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Family Nudist Beach Holiday

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I am sorry this story is so long but it was worth telling.


I have a fairly cruisey existence. Going to school is the only challenging thing I do, although most of the time that's pretty cruisey too. The rest of my family is even more laid back than me. I guess we could be described as the chilled-out family and perhaps a bit alternative.

My mum is a writer, art teacher and yoga instructor. Dad owns a small business that supports the construction industry but his real passion is surfing. I have a sister, Claire, who is one and a half years younger than me. She is the most chilled of all of us.

We live in Sydney in a small 1950's house situated three blocks away from a well known surfing beach. Like dad, Claire and I are also surf. No matter what time of year, whenever the waves are up and we don't have to be at work or school, the three of us are out surfing.

For as long as I can remember our family has gone away for the September school holidays. We usually camp at or near a surfing beach somewhere on the east coast. Last year was an exception. We went away for the holiday of a lifetime to Cairns in North Queensland.

The only problem with Cairns is it has no surfing beaches. We knew that before we left so we didn't bother taking our boards. Despite the lack of waves, the Cairns trip proved to be the best family holiday ever.

From the time my sister and I could read and write mum made us keep a travel diary when we went away. She said someday when we are older we will read the diaries and be reminded of things that we would have forgotten in our childhood.

After revisiting my travel diary from the Cairns holiday I decided to submit this story.

Much of what I have written is an extract directly from the diary, although it doesn't include all that happened during that trip. I would hate my parents to find out everything my sister and I got up to.

At the time I was 15 and Claire was 14.

Mum and dad actually met in Cairns in the early 90's. They are both originally from Sydney but like many people in those days, moved to North Queensland for work and adventure. They returned to Sydney soon after I was born to get married and be closer to family. This trip was their first time back to Cairns in fifteen years.

We had booked a villa at a beachside resort in a small town called Palm Cove situated 30 minutes north of Cairns.

At one point during the drive from the airport in our hire car, mum screamed out there's Buchans! It was as we came to the top of a hill that provided a spectacular view of the coast. Claire and I questioned what Buchans was and mum said it was one of the best beaches in the world. I asked if it had waves and when dad said no, I said it was hardly the best beach in the world then.

As we drove down the other side of the hill we saw a sign that said Buchan Point Beach. When we passed it dad looked at mum and they both grinned.

Our villa had two bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen and laundry. It was almost as big as our Sydney house. Mum and dad's room had an ensuite but Claire and I had to use the bathroom in the common area. That bathroom was also used as our change room.

Whenever Claire and I shared a bedroom on holidays we never closed our door. Mum and dad preferred it that way.

Buchan Point Beach was only three kilometres away from our villa and each time we past it over the next few days mum would repeat the words, 'There's Buchans'. Mum and dad grinned every time. On one occasion while we were passing I asked why we weren't going there if the beach is so great. Mum said, because it's a nudist beach. I asked her if they ever went there when they lived in Cairns and mum replied, many times.

That news didn't shock us. When we were younger there was a lot of nudity happening around our house. Claire and I would spend whole mornings playing without any clothes on when we were little and we often saw mum and dad in the nude also. Because our parents slept nude, if we called out to them in the night for something, either one of them would walk into our room naked.

The nudity around the house stopped about five or six years before this holiday. I guess it became inappropriate as we got older. There is however a fair amount of parading around in underwear at home and because mum often doesn't wear a bra, I am forever getting a clear view down her top when she leans forward. Mum has always told us not to be ashamed of our bodies.

After mum confessed that they had been to Buchans, dad spoke up and said, did you know your mother and I actually met on that beach? I said, but you have always told us that you met at a night club. Mum interrupted and argued that indeed it was a night club where they first met. She said that she used to go to Buchan Point Beach most weekends with two girlfriends and on one of those days they went to a night club in Cairns afterwards. She said that at the night club a cute guy came up to the three of them, she was talking about our dad, and said, Hi girls, I almost didn't recognise you with your clothes on. They immediately presumed he must have been at Buchans that day. Mum said that one of the other girls told dad to drop his pants so they could see if they recognised him. She said the rest is history!

There were lots of touristy things to do around Cairns and we had allocated many of those outings to particular days. We also left several days free to spend at the resort just hanging around in the pool or at the beach just in front of the resort.

One of those free days was on the Thursday of the first week and over breakfast that morning mum said she had an announcement to make. She said that her and dad were going to Buchans beach for a couple of hours and asked if we would be okay just hanging around the resort. Claire asked why we couldn't go with them. Mum said because there was likely to be unclad people on the beach. Claire said that didn't bother her. Mum then looked at dad and nodded for him to go out onto the patio with her.

