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Family Nudism - Trial Run

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Our second attempt at family nudism. Our father joins us


As I stated before, we were trying nudism out since it looked like my sister and I were going to spend the summer at a neighbor's house through the day while our parents worked and they were full blown nudists. My parents felt that if we could do it ourselves, we would be comfortable around others.

My mom, my sister and me first tried it in the story linked above. My dad wanted to give it a try so we set up the following Saturday for a full nude day at our house. We were to come to breakfast in our birthday suits.

I remember opening my bedroom door that morning and jumping when I realized that my sister, Jill was just coming out of her bedroom. She was about 1-1/2 years younger than me and not really developed yet. But following her down the stairs, I noted her cute little bubble butt as they call them these days. I could feel myself getting stirred up down below.

The sight that greeted us in the kitchen that morning was not helping me. Mom was by the stove, wearing an apron and nothing else, her round, pear shaped bottom peaking out at us. Dad was sitting at the table, drinking his coffee. All we could see for the moment was his bare chest. He was in his late 30's and was still in pretty good shape. I saw my sister blush and start to move her hand over her privates, but then she stopped. We both sat down in the chairs on the towels we were carrying (Mom had gotten some tips from Mrs. Smith on being nudists).

Mom arrived at the table, ladling pancakes for us and I looked right up to stare at her bare breast, with the slightly turgid nipple pointing out. My control slipped a bit more. We all sat and started to eat, none of us saying much at all. I looked over at my sister once or twice, and she was still blushing. I guess I was too. I could feel my own boner twitching as I gulped down the pancakes. A few minutes later, Dad stood up and refilled his mug, bringing the pot back over to fill Mom's cup too. I got my first glimpse of his penis. It looked huge to me, like a thick sausage link. It was hanging loose and just dangled back and forth. I got immensely red, as I felt my own five inch erection stand straight up. I swear it must have been sticking up over the edge of the table. A glance at my sister revealed her to be blushing furiously too. I saw the little buttons in her slightly swelling chest were taut and looked like pencil erasers.

We finished breakfast, and Dad started to speak. We would spend the day, at least the morning as we were. He must have noted my discomfort, and reassured me that it was a totally natural reaction, especially at my age. I remember mumbling something about the lack of an erection on his part. I recall my mom, smiling and looking down at the table. And he remarked that as a man gets older, he gets more control over his body. They spoke a bit more, and I can't remember exactly what was said, only that it was to reassure us that the human body is totally natural, and that there was nothing wrong in seeing each other like this. And that while it was natural, that not everyone would think like this. Our family activities should remain within the family. We all helped clear the dishes, all the time with my boner jutting out and bobbing back and forth. I got incredibly embarrassed when I poked my mom in the thigh with it as I carried my dishes to the sink. Again, she quietly suggested that I might want to 'go to my room' for a while. I tore off, and closed the door behind me.

Now I never mentioned but the bedrooms for my sister and I share a bathroom, a Jack and Jill arrangement. I was no sooner in my room, when I started to stroke myself. I was so involved that I didn't note the door to bathroom was open at first. After I was stroking and pulling at my erection, I looked up. Right through the bath, I could see into my sister's room. She was kneeling on her bed, rubbing between her legs, staring right back at me. Neither of us could move, nor stop ourselves. We both just kept our fingers and hands moving.

I felt my orgasm coming, and geysered into a discarded pair of briefs. I saw my sister see me do this, and a few seconds later, she tilted her head back, and I heard her moan softly. We just looked at each other for a few minutes, and finally we both smiled and got ourselves together to go back downstairs, still very bare.

The rest of the day was much like that. We struggled with our reactions, sporting a boner for me. Later, my sister and I talked and she related how she got turned on. I began to realize her hardened nipples were a sign of her arousal. And how she felt herself get wet down below. She was glad that she had a towel to sit on, rather than leave little stains everywhere, as she confessed to being wet a lot. Later that day, we went upstairs, again still nude, and masturbated again, this time right in front of each other in my room. We did not touch each other, just looked and learned. We never shared this with our parents either, even though my Mom apparently knew that I needed to do this. I didn't know if she had encouraged Jill to go upstairs, for the same reason.

My next submission will be about our first day at the Smiths, with my friend Tommy, his sister Angie (my sister's friend), and their older sister Beverly.



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