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This almost tantric experience happened to me yesterday. I found that I wanted to write it down. Forgive my somewhat clumsy style. I am not used to writing about myself.


I woke early, the sun was just starting to bleach the darkness of night into the clear light of a new day. I lay in bed covered only by a thin cotton sheet and listened to the sounds of the emerging day coming to me from the rainforest beyond. I could hear the gentle, rhythmic and almost hypnotic wash of the waves upon the beach. I closed my eyes again and let the warm tropical air fill my lungs, concentrating on each breath as it entered and left my body.

I felt so alive; every inch of my body at one with the world, its sounds and smells. I stretched slowly and sinuously under the sheet and felt the warm moistness between my legs as my sex wept the benediction of her love into my panties. I arched my back and my small breasts lifted my erect nipples into contact with the sheet. It felt almost rough and forced a sigh from deep within me. My hand roamed down my body, down my side and over the outside of my thigh before retracing its journey with a slight detour over my ever moistening panties.

I parted my legs and allowed a supliant finger to pause between the moistness and plough the soft furrow that was already swelling up in gratitude. My exploring finger moved so slowly, so delicately until it reached the hard nub of my clitoris. She seemed to stretch and yearn in reply. I spread my legs wide now, luxuriating in the feeling of partial exposure. Kicking the sheet off me, I pulled my panties to one side, allowing the warm tropical morning to bless my exposed sex with the fresh scented air.

My fingers, unbidden now by conscious thought spread my lips and I felt the vault of my vagina extend up inside me. An index finger courted my clitoris, dancing with her in small circles. I became lost in a world of sensuous pleasure. The sounds of the waves from the beach seemed to match my own waves in their rise and fall. Soon, it seemed, too soon, the gentle lap became crashing breakers and I arched my back, lifting myself almost totally off the bed. I cried out as the orgasm swept through me. I held myself wide open for nature to enter me and make me hers. I felt the wetness on my upper thighs and the cool wet patch on the sheet when I lowered myself back onto my bed.

For a while, I caressed my body in silent thanks for the pleasure it had given me and would give me again.



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