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Family Camping and Jake

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My parents and my dads side of the family were die hard camping nuts. We spent a great deal of many summers at my family's favorite campground on a tributary leading to a well-known river. They were so into it, I'd swear my parents had to have met in a pup tent somewhere! As kids, we were required to go but truth be told, I always had a lot of fun on those trips so I don't regret any of them. Especially after I figured out what dicks could do.

On my twelth birthday, I received a two-man pup tent which I treasured greatly until eventually I graduated to the hand-me-down six person nylon tent my parents gave me when they upgraded to a top of the line mansion of a tent. Thank God for those tents because at twelve, prior to having figured out what jerking off was about, I was having regular wet dreams and the prospect of soaking my shorts in close quarters to my immediate family members was pretty mortifying. Hmmm.... I wonder.... maybe my dad was wiser than I gave him credit for.

Anyway, it was in both tents at differing times over a number of summers that I had numerous really cool experiences with several buddies of mine. The earlier ones were totally unexpected and memorable. I still jack off to the memory of them today.

One of those summer treats involved a buddy of mine Jake. Jake was a year and a half older than me at the time. I was 14 and a half and he was 16. Jake and I had known each other for about four years but we weren't really close friends, just friends that were comfortable with each other when we did have the occasion to hang together. This was Jake's first campout with me and my family. I had seen him the weekend before and invited him to go along. He brightened considerably at the prospect of a weekend away and enthusiastically accepted.

As I always did, after I was given my own tent, I set up about 75 feet away from my parents in a neat three-sided alcove formed naturally out of a solid row of thick prickly holly-like bushes. Technically, it wasn't a campsite but with Dad's help I made it one over a period of years by clipping back branches leading to increased definition to the interior of the alcove. Given that the bushes were prickly and incredibly deep leaving no outside access to the alcove, my parents never had an issue with it. By positioning my tent just right across the alcove opening and facing the tent's zipper door into the alcove and away from my parent's campsite, I had really good privacy as well. With the eventual six-man tent, I had TOTAL visual privacy. Sometimes you just gotta have privacy! All in all, it was really cool.

While I enjoyed having friends with me on these trips, sometimes it was a source of consternation because it usually meant I was never alone and thus my opportunities to jerk, a dire necessity at that age, were severely reduced. That usually meant by Sunday morning I'd be dropping a hands free load in my shorts usually right about sunrise and that almost always made getting up in the morning in a pup tent with someone laying inches away an exercise in stealth. At that point in time, nobody I knew ever talked about wet dreams. This trip started off no different but was to have quite a different outcome.

After the first uneventful night of talk and sleep, Jake and I spent all of Saturday playing in and near the river and climbing the high hill just on the other side. It was cool to look down over the campground and watch what everyone was doing. It was getting later in the afternoon so we made our way back to the campground. It was still quite warm so we were hot and sweaty. My mom suggested we go for a swim before dinner to cool down and clean up. Jake and I went back to our tent to get our suits.

Since the pup tent was only a two-man tent, it was rather awkward to try and change inside so we ultimately ended up changing outside the tent. With the top of the tent coming up to our chests, it served as a decent privacy barrier between us within the alcove, and the rest of the campground. Even so, not having changed in front of each other before, we were both a little shy but also didn't want to admit to it so after a momentary pause, we stripped down to our underwear. That was the first time I had ever seen Jake in anything less than shorts with the waistband of his boxer peeking up over the top..

I was wearing charcoal colored jockey shorts Jake was wearing light blue plaid boxers. I always wonder what the attraction was with some guys to their boxers. I always worried about popping a boner and not having the restraints in boxers that jockeys provided. We tried not to be obvious but we both took a good look at each other. Still shy, we procrastinated by taking time to fold our outer shorts before ultimately having to drop our underwear. Now, I've had to strip down in the locker room at school many times so it wasn't a killer to do so, it just seem odd to do so in front of a lone person in the great outdoors. Soooo, with a deep breath I swooped my shorts off. Jake hesitated a brief second before doing the same.

Jake was about 5'9' with blonde hair and I was about 5'6' with brown hair. I had a small patch of matching brown pubic hair above my dick and not a lot on my balls. Jake had considerably more around his dick and on his loose hanging balls and had a whisper of a trail up his belly. The afternoon sun glinted off of it. It was blonde, a tad darker than the hair on his head. I could even see a little under his arms. I only had a couple of strands barely visible and nothing anywhere else. I have to admit to having felt a little shortchanged!

