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Fantasy for My Wife

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just something I wrote for my wife


She was surprised when he showed up at her door. 'You ordered a massage?' he asked. She weakly answered yes. She had seen him on the street, and they smiled shyly at each other. She hadn't really thought about him, he was good looking enough, but she had enjoyed the smile, and the fact that his eyes had wandered around her body.

Her back had been tight recently and she had called for a therapeutic massage, she figured that the female owner would arrive, but he had instead.

He told her they needed a narrow bed or table, higher the better, and a couple of bath towels. She showed him the second bedroom and he said it would be fine. 'why don't you put on a bathing suit or something similar, wrap yourself in this towel and I will wait by the window until you are laying on your belly?'.

Fine she said, and walked out to her bedroom, she had an old bikini, and started for it, but decided on some conservative, but very much not a bathing suit, lingerie. She was adjusting her panties and brushed across herself and felt a marvellous surge as she did. She grabbed some bath towels and put on her robe.

She went back to the other room, he was staring out the window, and she laid down on the bed. H draped the towels over her bottom then removed her robe. She heard him getting the oil ready and then he began to massage her back. He started at her neck and kneaded and rubbed down to her waist.

'Do you want your butt massaged?' he asks, umhmm she replied.

He slid his hands under the towel and gave her a wonderful massage. Even though he very definitely stayed on her bottom, the kneading and rubbing pulled her panties into her lips and sex. She noticed that she was getting quite wet but was very happy the towel stayed on.

He then moved quickly to her feet, starting at her toes and working his way up, finally finishing at the top of her thighs. Hands just barely sliding under the towel. Again her panties were drawn again her and rubbed her increasing wet pussy.

'time to roll over', as he lifted the towel, blocking his vision but exposing her warm, and now rather wet, midsection to the air. She did as directed and he placed the towel over her midsection and then her hands on top of the towel.

He added another towel across her breast and then he placed another towel over her forehead and eyes. He began to work her cheeks and chin, slowly moving towards her neck. She noticed that her left hand was laying on her right and her right hand was right on top of her mound. She barely flicked her right middle finger and felt a shiver as she brushed against her clit.

He continued to work her neck, at times it felt as though he was holding her down for just a second, then the movement continued. She in turn would adjust her hands every so often, brushing her damp pussy and clit each time.

He gave her an excellent chest massage, without ever going under the towel laid across her breast. Continuing down to her abdomen. His fingers just barely went underneath the towel, but never moved her hands away from her mound.

He again moved to her feet and worked the font of her legs as he had the back. Individually working each toe, then feet, then long strokes up each leg.

She didn't realize that each time he stroked a leg, she would slightly rub across her clit.

'I am finished, but want you to remain where you are. You may stop by the office or call in with a credit card to pay. You need to lie there and try to remain inactive for about fifteen minutes or so. Let your body adjust to the calmness. She thanked him without moving and heard him pack his lotions and finally walk out the door.

She was there for a few minutes before she realized her hands were moving beneath the towel, she stroked her fingers underneath her panties and finally against her clit. Moving faster and more deliberately with every move. Her other hand slid down between her legs and working the edge of her panties aside, a finger found it way inside her.

She continued to complete the massage until she could hold back no longer and felt a rhythmic wet rush take her, after which she drifted off for a nap, one finger still in her and the other hand still rubbing across her clitoral area occasionally.

She called the office a few hours later and paid by credit card, and scheduling another appointment for next week......................................



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