While they were outside talking, I suggested to Claire that they were probably going to come back in and say they had changed their minds about going. I told her that if that was the case she should tell them she was happy to stay at Palm Cove and that they should still go. I said they may just want some free time away from us. Claire reluctantly agreed.

They came back in and mum said okay Claire you can come with us, but only if you feel going to a nude beach is something you are ready to experience. Claire said it was. She asked mum if going naked was mandatory. Mum said it's a public beach so anyone can go and usually there are some people on the beach that aren't nude. She did point out that her and dad intended going nude though. Mum then looked at me and said what about you Tim, are you coming or staying. I suddenly felt my heart pounding. I wanted to go and check out the nudies but wasn't sure if I was ready to see my parents naked. I thought I wouldn't mind seeing Claire naked though. I said if everyone else is going I might as well. Mum again stressed that we should only go if we really wanted to. I confirmed that I also really wanted to go.

We went over to the shop and grabbed some ice and bottles of water and crammed them into an esky with some fruit. Each villa came with a beach umbrella so we packed it in the car along with the esky, some towels, our books and sun screen.

Dad and I were wearing board shorts and a t-shirt and mum and Claire hippy-type beach dresses over their bikinis.

It only took a few minutes to reach Buchans. It was around 11:00am and there were about ten other cars in the car parking area which was nestled amongst the trees.

We encountered our first nude people before we left the parking area; they were a couple in their 60's, a little overweight and both completely nude. They had left their clothes in their car and were walking towards the beach. As we passed them Claire and I looked at each other and sneered.

The beach was long. We walked about a third of the way along until dad said this is as good a place as any to set down. Most of the people on the beach were a little further along and we could also make out some bodies at the far end. It was not possible to see if they were nude, but all of the people in the middle of the beach definitely were.

We put up the beach umbrella and mum and dad laid down their towels. I put my towel down to their left and back behind them about a half towel length away. I didn't want to be lying right next to them if they were going to be nude. Claire put her towel next to mine.

Dad and I removed our t-shirts and mum and Claire their beach dresses and each of us sat facing the beach. I looked back towards the car park and noticed several more people coming. Within a few minutes a single guy parked himself about twenty metres to our left and a bit forward towards the ocean. He put his towel down and immediately removed his swimmers. He had a fair sized shlonger. Claire wouldn't stop staring. He was obviously new to nude bathing because although he had a dark tan, he was white where he had previously worn swimmers.

Mum turned around a couple of times and asked Claire and I if we were alright. And then shortly after, she reached behind her back and untied her bikini top and took it off. It was starting to get scary. After another few minutes she removed her bottoms and dad followed her cue. They remained sitting up facing the water.

For about another ten minutes Claire and I continued to watch people arriving on the beach. There was a definite lack of anyone our age. Several single guys walked passed and continued on to the far end of the beach. The majority of the rest of the people looked like retirees. Much to my disappointment there were more men than women arriving.

Mum suddenly announced they were going for a swim and they stood straight up and briskly walked to the water. It was weird watching our parents little white bums waddle away from us. They both had really good figures from all the exercise they did and definitely looked younger than their ages of 42 and 41.

Claire nudged me and pointed over to the single guy. He was lying on his back and had a full-on erection. Eventually he rolled over.

I asked Claire if she was going to take her swimmers off and she said she didn't know and asked me if I was. I told her I would if she did.

Just then two attractive girls in their early twenties that we had been watching coming up the beach, pointed in our direction and turned and started walking our way. They continued on and stopped about fifteen metres further along and a little back from us. I got my book out and rolled over onto my stomach and pretended to be reading. I kept my head facing the book but moved my eyes toward them. I hoped they couldn't see my eyes through my sunglasses. Claire also turned over. She told me I was a pervert. I told her I knew that.

The two girls removed their bikinis soon after sitting on their towels. Both were completely shaved. I suddenly felt my dick begin to harden. It got even harder as I watched them applying sunscreen.

I turned back around when the girls got up to go for a swim and watched them walk to the water. Claire turned with me and pointed out that mum and dad were getting out of the ocean. It was a much weirder sight watching our parents walking towards us. I was surprised to see that mum only had a small tuft of hair. The rest was shaven. I remembered her being fairly hairy. They picked up their towels and dried themselves off and immediately turned and sat down facing the water again. They appeared to be a little shy about their nudity. I was wondering how I was going to feel being nude in front of them.

I whispered to Claire again asking if she was going to take her swimmers off; this time she looked irritated and didn't reply. I then changed the subject and said shall we go for a swim. She nodded so we got up and headed in.

