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My technique for masturbating is to fantasize about anything that turns me on. When I feel up to it, I like to think about tons of things that make me horny as I sit in my room with my hand down my pants. I grind my fingers as I think about anything that comes to mind.


I think about girls rubbing me all over or a guy ramming me hard and slow.

I think about what it would be like if everyone looked beautiful and people didn't wear clothes. I imagine being the only one that remembers that we wear clothes and I walk around town looking at everyone's great bodies. Or, I imagine that it's ok to masturbate in public and that people do it all the time.

I imagine going to school in just a t-shirt and playing with myself in class or I walk by cute girls and grab their butts. I imagine that nobody cares if you touch them. I think about walking up to a freshman girl and pulling her pants down in front of everyone and licking her until she almost orgasms and then leaving her like that.

I imagine that instead of Gym class, we have Sex Education and all of the girls line up on one wall as the guys strip us and pull out their huge cocks. Then, the young teacher tells them to ram us at the same time. She shouts 'fuck!' and they each shove their dick into their partner's pussy. All of the girls moan and the teacher shouts again 'Fuck!' and they slam their bodies into us. She repeats it 'fuck, Fuck, FUCK!' Faster and faster and the boys keep pace with her. I hear my friends moaning beside me. One girl cries next to me saying 'NO! It's too much. It's my first time! Eh! Ahhh! Stop! I'm a virgin!' as her massive partner fucks her small, frail body. My partner is too small and I can't get off on him, so the teacher makes me stay after class and she fucks me with a strap-on until I give her ten orgasms. By the time I return to class, I'm blushing red and I'm out of breath, and cum is running down my bare legs. My best friend tells me she'll help with that and she bends down under my desk and licks the cum off my legs and my sensitive lips and returns to her seat (she would never even think about doing something like this in reality).

(I just orgasmed while typing this!)

Just now, I was imagining that I'm older and have a daughter. I'm teaching her how to pleasure herself. I tell her the parts of her body that give women pleasure and then I tell her to slide out of her shorts and I'll help her orgasm for the first time. She's nervous and I kiss her on the lips and tell her it's OK. I pull down her shorts slowly as she sits on the couch. Then, I pull down her panties and she keeps her hands on her lap so I still can't see her young pussy. I finally convince her to lift her hands but her legs are closed tightly. I put my hands on her knees and slowly pull them apart. I look at her smooth, tight pussy and she shutters just from the feeling of being bare and naked. I start to rub her small clit and she moans softly. Soon, I get out a dildo and show it to her. She knows what it is but is nervous to use it. She agrees to try it and eventually she is moaning and shuttering as she builds up to her first climax with the toy. Just then, her father walks in and surprises us!

(I just orgasmed again so I'll stop there!)


The stories continue and I think of more every time I masturbate. I hope you like at least some of my fantasies even if some are a little extreme. PLEASE, post some of your sexual dreams. Especially girls my age. I want to know what other girls think about when they masturbate. I'll try to post more, myself, the next time I masturbate.



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