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Family Fun - Sis And Me

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Really love all the Family/incest-themed stories! I wish Chris would collect them all in one area, or even in a book! An illustrated book - yeah!


My family stories may not be the most explicit, but they are what they are. OK, I just backed up and re-read the rules, so I will only tell stories that do have a masturbation theme.
I had 'discovered' masturbation a few weeks before I turned 13 and experienced a wet ejaculation of what I thought was 'sperm', based on what I had heard from other boys. I thought it was really cool to stay up late on Saturday nights and watch horror movies on TV, so I was going upstairs at about 2am, the light was on in the hall, and I passed my sister's room. She was 2 years younger, it was a hot summer night, and she was laying on her bed asleep in her panties, with just her small nubbly titties sticking out. I looked at her fascinated. With my heart pounding, I slowly crept into her room. I got closer and closer and slowly lowered my face to her young nipple on her left breast. For the briefest nanosecond, my mouth was on her nipple and I sucked - with pounding heart and raging hard-on. She flinched, her hand went up, she got a scowl on her face, and I quick got out of there, and turned off the hall light. I went to my room and jacked off to the fantasy of sucking my sister's tits.
As my sister got older, she got these huge gargantuan tits - she was a young Dolly Parton by age 13, and lots of guys had the hots for her, including me. I often jacked off to a fantasy about her, and there were times when I think we would sort of flirt with each other, but never at the same time, so our sibling attraction was never consummated.
Anyway, years later, we were both in college, and I was staying in her dorm room. We went to different schools in different cities (small midwestern colleges - which seemed to be always be the location of all those Penthouse Forum stories I used to like to beat off to). Anyhow, her finals week was one week beyond mine, and she was closer to a bigger university library where I was doing some library search.
Even though her school was nominally church-affiliated, it did not seem to have any affect on the extremely liberal school policy. I am no prude by any means, but I was not used to the open male-female cohabitation on my sister's dorm floor, nor have I ever experienced any school anywhere where there are co-ed bathrooms. If I grew up in an Israeli kibbutz, maybe I could get used to co-ed bathrooms, but, in my opinion, I have a strong preference for sexually segregated bathrooms, even on a co-ed floor.
One time, on my sister's dorm floor, she introduced me to some guy as her brother, and the guy said, 'Oh yeah, sure he's your brother' and didn't believe her. This guy just assumed I was some guy who was shacking up with my sister during her finals week.
Anyhow, at one point, alone in her dorm room, my sister asks me for a backrub - she knew I gave great massages and maybe was stressed out from finals. She lies down on the floor of the dorm room, right on the rug in the middle of the room, she asks me to turn around while she slips off her shirt, and she lays stomach-down on her floor. I am looking at her naked back, shoulders, etc. Her huge voluminous naked tits are pressed against the floor. Oh my God! It's a fantasy come true!
I grabbed some lotion, and by this time, I was rock-hard. I started giving her a very sexy, very sensual backrub. I at first tried to be the discreet gentleman - but finally gave up, and just sat my straining cock (I was fully clothed) against the bubble butt covered in her jeans. She had to know I was hard. She had to know how much she turned me on!!
I'm rubbing her shoulders, her back muscles - she moans, and is really enjoying my backrub. Then, at one point, with my voice deepened and husky by adrenaline and testosterone (and my heart pounding again), I asked her, 'Uh, can I massage your front too?'
I had visions of massaging her beautiful gargantuan tit mountains!
To which she replied, 'No, I don't believe in incest.'
Disappointed, but still incredibly horny, the back massage continued. Finally, it was over. She made me turn around, while she put on her shirt back on, and left the room for a while.
Horny as hell and alone in the room, I decided to leave my sister a present. I lotioned up my hand, stripped off my clothes, left the door unlocked in case she came back into her room, I found some nearby kleenex, and I jacked off my rock-hard cock. In minutes, I shot a huge giant load with ropes of cum, I wiped it all off with the kleenex. I threw the cum-soaked kleenex under her bunk bed, hoping that the day would come when she would be cleaning under her bed - finding the cum-dried kleenex, and she would know how much she turned me on.
Certainly, being bi, I am attracted to all my family members - mom, dad, sis, and a brother if I had a brother. Of course, they are more fantasy family members, as I imagine them as being lots more attractive than they all really are right now - but I enjoy reading the family-oriented stories on this web-site, and I've also enjoyed doing some toll-call only phone sex and sharing incest stories/fantasies with others.
So thank you, Solotouch, for letting me share my story! I would love to connect with others into incest and exchange more stories, if possible.



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