We swam around for a few minutes before I asked her again if she was going to go nude and she suddenly snapped back at me. She said you can go nude if you want to but don't keep asking me all the time. She told me if she does she will do it when she is good and ready and to stop pressuring her. She then started swimming out. Claire was a good swimmer, and surfer, and usually swam a long way out whenever we went the beach. She was still on her way out when I exited the water.

When I returned to our position on the beach I saw that mum and dad had rolled over onto their stomachs and was reading their books. The the two girls behind us were lying on their backs giving me an uninterrupted full frontal view. I was really enjoying it.

When Claire returned she picked up her towel, dried herself, then relocated away from me. She was obviously pissed off. Mum asked her if she was alright. She said she was fine but her tone was grumpy. Mum whispered to me if I knew what was wrong and I just shrugged my shoulders.

Claire stayed away from me and was remaining quiet. Then after about fifteen minutes I noticed mum and dad putting their swimmers on then mum said come on guys, we're going.

Nothing more was said until we got back to our villa. After she spoke to Claire, mum took me aside and told me I shouldn't have pressured her to take her bikinis off and that I should apologise. Mum said they probably shouldn't have taken us to that beach in the first place. I said I thought the beach was great then went in and said sorry to Claire. She said sorry too, for getting grumpy, and everything was normal again.

We spent the rest of the day at the resort.

The next day we caught a cable car up the mountains to a place called Karanda. We spent the day there and returned in an old fashioned train. I was feeling horny the whole time. I couldn't stop the images of the two naked girls I saw on the beach. Even though I had jerked off in the shower on the previous night before going to bed, I still spent most of the night with a hard-on. I imagined I was back on the beach. I fantasized about seeing Claire lying nude next to me on the sand and I also fantasized about dropping my board shorts in front of her for the first time and inviting her to check out my cock.

During breakfast on the morning after our Karanda trip, mum asked if we wanted to do anything or just hang around the resort. I said I didn't care but Claire shocked the pants off us, almost literally, by asking if we could go back to Buchans. Mum asked if she was serious and Claire said she had been thinking hard about it and really wanted to give it another go. Mum looked at me and said what about you. I said I wouldn't mind going back.

I suddenly started to feel my dick getting hard with the thought of going back to Buchans. Mum asked dad what he thought and he just shrugged his shoulders and said it was okay with him. Mum also began to smile but I think it was more because she realised that it couldn't have been a totally bad thing taking us there in the first place.

Dad said if we are going we should go sooner rather than later because Buchans car park usually fills up fast on the weekends. So we got some ice and packed the car the same as we had previously and headed off. It was just after 9:30am when we arrived. Surprisingly there were fewer cars there than the last time.

As we walked along the beach I was thinking it would be better to be where the crowd gathered in the middle. I imagined it would provide greater opportunity to check out any naked babes, so I took the lead as we walked down the beach. It worked, we went past the area we set down last time and were still walking. When we reached the middle, I said what about here and dad said anywhere it doesn't matter, so we set down.

Because of the time of morning there were only a few scattered people around and a couple more right at the end of the beach.

We set up identically to the way we had the last time. Mum and dad wasted no time getting naked and dad even boldly lay on his back. I thought to myself that I was definitely going to remove my board shorts this time and was hoping Claire would go nude also but had no intention of asking her. I thought even if she doesn't, at least I will have the thrill of exposing myself to her.

After ten minutes mum turned around and said she and dad were going for a long walk to a little rock pool that was past the rocks at the end of the beach. She said they were likely to be gone for quite a while. Then without delaying stood up and raced off before we had the chance to ask if we could go also.

I said to Claire it seemed like they didn't want us to go with them. She said they may be going off to have sex. I told her I didn't want to think about that. Then it suddenly dawned on me that they were probably thinking Claire and I were more likely to remove our swimmers if they weren't around, but I didn't share my thoughts.

The beach started filling up fast. Dad was right; it did get busy on weekends. We recognised some of the people from the last time. Claire and I watched a mother with her two sons walk past. The older boy was the first person we had seen that was around our age. His brother was a few years younger. They stopped not far past us and set down. Claire watched them take off their swimmers and was obviously delighted in checking out the older boy's dick. She looked at me and smiled as soon as he was naked.

A young Asian couple set down quite closely behind us. I turned around to watch them undress. Interestingly, neither came to the beach wearing swimwear. When the girl lifted her dress over her head she was wearing just a pair of conventional black panties. When she removed them she revealed a narrow strip of dark pubes. Her boyfriend was wearing Calvin Klein Y-fronts that looked totally inappropriate on the beach. He had weird looking pubes that pointed straight out.

