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Family Togetherness

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How a loving wife and daughter spend time together...


My wife and I married young. 20 and 18 respectively. Our first, and only child, was born almost 9 months to the very date of our wedding night...a beautiful baby girl who just keeps getting more beautiful with age. She's 20 now and you can do the math for my wife and I. Julie our daughter, is in University now and lives out of state, but visits us every couple of months. Her last visit though was little different.

She was upset after just breaking up with her boyfriend and was pretty upset when she came by to spend the weekend with us. Julie, when she was a little girl, would always come into our bedroom in the mornings to cuddle, and my wife and I would always sleep in the nude...still do. My wife is a cute little blonde with large A cups, and our daughter is the spitting image...but with C's...not sure where they came from, but good for her. As far as me, you can check my Avatar and you decide.

Anyway, we were all talking and trying to comfort Julie but it was getting late so we told Julie we were going to head to bed and we'd continue talking in the morning. Julie was upset still and asked if she could sleep with us, and was quick to add that she didn't care that we sleept nude, she did too...and she just wanted comfort. I didn't answer, but my wife looked at me as if to say...'don't worry'. My wife said, 'of course'.

So we headed down the hall and I quickly stripped down to nothing and slipped under the sheets trying hard to fall asleep fast before the two of them finished up in the bathroom and came to bed. Well, I couldn't help but sneak a peek at the two of them moments later when they entered the bedroom. Wow....stunning is all I can say. Still pretending to sleep, I rolled onto my side facing them as my wife got into bed first. She spooned right into me gently and I could feel her ass slide right against my now hard penis. Julie then got into the bed and my wife spooned her in a comforting way. I knew at this point something might happen...we are a very openly sexual family...nudism is nothing new, and we all know that each other masturbate frequently and have walked in on one another many times over the years.

My wife started to grind into me...I knew she was excited too, and I could also hear wetness like someone fingering themselves....it was Julie of course and she started moaning. 'Don't worry Julie'...said my wife...'it'll make you feel better'. All of a sudden Julie asked if I was awake, to which I replied 'yes'. She then asked if we could all masturbate together with the covers off so we could watch one another. The sheets came off almost before she finished asking. We all started touching ourselves...our legs then started to cross over each others and my wife rolled over and started to grind against my leg as she rolled me onto my back.

Julie followed suit and rolled over all of us using my other leg...I don't know whose hands were on me the most, but after about 5 minutes I shot an enormous load all over my chest just as my wife and daughter were moaning louder than I've ever heard before. We all passed out shortly after and woke up intertwined with each other in the morning....Julie asked if we could do that again and I promise to tell you all about it if you like the next time I write.



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