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Fantasy Jerking... in Public

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Yesterday my mom and step-dad picked me up from a sleepover fairly early and straight from there all around, meeting up with prospects for their business. And it was around 12:05 PM when my mom said she wanted to stop at the local store. She went in and came back bringing me a soda bottle. I thanked her and then we set off to a local health shop. We parked in front of the little restaurant next to it and they went in. They asked me if I wanted to come in but I refused, it was hot, and so my stepdad rolled the windows down and locked me in.

It was a busy litle bistro with people coming in and out enjoying the weather and taking their seats outside. I had my bottle and I started stroking it, putting the nozzle in my fist and moving it up and down, imagining it was a large uncircumsized cock that I was jerking. I started to notice how wet and horny I was from my lack of pleasure the night before (sleepover)! I put the imaginary cock between my legs and began to stroke and rub it all over my throbbing pussy. All the while I was staring all around me, watching everyone enjoying their meal outside and the people who would continuously walk past the window.

As I did my imaginary jerk-off, I couldn't help but moan a few times but I always had to catch myself, being careful that the passerbys didn't hear. I felt extremely erotic and imagined that I was a boy, tugging on my hard six-inch cock and fondling my balls. I started to get really into it, almost forgetting about the 20 + people practically surrounding me. Almost. But my pussy was wanting so much more and I wanted to just rip my jeans off and stick the whole bottle into my tight vagina. But I didn't. I satified myself by thinking back to all of the episodes/videos of porn I watch almost every night on my phone. I kept rubbing that bottle against myself for a full 15 minutes, alternating between stroking super fast and going a little slow when people walked by my window or looked my way.

But eventually, my mom and step dad came back, all I could think about was getting back to my jerk-off fantasy role play while we drove to a vitamin store. Luckily, it wasn't TOO much further than the other health store but still, how I ached so. My mom again, asked if I wanted to come in. I quickly refused and waited for them to reach the door until I started my adventure again. I whispered dirty things to myself, recalling the most recent porn video I'd seen involving some serious lesbian humping and squirting cum. I couldn't hold it in for much longer and I began to furiously stroke the bottle, pounding into myself, holding it with both hands, shaking violently. I didn't care if anyone saw because I felt that special something building up inside of me. And I tugged faster still, bring me to a wonderful orgasm. My jeans were wet! I sat there, marvelling for a second, making circular motions over my clit with the mouth of the bottle. ROLE-PLAY IS FUN!! Lol, happy jilling and jacking!



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