His dick was probably about three inches soft and looked really wide with a big head. Mine was about the same length but not as thick looking. His didn't hang straight down like mine did which was resting stickily against my balls. It was almost as though his was a quarter hard but up to that point there was no reason for it to be hard so I didn't think it was. We grinned shyly at each other, finished changing and headed off to the river.

As with all rivers the water was cold and refreshing. We stayed in for nearly an hour before my mom called us in to get ready for dinner. We headed back to the main campsite to see what was going on but the sun was setting and it was starting to cool down pretty quickly so we headed back over to our tent to change into dry clothes for dinner. Even though we'd already been naked once and checked each other out, I suddenly felt the shyness kick in again. I'm sure it was no different for Jake. We stood around making small talk but after a minute, prompted by a chilling breeze through the bushes, both of us shivered and quickly chucked our shorts before reaching for our towels.

In the brief moment between picking up our shorts and reaching for our towels, there was another opportunity to check each other out. I wasn't expecting such a pronounced physical change to Jakes crotch and choked back a snicker at what I saw. It was so spontaneous that I didn't have a chance to look away. Jake looked at me funny and asked 'What's so funny?'. Startled, I could only point at his crotch.

His dick had shrunk to probably one and half inches with it's rather pronounced head pointing straight out of his bush which seemed almost longer than his dick. In addition to that, his formerly low hanging balls were pulled up tight to his dick and almost invisible.

In a flash, he looked down and then looked at my crotch and then at my face with a smile of triumph. I looked down and was equally embarrassed at the soggy puniness of my own dick and tried to laugh it off. As if on queue, we both grabbed our towels and started drying our crotches vigorously. That resolved the problem partially as our dicks came out of hiding. We laughed and finished drying off, dressed and headed off to dinner.

Dinners around the campfire were always the best with lots of food and good company. We laughed and enjoyed the evening. Jake was having a great time with my family and was clearly enjoying himself. It was close to midnight that evening when the energy started to die down. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open so I called it a night, said good night and headed off to the tent. All I could think about was crawling into my sleeping back and sleeping. I stripped down to my shorts and t-shirt, dived into my sleeping bag and was out like a light. I had no idea when Jake turned in and never heard or felt him climb into his sleeping bag.

It must have been about 4:00am or so when I woke up with a pressing need to take a piss. I hated the thought of getting out of my cozy sleeping bag but Mother Nature was being persistent. I sat up in the dark and crawled out of the tent. Gawd, it felt good to piss it out. When I finished and crawled back into the tent, I tried to be quiet about it but ended up waking Jake who asked what I was doing. 'Sorry Jake, had to take a piss'. 'Oh' and then after a minute I heard him sigh and say 'My turn' and he crawled out of tent. I could hear him pissing in the grass but was sound asleep before he finished and returned to his sleeping bag.

Hours later I was drifting in and out of sleep but never fully waking. I was dreaming, mostly about cars but intertwined was some undefined male nakedness. I could never get a clear definitive picture of whose nakedness I was seeing, it was rather indirect. I suspect it was either not having jerked off for several days or perhaps seeing Jake naked the day before, or more likely both. Either way, the dreams were pleasantly erotic and they were building me up to the inevitable event us guys both dread and enjoy at the same time. Had Jake not be sleeping next to me at that moment, I likely would just let it happen and basked in the afterglow.

Jake moved in his sleep. His movement, combined with the vague awareness of what was about to happen, brought me to full consciousness FAST. I was unwillingly wide wake and just in the nick of time. I could feel a massive orgasm building up. My dick was hard as rock in my jockeys. It was happening so fast and while I moved quickly to avert the disaster, the memory of that event incredibly was in slow motion. The last thing I wanted with Jake lying right there next to me was to cum in my shorts so hopelessly soaking them with one of my usually massive loads.

I was lying on my stomach facing Jake. When I felt the first pulse of cumming, my hand shot down and grabbed my dick while I hunched together in a near fetal position still facing Jake. I squeezed with all my might and held it, burying my face in my pillow trying to stifle my grunts. I tried to hold my breath and concentrated on reducing the erotic feelings that accompanies a sexual release. It felt like it took forever but eventually the feelings began to subside.

I had averted catastrophe with the barest amount of cum in my shorts. I was breathing deep but I had survived. I could tell the darkness outside was beginning to recede into morning grayness. Things inside the tent were starting to take shape. I tilted my head to look at Jake hoping he hadn't wakened and witnessed the whole thing. Thank God he was still asleep, breathing slow and steady.

