I was seven I played Dr. with a neighbour girl on a few occasions. She would take her clothes off and let me examine her in detail. I would take a thermometer and push it up her butt. I would look carefully at her pussy and rub it for her. Then she would do the same for me, pushing a thermometer up my butt and rubbing my penis to examine it.

When I was 16, I was at the beach on a vacation with my family and aunt/uncle/cousin and her friend Lisa. I went from the beach to the house to jack off becasue there was so many cute girls in bikinis there. I was on my bed completely naked when Lisa came to the door. I didn't hear her come in. I thought Lisa would turn, run and yell pervert to everyone. So I was really scared. Instead Lisa who was 17 came in and said 'So cool, it's so natural, can I see.' So I pumped my cock for her but I was smart I said it was unfair, so I got her to take her top off. My first sight of breasts, small round nipples and so beautiful. I jacked to orgasm and shot some ropes while she held my balls in her hand. I talked her into taking a turn and I saw my first pussy, and she rubbed and I rubbed her to an orgasm. After that we hooked up when we got back to school.

6. Age of first sexual intercourse.

Answer seventeen with Lisa.

7. What do you most like in sexual encounters.

Answer I like my penis to be rubbed and stroked while I watch a girl do the same to herself.

8. Describe a sexual fantasy that you have.

Answer That society is so free that when you see a pretty girl walking down the street you could approach her and ask to hook up, and she would agree.

9. What type of places have you had sex.

Answer the beach, the car, the bed.

10. Do you masturbate

Answer yes

12. How often do you masturbate.

Answer seven days a week, and about two when I orgasm.

13. What do you visualise when you masturbate, and Brittany shifts around in her chair like she is getting horny.

Answer I visualise a pretty girl, like you, and what she looks like with her clothes off.

14. What do you do when you masturbate, explain (after I explain Brittany asks more because she doesn't quite understand, could I show you with my clothes on the types of motions I make. I show her how I stroke my cock with my hand, making pretend motions.

Brittany say this is not part of the survey but could you show me how you masturbate, I have never seen it, please don't tell my professor that I asked.

I am a bit surprised because I didn't know this was part of the survey, but then Brittany didn't either. Slowly you get me to take my clothes off. Brittany is in awe of the beautiful cock I have, it has been two to three years since she saw one.

I point out that since I am naked Brittany needs to take her top off which she does, although she didn't plan things to go like this. Then her pants come off in a couple of minutes.

I am showing Brittany how I masturbate and she has her hands in her panties too. She asks me a few questions about when the semen spurts out. Brittany asks if she can touch my cock and if I can teach you a few things about how to masturbate a guy.

Then we masturbate together, it is so beautiful. Brittany gets horny and brings out her sex toys and ask me to use them on her. After that nature takes over and I push vibrators in and out of her pussy while she gets out some oil and lubes and strokes my cock.

After the session I thanked Brittany and asked if she would go to a tantric massage with me. I paid the Madame for Brittany's time before, but Brittany comes free of charge with me to the massage. This time the tantric massage therapist shows me how to massage Brittany to orgasm on a real massage table, I got a full hour of massaging her pussy, tits, ass and everywhere. Then my tantric massage therapist Z, shows Brittany how to massage a guys cock in 20 different strokes till I cum all over her hands.

It is beautiful. I have made a friend who will masterbate with me when I ask.




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