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Fantasy at Work

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Of late, I've been working from home. When I'm at my desk, sometimes I start to feel horny and I begin to feel my cunt come to life. It distracts me and forces me to stop what I'm doing. When that happens, I have to pay it attention. The great thing about working from home, especially if there is no one else at home with you, is that you can masturbate just wherever you are. You can also make as much noise as you like. So I push my bra up and fondle my nipples. I unzip my jeans and push them down along with my panties. I sit bare-bottomed against my chair and rub my cunt hard against the edge. My clit hardens and I start to moan with pleasure. I see that the fabric of the chair is wet and glistening with my moistness. Then I swing a leg over the side of my chair and start fondling my pussy. I take the moisture from my hole and spread it over the whole of my swollen cunt. I feel my lips inflamed with pleasure.

I close my eyes and imagine I'm with another woman and that I'm playing with her pussy. I touch myself and imagine it is her I'm touching. She is on all fours, her ass and cunt in the air, begging me to enter them. She tells me what she wants. Fuck me, she says, fuck me, just put your whole hand inside me. I'm pushing my fingers deep into her from behind, feeling even her cervix at the very top of her vagina. I'm going in till I can't go anymore. I'm exploring her G-spot, pressing down hard against it with the flats of my fingers. She breathes hard and breaks out in a sweat in pleasure. There, she says, just there. Fuck me hard, just like that. She moans and the sound of her voice makes the wetness drip down my legs. She's all open and wet and welcoming to me. Faster, she says, fuck me faster. Of course, I'm finger fucking myself all the time.

I've never been with a woman in actual fact. Then, in my head, I ask her to turn around and lie on her back. I lie between her legs, holding them up and smelling her odours, flicking at her clit. She twists and writhes in pleasure. With one hand, I massage her breasts and belly. Just keep your fingers inside me, she whispers, keep fucking me deep inside. All the while, my other hand is moving urgently between my own legs. I feel her clit even as I touch my own. I enter her as I enter myself. Then, I cannot stand it any more. I concentrate on my clit, now hard as a button, rubbing fast around it. I smack it, The burning sensation inflames me further and I gasp with pleasure. I move up and down from my clit to my hole and back. I am moving up to suck her hard nipples, she is about to come. I see her toes curl in pleasure and look down and see mine do the same. Soon, my clit goes mad, like hers does. The feeling is intense and rising and then, in a great gush of ecstasy, the sensations explode as the woman and I come together. Her screams and mine unite. Fuck me, she screams, I beg you, fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me, don't stop! The voice I hear is mine. From clit to clit, cunt to cunt, woman to woman, from my head to my body, from my clit through my whole cunt and down to my shaking legs, wave after expanding wave, the orgasm explodes in an intense peak, and I let out a wild scream of pleasure.



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