I lay there for quite some time recovering. I was finally able to ease my death grip on my boner and come up for air. My dick began to soften and I was able to finally relax and straighten out. I continued to lie there and was about to drift off to sleep again when suddenly Jake moved.

He had been sleeping on his left side the whole time with his face away from me towards the side of the tent. He slowly turned faced down and then continued on over in my direction until he was on his stomach with his head turned towards me. I hadn't moved so I was still lying there facing him. His breathing settled down again.

I continued to lie there drifting in and out occasionally aware of an infrequent birdcall. I heard Jake move again and opened my eyes. I was having trouble focusing in the dim light but finally could make sense of what I was looking at. In the grayness, I could see he had turned over partly on his back. His sleeping bag was looped up over his hip and back over to his shoulder and chest. His arms were tucked under the upper part of the part of the sleeping bag and his lower leg was crooked under the upper one. He was still wearing the same blue boxer shorts and t-shirt I had seen him in before going swimming.

What really caught my attention though was the opening of his boxers. The lower part was pulled downward tightly presumably when he rolled over. The upper side was looser. Because of that, it made for the perfect opening for his soft dick to escape and hang limply there in full view. I could see about two inches of it.

Well, I'm no idiot.... Given the opportunity to check out someone's dick up close without being seen is rare, so naturally I just lay there quietly looking at it. Fortunately, based upon how he and I were laying, if he opened his eyes and looked at me he would only see the top of my head. He wouldn't be able to tell if I had my eyes open or not.

I continued looking at Jakes dick. The head was distinctive and large. There was a little roll of skin below the head above his circumcision scar. It would move slightly with Jake's breathing patterns. I began to notice something even more fascinating. Over a short time, his dick would expand and contract. It would get longer and thicker for a minute or so and then shrink again. I was totally captivated by it. About this time I became aware my own dick was starting to get hard again. I couldn't help it but I could feel myself beginning to grind it into my sleeping bag.

After about ten minutes of seeing Jake's dick in the increasing morning light, it started getting longer and fatter and staying that way. It wasn't shrinking back like it had been. It would get longer and then pause and then get longer still. By this time I could see about four inches of it. I continued to stare in fascination as it hung there. After another couple of minutes, it expanded again, only this time it bobbed once or twice significantly and started to really stand out. Jake must have been dreaming or something and was obviously getting a full fledged boner and I was right there watching it with my own boner mashed beneath me and getting harder by the second. All in all, it expanded to be somewhere between six and seven inches, and wide! I could even make out the thick cord that ran down its underside.

Quietly I was grinding my dick into my sleeping back and moved my knee up slightly to give me some room. I was starting to feel that familiar build up. Jake's dick was still bobbing with his heartbeat. The head would expand from time to time. It was a pretty hot scene, one that never occurred to me prior to that moment that I would get to enjoy. I quietly raised my head to look at Jake's face. He was still asleep and breathing, though his breathing patterns had changed slightly. It was almost like his breath would catch for a millisecond before continuing.

I don't know what possessed me but I wanted to touch it. Seeing that he was still asleep, I took a deep breath and slowly reached over the 18' gulf between us. I stuck my finger out and with the barest of pressure touched him in that soft spot on the underside right below the head. Wow, it was almost electric. His dick was firm and yet soft and next to my finger, it looked incredibly big. It flexed against my finger. I could hear his breathing change again. I quickly pulled away thinking he was awake but he didn't move except for his bobbing dick. I quietly looked up again and found he was still sleeping. After a minute, with another deep breath I slowly reached over again.

This time, with the ever-so-slight pressure, I slowly dragged my finger along the cord on the underside of his dick from his ball sack to the furrow where the ridges of his glans came together. I could feel strong back pressure from his dick. When I got to the ridges, the effect was the same as before but when I passed over the ridges of his glans, it was like a double shock. Jake's breath caught and his dick flexed several times. I pulled back quickly thinking I was surely caught. His dick kept flexing and his breathing was becoming erratic. I looked to his face. Though still sleeping he had this look of concentration on his face. I looked down to his dick again and saw it bobbing up and down erratically.

Then all of the sudden, the head swelled slightly and then, totally unexpectedly, rope after rope of cum came flying out. I was so startled, I jerked back. The visual of what was happening and the action of jerking back caused my dick to ground down one last fateful time. It sent me right over the edge. In spite of my best efforts earlier to avoid a wet dream disaster, I began pumping load after load of cum into my shorts. I keep grinding and pumping into my shorts and sleeping bag. It had to be the biggest load I could recall.

