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Fantasy Fulfilled Part One - the Nurse

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love hearing the interesting tales that the everyday person gets into


Like any testosterone fuelled male we have certain fantasies of woman in uniform, being from nurse to maid to cop and so forth, and im no different

There is a doctor whom im deeply infactuated with, but being a healthy guy i dont get to see her much except taking siblings, or friends who are too ill to go by themselves, so usually after visiting im left happy in more ways than one, but we also get along fairly well considering how often i actually see her. i also have a thing for a woman in gloves, but only while in uniform. Anyway onto my story (and you can probably guess what follows....maybe)

I rang up a mate of mine to see if he could hook me up as i was desperate for some fun as i hadnt had any in a while and doing the whole self pleasure thing was kinda wearing thin. a while later he brings round a friend, who turns out to be the nurse that i have a crush on, i invite them in but my mate doesnt stay long as he has 'things to do' even though it was 9:30pm, which meant that he'll leave us be, which is surprising cause he normally wants in on this stuff.

We go into the lounge room and she undresses revealing a sexy nurse outfit with the chest area cutout so her breasts are exposed, they bounce slightly as she takes her top off and i start getting hard a little. she pulls out a box out of her backpack that she brought with her, which turn out to be gloves.

She puts the gloves on, snapping them as she puts each one on, then turns to me with her hands on her hips and tells me to sit down on the couch, but instead of taking order i just stand there smiling. She walks over, as a model does almost, making her breasts bounce, they were about a medium C cups so the jiggle factor was there, and tells me again to sit down, and i refuse, and by now have become fully erect (as much as possible in jeans anyway), and i say or what.

All of a sudden she grabs my groin and says 'This!' she then looks down at my bulging pants and says 'looks like they need to come out', and unzips my pants, and springs out my cock as i just wear boxers so it goes through the gap in the boxers. She grabs onto my cock once more and slowly slides it up then lets it go, making it bounce momentarily, she repeats this about 3 to 4 times, then grabs a firm hold around it, and pulls me over to the couch and makes me sit down, she grabs a foot stool and sits infront of me.

She starts rubbing her pussy which is now clear to me that she isnt wearing anything underneath, and im really turned on now as i mentioned before i have a thing for women in uniform wearing gloves. At this stage im oozing out pre-cum, she looks at me and lifts up her skirt more, revealing her pussy and her gloved hand fingering away, i could tell she was enjoying it and wanted to come at same time as me cause she was going at a fair pace.

She stops fingering herself, tells me to laydown on the sofa, as in resting my rear end on the footstool and back on the couch, gives me a glove to put on my right hand, and then sits on the couch over my right hand and tells me to finger her/play with her. I start rubbing her vagina slowly but tells me to do it faster, so i go at a faster pace, then she grabs a hold of my balls and starts massaging them and rubs my shaft, i do the same pace to her as she is doing it to me.

I tell her im about to come, so she immediately puts a glove over my cock and just rubs the tip, and a few seconds later i come, she still rubbing away and telling me to continue and within 10 seconds she orgasms, but tells me not to stop. I come a second time (although not as strong as first time) into the now cum-filled glove and by geez while it wasnt orgasmic but it certainly felt awesome. Im just massaging her pussy at this stage with my whole hand going back and forth, she takes the glove off my cock, and i sit up while still rubbing her away, she eventually is sitting legs wide open with me stimulating her and she is rubbing her breasts.

Moments later she pushes her pussy into my hand even more then arcs her back as she orgasms, but still continues, and moves her groin in the opposite direction that im rubbing with my palm, what seems like a couple minutes with my arm aching, she grabs onto my arm/wrist and pushes it into her harder, grinding my hand. she asks while panting, if i had any left in me, and i said a bit, so she tells me to stop doing her and to stand up next to her and tells me to masturbate over her till i come.

she now has both her hands rubbing her groin all over and im now wanking whats left, as im right handed i use the gloved hand and i make an attempt to get myself off, which isnt hard as the feeling the glove gave made me climax quickly. I come onto her breasts, she rubs her breasts with one hand while fingering herself and at that moment she does the greatest moan. She rests for a while and i take a look at her groin and she is red from all the friction from the rubbing she and i have done, and puffy as well

im now very pleased with myself for many reasons.

I was surprised at how sexually driven this woman was

when i think its over, she winks and says, its now time to clean up.....

coming soon, the maid



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