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Family Reunion

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Family Reunion
This story is absolutely true - I swear to God. There is actually three stories behind this.
I hadn't seen my cousin (let's just call her D) for twelve years. And that was when me and her were both 2 years old. So I had no idea what she'd be like when we all visited at our Grandma's last week. The whole family on my dad's side all went to (a place) so we could re-unite the family. My Aunt and Uncle had 5 kids. Except for D - they were all annoying and under 12 years. So right then and there - me and D were like Best Friends. See, they were staying at my other aunt's house that lived there so I spent the night there with them. At night, me and her would stay up til 3 watching scary movies - but during those movies we just talked about school and everything.
So I thought this was a bummer of a vacation because at first D was like "You don't have a nasty mind, do you?" Just to please her I said, "Of course not." So we just hung out with each other. But then the real fun began just before we left. It was two more days before we had to leave (that place) and so I spent the night at my other aunt's house with D. Oh yeah - and by the way - D was really hot! So while were watching this movie - she says to me from the couch - "Hey (my name)" I turn my head and I see the prettiest tits I had ever seen. They weren't big but they definitely weren't small. Then she put her shirt down and said, "Now go to sleep". She shut off the lights. Go to sleep, yeah right. I thought about it all night. Then the last night, she came over to Grandma's where my family was staying. Me, her and my bro were in the guest room. Everybody else - including my two aunts, uncle, mom, dad and the other 4 annoying cousins were in the family room talking and watching TV. There was couch where me and D sat and a chair where my brother sat. We were all watching TV when D grabbed a pillow. She put it over her shorts and gave me a wierd look. We had this thing about touching each other to make us go to sleep - like holding hands or something. So I grabbed a pillow too. Now my 16-year old brother is not like anything like me - he's the type that keeps to himself - reads the bible in every different translation and gets a 4.7 GPA. So anyway - me and D are watching TV until all of a sudden - I put my hand on her thigh - now keep in mind the pillows are covering us so my bro won't see. Then I slowly move my hand up to her short-jeans. I stick my hand in there and feel her pubic hair. She looks at me like - "Go ahead." So I stick my hand in farther and find her hole. I put my index finger inside and she goes really quitely - Uh! So my bro looks at her she just keeps looking at the TV. Then I do it again and she's holding her mouth in. My bro throws us a car magazine and says "look at that car." So me, D and my bro are talking while the whole time - I've got my hand in her jeans.
But nothing beats what happened later that night. So it was time to go to bed and so all the lights were shut off. As usual, me and D were in the same bed - but now - we both had ideas. First we made sure my bro was asleep - and then - we went at it. I stuck my hand down her jeans while she went down into my shorts. She started stroking my 7-inch and half dick while I went inside her with my finger. While we were doing this - she took off her shirt and put her tits in my face. I licked and sucked them until I cummed. Then we kissed and said good night. And for the rest of the last few hours in the moringing before we had to leave - every chance we got - we kissed - frenched kiss and I couldn't let go - now I won't be able to see her for another year before we can go at it again.
This story was completely true - I swear to God. -anonymous



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