Jake, meanwhile, shot five ropes of cum across his t-shirt and the sleeping bag. I could see four white lines right there on the dark blue surface. One even hit the edge of his pillowcase just below his face leaving a dark wet spot with a glob in the center. His breathing was labored and deep. I tried to keep mine as quiet as possible under the circumstance. It wasn't easy because I usually make strong grunting sounds when I cum. In hindsight, it was pretty amazing that for the most part, in the midst of my own powerful orgasm, I was able to keep my eyes open and on his action. I didn't want to miss a second of it.

His dick continued to flex though noticeably less. His breathing slowly began to calm. How anyone could sleep through that was beyond me. His dick started to deflate and just hung there, about three to four inches still visible. If I hadn't been basking in the afterglow of my own explosion, I might have laughed out loud, for as his dick hung there, one last strand of cum formed at the head of his piss slit and slowly got longer and longer until it snapped and fell to his shorts where it sat there as a glob. I slowly drifted in and out of post orgasmic consciousness wondering how I was going to deal with the mess in my shorts. I could tell it was no ordinary load and could feel it against my stomach and in my pubic hair.

Jake moved. He slowly started to roll over towards me as though to turn on his stomach. Literally at the same moment, when he turned, both his arm and his face came into contact with his numerous cum trails, which by this time had obviously cooled down considerably and had the inevitable effect. Jake was awake immediately. He reared back to his original position looking at the underside of his left arm and while wiping his face with his t-shirt covered shoulder. He had yet to notice his dick still hanging out of his shorts.

Sometimes, one's mind can react very quickly in odd circumstances and mine did right then and there. Without even thinking, before he could even react, I sat up and said, 'Jeez, it smells like cum in here!'. I turned to Jake with a raised eyebrow. He was so startled, he froze there with his arm up in the air. I looked down at the wet spots on his pillow, the sleeping bag and his shorts, with his dick still exposed, and said 'did you have a pleasant dream?'. Jake blushed three shades of red and had that mortified 'I got caught' look of embarrassment on his face. Still he didn't move, but I'd swear his dick got smaller at that moment.

I took instant pity on him and said 'don't worry, it's cool, it happens to the best of us. See!', and with that I leaned back on my elbow, threw open my sleeping bag, thrust my hips forward and showed him my cum stained shorts. I didn't tell him mine was no wet dream. It had to have been the biggest load I'd ever blown because literally the entire front of my gray jockeys was black with wet from side to side. I slowly reached down and ran my hand across the front of my shorts and grabbed my dick. It had filled slightly leaving a pronounced bulge off to the lower side. His eyes followed my hand and stared at my soaked crotch. He slowly lowered his arm but still hadn't noticed his dick was hanging out but I noticed it started to thicken.

He gave a relieved smile and visibly relaxed. We made eye contact wherein I then looked down to his crotch. His eyes followed my gaze and only then did he realize that he was hanging out, somewhat fuller than before, for me and all of nature to see. 'Oops' he chuckled and reached down to cover it but didn't make any effort to put it away. He looked over to my crotch again. I still had my hand on mine on my dick and balls. My dick was filling out even more leaving a very obviously outlined boner. I moved my hand slightly back and forth. He slowly closed his hand around his. It was filling out as well. I could see the head just outside of his hand. I moved my hand a little more. He mimicked me.

After a moment, he smiled shyly and said, 'Want to do it?'. I said 'Sure!'. He leaned back, raised his hips and legs and slipped his shorts off. I could see his balls fall out behind his legs when he raised them over his torso to slip them off. He dropped them on the floor of the tent between us. I leaned back and did the same thing all the while taking in the view of his dick and balls. I dropped my shorts on his and lay back on my elbow again. I covered my dick with my hand and slowly started to stroke it. My ball sack lay on my thigh. Next to his dick my six inches looked puny. He laid back with his left leg raised causing his dick to jut out to the right towards me in that sea of thick pubic hair. It carried right down his legs.

'Let me see it' he said nodding towards my crotch. I shyly took my hand away and let it bob there. 'That's a big one!' he said. I guess I needed to hear that because suddenly I lost my shyness about being naked in front of him with a boner. I flexed it a couple of times so it bobbed around. He did the same thing with his seven inches. We laughed. He then laid back and began to slowly stroke himself with his right hand. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It was so thick! I hoped my dick would get that big when I reached 16.

Just like me, he jacked using his thumb on the top and alternated between two and four fingers on the bottom. I could see his ball sack move up and down with his slow strokes. Occasionally he would slap his dick back and forth really fast between his thumb and fingers and every now and then he'd move his hand down to the base and hold his dick straight up with his thumb while playing with his balls and the area below with his other fingers. I mimicked his moves. It never occurred to me that that area between my balls and butt hole could be so sensitive.