I felt it was time for a swim and asked Claire if she was going to join me. She said she wasn't hot enough yet so I went in on my own. From the shore I looked to the end of the beach but there was no sign of mum and dad, I assumed they had already ventured around beyond the rocks.

Claire entered the water just as I was getting out. She questioned where mum and dad might be. I reminded her that they told us they were going to be a long time.

Once I was back sitting on my towel, I noticed Claire had started her usual long swim out and thought this could provide a good opportunity for me to remove my swimmers. If I was uncomfortable with how it felt, I could put them back on and my family would be none the wiser. I double checked down the beach and there was still definitely no sight of my parents. I undid the string on my board shorts and my heart started pounding again. I sat there for another couple of minutes and thought it's now or never and in one swift move I removed them.

It felt amazing to be nude on the beach. There was a slight breeze which I could feel on my dick. After a minute or so I could also feel the sun on areas that had never been exposed. I was already hooked. I looked around me and noticed that no one was even watching me. I could see Claire way out and there was still no sign of mum and dad.

After a couple of minutes I noticed my dick starting to get hard so I rolled over and lay on my stomach facing the beach. My dick continued to grow to a full erection and felt uncomfortable under the weight of my body. I came up with the idea of making a depression in the sand to accommodate it.

After a time I noticed Claire making her way back and my pulse quickened again. I looked to the end of the beach and still no sign of mum and dad. Fortunately my erection had subsided. Claire walked out of the water and was heading back. Surprisingly she didn't notice that I was nude until she was almost back. A broad grin appeared on her face as she yelped, you did it.

She lay down next to me, also on her stomach facing the beach. She asked how it felt and I told her it felt terrific but I resisted suggesting that she should do it also. She asked me to pass her a bottle of water from the esky. I realised I would have to get up to do that so I told her she needed to get it herself which made her laugh. When she came back she placed the wet icy bottle on my bum and I flinched.

She asked if there was any sign of mum and dad so I turned my head, looked up the beach and told her they were still out of sight. A few minutes later I turned my head to have another look and as I did I felt something wet land on my head. It came from behind. It was Claire's bikini top. She had removed it and had thrown it at me. I picked it up and threw it over to the other side of the esky but hadn't considered that my board shorts were lying in the sand between us. She promptly picked them up and threw them even further.

Five minutes later I did another parent check but still no sign. I was contemplating turning over. With my heart beating super hard I took a deep breath and rolled over and turned the other way on the towel. Claire immediately shifted her gaze to my dick. It grew a little then amazingly stopped. Claire was speechless. She looked up at me and was grinning.

She turned a little on her side to get a better look at me and as she did she exposed her right tit. She was aware that I could see it but didn't seem to mind. Just then I watched my dick start to grow again, so I got up and told Claire that I was going for a swim. I raced to the water and jumped in. Swimming in the nude felt even more amazing than lying in the sun.

I decided to swim out a bit to give Claire time to consider taking her bikini bottoms off. I swam out as far as she had and swam back. When I got out of the water I looked down the beach but still no sign of mum and dad. I looked over at Claire and, bingo, her pants were off. She was still lying on her stomach and was watching me.

I got back to her and said nothing. I just lay down on my back.

After five minutes I stood up and told Claire she needed to come for a swim because it felt fantastic. She complained that she didn't know if she was ready but when I offered her my hand to help her up she grabbed hold of it. I lifted her to her feet and had my first quick glimpse. She had a square patch of dark pubes that had been manicured around her bikini line. They were also cut quite short. She raced ahead of me and dived into the water. As I was making my way in she turned around and agreed that it was a sensational feeling.

We only stayed in the water for about ten minutes before returning to our towels. I was surprised that Claire laid down on her back and not her stomach. She seemed happy for me to check her out as she had me. I felt my dick start to grow again and this time Claire noticed. She asked me if I was getting a hard on and I conceded that I was as I turned over. She thought that was wild and asked me to show her. I declined. Just then she looked up the beach and said that she could see mum and dad in the distance, so she turned over also.

Over the past half hour many more people had arrived at the beach and most had set down close to us. There was one big group of people who knew each other. They all would have been in their fifties or sixties.

Claire asked what I thought mum and dad would say when they noticed we were nude and I said I had no idea but admitted to feeling nervous about them seeing me naked. Claire said she felt the same.

As mum and dad walked up to us my heart started pounding again. Both parents grinned when they looked down and noticed our bear bums. Mum said, well look at that, a pair of nude nuts, then apologised for being gone so long. After guzzling down a bottle of water each, they headed down to the ocean to cool off. I looked at Claire and said that wasn't as awkward as I thought.

While we were watching mum and dad in the water, Claire suddenly stood up and said come on let's get this over and done with. I said get what over and done with and she said exposing ourselves to our parents. This time she put her hand out to help me up. We walked down to the water and joined them.

We stayed at the beach until 2:00pm and would have stayed longer if we had some lunch and a second beach umbrella.

That night Claire and I chatted about our days experience for quite some time before falling asleep. I had noticed her and mum having a heart to heart after dinner and I wanted to know what it was about. Claire said that mum was still worried that we may have felt pressured to go with them to Buchans. She told mum that both of us really loved the beach and that we wanted to go again on the next free day. She asked me if that was okay and I said are you kidding, it's perfect. She also told me that she asked mum if she can shave before we go again and mum told her she could do whatever made her feel comfortable.

I asked Claire why she wanted to shave and she said because almost all of the females she had seen on the beach, even some of the old ones, had no pubes or very little. She said even mum has less than her. I asked her when she was going to do it and she said she didn't know, but sometime before we go back to Buchans.

Claire asked me why I was too embarrassed to show her my erection on the beach and I couldn't find a good answer.

Sometime during the night I woke to a faint scratching sound coming from Claire's bed. I was lying on my side facing away from her at the time. After listening for a while I rolled over and opened my eyes and the scratching suddenly stopped. With only a small amount of light emanating from the clock radio, it was hard to see much. I could tell that Claire was lying on her back and I could see her head was turned in my direction. Although she was covered with a sheet, I could distinguish that her hand was poised over her crotch. I figured she must have been masturbating and thought how much better can this holiday get?

I presumed Claire couldn't see if my eyes were open because I couldn't tell if hers were, but just to be safe I kept mine half closed. I then started to fake heavy breathing to make her think I was sleeping. It worked. After a short time she turned her face towards the ceiling and I noticed movement under the sheets. Within minutes her breathing got heavier, her body stiffened and she let out a faint gasp. She then rolled over away from me and went to sleep.

I woke up in the morning with my usual morning hard-on, probably harder than usual. Rather than trying to hide the tent pole in my pj's, I pulled the sheets aside and sat on the edge of my bed facing Claire. She was already awake and lying on her bed playing with her mobile phone. She didn't look over until I stood up. She said wow, were you dreaming you were back at Buchans? I said no, this actually happens most mornings. She asked if I was going to show it to her. I looked out of our door towards our parents room to check that their door was still closed, and it was. I walked back over to the side of Claires bed and slowly lifted the elastic waist of my pjs over my stiffy. Claire's eyes almost fell out of her head.

She asked me if I needed to take care of it and I told her I was about to do that in the shower. I almost expected her to ask if she could watch but she didn't and I was too afraid to offer.

When I returned from the shower she asked if it was all better now, and with a grin on my face I said I'm much better thanks. That was the first time I had admitted to anyone that I masturbated.

We spent that day on a boat trip to the Barrier Reef. During the long trip out, Claire and I stepped outside and hung our feet over the edge of the deck and chatted. She asked me if I masturbated a lot. I told her I did most days and she confessed to doing the same. I revealed that I had watched her doing it in bed during the night. At first she looked shocked, and then she tried to make out she didn't know what I talking about, but ultimately admitted to doing it.

Claire asked if that was the only night I caught her doing it and when I said yes, she smiled and divulged that it was a nightly ritual that had taken place on all but one night of the trip so far.

When we got home from the cruise we freshened up because we were going out to dinner. I noticed that Claire spent a lot more time in the bathroom than usual and I guessed what she was up to. During dinner I whispered to her, so is it smooth? She let out a loud laugh and dad asked what was so funny. Claire said it was a private joke and nothing more was said.

As soon as we got back to the villa mum and dad went to bed. They had been going to bed early every night since our first day at Buchans. Claire presumed the nude beach experience was having a positive effect on their libido.

Claire and I sat up for a while and watched TV. When the movie finished she used the bathroom first to get changed. When I returned to our room Claire was lying on top of her bed sheets and writing in her diary.

I said, well, are you going to show me? She nodded towards the door which I interpreted as can you check to see that mum and dad's door is closed. I couldn't think of any reason why it wouldn't be but still checked. When I said it was okay she removed her pj bottoms. There was not a whisker in sight; every last hair had been removed. I moved up for a close look and immediately felt my dick begin to grow.

Claire noticed my hard-on and again asked me to show her so I removed my pj bottoms also. I asked her if she would like to watch me play with it and I saw her eyes light up. I had another quick look to check mum and dad's door was still closed then came back in and stood next to her bed. She turned around to face me and I grabbed hold of my dick. I started stroking and invited her to start playing with herself. She didn't hesitate. She began by rubbing her finger up and down her slit. She then put her finger inside of her and brought it out and started twirling it around her clit. It didn't take long for both of us to explode. I tried catching my load with my free hand but missed most of it, some landed on Clairs leg, some on her sheet and the rest on the floor. Claire bucked, twisted and bucked a couple more times. I couldn't believe how wet she looked between the legs.

We both suddenly realised how vulnerable we were; what if mum came out of her room for some reason. So we panicked.

We frantically put our pj bottoms back on and grabbed some tissues and wiped ourselves. I wiped up the floor and tried to absorb up the small wet patch on Claire's sheet. Claire asked if it would leave a stain and I assured her that it would hardly be noticeable once it was dry, but she didn't seem convinced. She suggested we swap sheets. She said if mum noticed the stain it would be easier to explain it on my bed than on hers so she ripped her sheet off and gave it to me. She then pulled the sheet off my bed and put it on hers. Once we were done I turned off the lights and we climbed into our beds.

I was worried that Claire regretted what we had just done until I heard her laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she said if mum walked in while we were swapping sheets, what possible excuse could we have come up with. I replied, even worse, how could we have explained what was happening if she walked in while we were masturbating. We kept laughing for ages. Claire then joked that she was going to bring mum into our room in the morning and show her the cum stain on my sheet and say, hey mum, look what Tims been doing in bed. We laughed some more before falling to sleep.

We spent the next day on an organised tour to the Daintree River. We saw some amazing rainforests and crocodiles in the wild. We didn't return home until late in the afternoon and when we did I went straight in for a shower.

I wasted no time grabbing my dick once I stepped under the water and was stroking away happily until I noticed the bathroom door opening. I quickly turned around so whoever it was that was coming in couldn't see my hard dick. I swung my head back to look and noticed it was Claire. She said that mum and dad had just gone to the supermarket. She asked if she had caught me jacking-off. I turned around to reveal my hard dick and said, yep! She asked if she could stay and watch. I had no problem with that. After I came she remained in the bathroom chatting.

We went back to our room and Claire undressed and said she was going for a shower. I asked her if she was also going to masturbate in the shower and she said she preferred doing it lying down. She asked if I would like to watch her do it before she had her shower. Of course I said yes.

She lay down on her bed and started running her fingers up and down her body. I asked her if she would spread her legs and she obliged then with both hands she pulled her flaps open. Her clit popped out, which she then began rubbing. I felt myself going hard so I dropped my pants and started jacking off again. Claire told me not to come on the bed this time so I reach over for a tissue and held it at the ready in my other hand. Claire came fairly quickly but continued rubbing herself and eventually came again. I kept going for at least another ten minutes before blowing my load. Claire just laid back and watched every stroke.

The next morning we were back at Buchans. We borrowed a second beach umbrella from the neighboring villa and packed some lunch. The beach was fairly quiet that day although we did recognise several people from the previous times.

This time we all stripped off right away. Mum didn't even bother wearing her bikinis; she just wore her beach dress with nothing underneath.

When Claire removed her bikini bottoms mum gasped. I forgot it was the first time she had seen Claire naked since she shaved. I thought I better make out I was surprised also.

About 30 minutes after we arrived, a family made up of a mum and a dad and two daughters walked by on the way up the beach. One of the girls looked our age; her sister was a few years younger. Both parents were wearing sarongs; their daughters were wearing bikinis. They continued on further up the beach.

After another 15 minutes of sitting on the beach, Claire and I decided to go for a walk to the same rock pool that mum and dad had raved about on the last visit. Along the way we passed the family that had walked passed earlier. The mum, dad and younger daughter were naked but the girl our age was still wearing her bikini.

There were only three people at the end of the beach that morning; all of them men.

We climbed over the rocks as instructed by dad until we could go no further. We then entered the water and swam out 40 metres to a little rock island. We needed to look for a small opening on the northern side. Depending on the tide we would either find it easily or need to dive down and swim through it to get into the rock pool.

Because the tide was out, we found the opening easily.

We crawled through and into a small area that was walled by rock about two and a half metres high. The sun was shining through the top. It had a sandy floor and the water was lapping in and out rising about 50 centimetres at a time. It was amazing; I had never seen anything like it.

We lay around floating up and down with the swell for some time before exiting.

When we emerged from the rock pool we noticed the two sisters that we had seen earlier. They were standing on the rocks at the point where we entered the water. We swam over to them, hopped out, and said hi.

They both had red hair and had a copious amount of sunscreen on their pale white skin. The older girl was still wearing her bikini. The younger girl had small buds for tits and a few scattered red pubes surrounding the top of her slit.

I asked them if they were going to the rock pool but they didn't know what I was talking about. They said this was there first time at Buchans. We explained what it was and instructed them how to get into it but because the younger sister was too scared to swim out, they didn't go.

The older girl told us they were on holiday from Sydney and this was their first time in Cairns. We told them we were also from Sydney and that this was our first time also. We introduced ourselves. The older girls name was Belinda, she was 15. Her sisters name was Latisha and she was 13.

Claire told Belinda that this was our third time on the beach since we arrived and mentioned that she was too scared to take her bikini off on the first day also.

Belinda started to laugh. She said that while this was her first time on Buchans, she had been to clothing optional beaches all of her life. She said they were the only kind of beaches her parents went to.

Claire asked her if she ever does goes nude and Belinda said that up until last summer she always went nude. I donâ......t think Claire was game to ask Belinda what had changed.

Belinda said they usually go to Cobblers Beach in Sydney and asked if we had been there. She looked surprised when we told her that Buchans was the first nude beach we had visited.

She said she was weary of being stared at when she was nude on the beach and annoyed at having her picture taken by random perverts. She said one time a man came up and took her photo so her dad grabbed the man's camera and threw it into the ocean. That almost resulted in a fight between them. Eventually the rangers made the man leave the beach and he has been banned ever since.

She then said that Buchans Beach was much nicer than Cobblers and it was great seeing someone her own age; that rarely happened at Cobblers. She said she wouldn't have an issue being nude on Buchans.

Despite her comment, Belinda remained in her bikini all day.

We walked back up the beach and spent the next couple of hours swimming and chatting with the two girls. They introduced us to their parents. I was surprised when I noticed that not only was their mum completely shaved, their dad was also; even his balls.

Claire and I told Belinda that we would be back at Buchans for the final time on Thursday; that was in two days time. Belinda said they were probably coming back that day also.

We spent the next day in Cairns shopping.

On Thursday morning we packed for the beach the same as we had two days earlier. Claire and I were sad that this was our last time. We were checking out of the villa at lunch time on the following day then travelling to a farm one and a half hours south of Palm Cove near a town called Innisfail. Our final two nights in North Queensland were being spent with mums friend Lauren. She was one of the girls that mum used to go to Buchans with when they lived in Cairns. She was now married to a farmer. They had three kids younger than us.

We arrived at Buchans on the Thursday and set down at our favorite spot. Like mum on the previous occasion, Claire wore only her beach dress with nothing on under it.

About an hour after we arrived we spotted Belinda's family coming up the beach. They came over, introduced themselves to mum and dad and set down close by. When they got undressed I noticed Belinda's parents were naked under their sarongs.

This time Belinda removed her bikini. My eyes almost fell out of my head when I noticed she had a full crop of red pubes. They had had no maintenance at all. The bright red colour contrasted her pale skin. No wonder she got stared at, even my dad had a second look.

Belinda asked Claire and I if we were interested in going back to the rock pool, she said her sister wouldn't be coming. We thought that was a great idea and the three of us headed off up the beach.

There were five men at the end of the beach. I commented that there were only ever men there and Belinda said that's because it's the gay section. I asked her how she knew and she said every nude beach has a gay area which was always obvious by the absence of women.

We swam over to the rock pool and entered. The tide was even lower that morning. We remained in there chatting for quite some time.

At one point I felt myself getting an erection. It was not possible to roll over so I just brought my knees up to my chest to conceal it. Claire noticed what I was doing and asked if I was getting another hard-on. I could have killed her. She embarrassed me in front of Belinda. Claire told Belinda that coming to a nude beach had made me really horny.

Belinda laughed and said she had seen plenty of hard-ons on the beach especially on guys my age. She said most adult men get one at some point when they are on the beach and she had even seen her dad with one; I screwed my nose up at the thought of seeing my dad with a hard-on. She said when it happens most men just roll over until it settles down.

Claire proposed that I climb out of the rock pool, take care of myself and come back in when it had gone away and then laughed at her own suggestion. Belinda said she had seen men doing that at the beach too and had even seen women playing with themselves on a couple of occasions. She said that was the reason her and Latisha never went for walks in the trees at the back of Cobblers. She said men go in there to jerk off all the time. She suggested if you need to masturbate the best way to do it without being noticed was to swim out away from other people and do it under the water.

Claire said that sounded like a cool idea and asked Belinda whether it gave a strange sensation. Belinda looked shocked by the question and said that she wasn't saying that she had ever tried it. Claire then looked embarrassed for asking until Belinda began to smile and confessed that she actually had done it before.

Claire then suggested that perhaps the three of us could do it the water around by the rocks where there were no people. This time Belinda was really shocked. She said she had never talked about herself masturbating let alone doing it with other people.

I was just sitting there listening to the conversation between the two girls and my dick was now throbbing.

Claire told Belinda that she and I hadn't admitted to masturbating until a few days earlier. I interrupted and said that everyone knows that everyone does it anyway, and both girls agreed. Claire then asked my permission to tell Belinda what we had got up to. I said that Belinda may not want to know but Belinda said you have to tell me now!

Claire told Belinda about our masturbation sessions. Belinda was all ears and grinning.

Claire said how visiting a nude beach had made us really horny and asked Belinda if she gets horny too or if she no longer feels affected by it. Belinda shrugged and said that she was probably used to seeing people naked and didn't think it made her any hornier than usual.

When we climbed out of the rock pool I made the girls go first so they wouldn't see my hard-on but that didn't stop Claire from looking back at me. When we reached a point where our feet could touch the bottom, Belinda surprised us by suggesting that this could be a good place to do it. I asked her if she was serious or just mucking around and she said she was serious, why not?

Claire wasted no time, her hand went between her legs and she was going for it. After about a minute she said come on guys I don't want to do this alone. I reached down and started stroking myself. Both girls were watching closely. Even though it was under the water it was easy to see what was happening that close up.

Belinda had just put her hand between her legs when our attention was brought to movement on the rocks. It was mum and dad; they were waving at us. Everyone stopped what they were doing immediately. I was desperately hoping they hadn't seen what we were doing. It was amazing how fast my dick went soft.

Mum and dad joined us in the water and asked if we were having fun. They said Belinda's parents were getting worried so they came to check on us. While they were there they swam out to the rock pool and Claire, Belinda and I walked back up the beach.

When we reached Belinda's parents they announced they were planning to leave soon. For the remaining time Belinda sat with Claire and me under our umbrellas. We swapped phone numbers and talked about getting together in Sydney one day to finish what we started in the water.

Mum, Dad, Claire and me stayed at the beach until 3:00pm.

When we arrived back at the villa, dad returned the beach umbrella to the neighbours and stayed for a chat. Inside the villa mum called out to bring any dirty clothes that we would like to wear in the remaining three days; it was the last opportunity to wash them.

Claire and I each grabbed some clothes from our room and I removed the t-shirt that I was wearing and we took them into the laundry. Mum threw them in the washing machine and before she turned it on she said she may want to wear her beach dress again, so she removed it and threw it in the machine. Claire said she may as well wash hers also so she took it off and chucked in.

There I was, standing in the little laundry of the villa with my mum and sister who were both naked. They were laughing. Mum was about to push the button on the machine but again stopped. She said to me, what about your board shorts? I didn't really need to wash them and I had another clean one in my suitcase. I thought though, I might as well join the party so I took them off and put them in the washing machine also. Mum finally pushed the button and we walked through to the living area.

The three of us stood in the middle of the room, naked and chatting. We talked about the events of the past few days and considered it was the best family holiday we had ever had. Mum told us not to mention Buchans Point Beach when we got to the farm. She said that she had contacted Lauren, and told her about us visiting Buchans and Lauren had told her not to mention it around her husband Tony. Tony was evidently quite a prude and he didn't know his wife used to go to there.

When dad walked in the door he suddenly stopped, rolled his eyes and smiled. He said he was off to have a shower. Mum followed him into their room and shut the door behind her.

Claire and I went to our room and for the fifth time that week watched each other masturbate.

Life pretty much went back to normal in Sydney. We reverted to wetsuits as the main attire for the beach and no one was going nude around the house.

Apart from a couple of texting sessions during the first week back, there had been no contact with Belinda.

Claire and I masturbated in front of each other six times on occasions when we were home alone. That took place in the first seven weeks after returning.

We have remained less inhibited about changing in front of each other. Just a week ago while I was in Claire's room chatting, she stripped down completely to get into her cycling gear without a second thought.

The fact that I am now, sort of, seeing a girl, makes it more complicated to initiate another masturbation session with Claire. However, who knows what will happen on the next holiday that is coming up in a few months.

Because dad had a big project on last month, our annual holiday was moved from September to January next year. We are taking it on the Victorian Surf Coast. I have already checked and there is a nudist beach called Possos in the vicinity and I've heard that it occasionally has good waves too.



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