We continued to stroke for a while just staring at each other's boner. Slowly our strokes started more deliberate. I loved the way his dick looked when he was pulling on it. He was rotating his hips around as well. I couldn't get enough of watching him. All the while he never took his eyes off my stroking. After a few more minutes he said, 'I'm getting close'. I could see clear fluid forming at his piss slit and within me I could feel that same old wonderful feeling building up in my balls. I told him to go for it, that I was right there with him.

Suddenly he leaned up and without missing a stroke, with his left hand, reached over and grabbed my cum-soaked shorts that had been lying there between us. Before I could say or do anything, he laid back, flattened them wet side down on his face holding them there with his hand. I could see him taking deep breaths through his nose. He was smelling my cum!! With his first breath through my underwear, his body hunched up suddenly. His knees rose up and spread over him with the bottoms of his feet towards the roof of the tent. His stroking became more intense. I could see his balls bouncing above his legs.

As I said, the mind can react in funny ways under odd circumstances. At first I was grossed out by what he was doing but at the same time, I could see it was having an obviously erotic affect on him because his body was reacting in a crazed and horny way. Not one to be left out, my mind (or was it my dick) took over. I rolled up off my back and lunged forward. I laid my face right up to his trying to burrow my nose under his hand and my underwear He figured it out immediately and raised his hand enough to let my nose in there and then clamped down again. I took a deep breath and took in the cloroxy aroma of my fresh cum. Whoa!! It sent shockwaves right to my dick.

Jakes breath was becoming erratic under my underwear. I could feel his exhales across my face. I was building up right along with him. From my angle, even though Jake was pressing my soaked underwear to his and my nose, I had a clear sight line down to this hand wrapped dick between his upraised legs. When I lunged up to him, I could no longer pump my dick with my hand. I had to let go. The only way to stay up on him to keep my face next to him was to grab him and hold on.

With my right hand, I reached around his stroking arm and grabbed the only thing I could find. With his legs up in the air over him, that turned out to be his waist. I pulled myself into him. His stroking arm was against my shoulder and arm. The only thing I could do effectively in that ridiculous position was to hump away at my sleeping bag.

He was really getting close and so was I. He was gasping strongly and I could feel his body shudder. I was holding on for dear life. I was pulling on him and humping my bag. I could hear a muffled 'Now!'. His legs spread really wide and he hunched up his hips with his knee banging on my shoulder blade. His fist was flying and then suddenly it stopped on the down stroke leaving three inches exposed. The head flared again and three more ropes of cum came flying out saturating his chest and hitting both of us on our necks.

That sent me over the edge. My crotch hunched forward raising my torso up off the floor. We must have been a sight, both of us rutting convulsively against each other with his come raining down and mine exploding below me. While my load was less in volume, the over all feeling was just as intense as it was earlier. We must have convulsed again another six or seven times with me pressing heavily into his face and neck. Jake started stroking again as his boner deflated back to reality.

Both of us were breathing deep, totally spent. Slowly he lowered the underwear and his left leg and I slipped down panting laying my head on his shoulder right into a pool of his cum. Heck, at that point, I didn't care! With my ear resting on his upper chest, over the next couple of minutes I could hear his raising heartbeat begin to slow.

'Boys?' It was low but I heard it. I looked up and around suddenly. The tent flap was closed! Jakes head jerked up too. 'Boys, you need to get cleaned up for breakfast. If you get moving, you can get to the showers before anyone else does.' My dad!! Both us froze! 'Boys?' I looked at Jake. 'Ah...yeah Dad?' 'Time to get cleaned up.' 'Ah...Okay, Dad'. 'See you shortly' Dad said. I could hear him walk away.

'You think he heard us? How long you think he was out there?' I didn't have a clue but I know it was long enough to know exactly what was going on inside the tent. Still naked with a partial boner, I scrambled up to the opening of the tent and stood up. I turned and looked back over the tent to watch my dad walk away back to the family campsite. I said to Jake in a low voice through the tent, 'You know Jake? I don't know how I know this, but I know my dad heard it all and is really OK with it.' 'You think?' Jake asked. 'Yeah, I do..., can't explain it, but I do'. From within the tent, Jake could only see me from the chest down. As I stood there watching my dad, I suddenly felt Jakes fingers begin to lift and cup my balls......

While I had random experiences with different buddies that went camping with my family and I, my time with Jake was by far the hottest. Jake and I stayed casual but closer friends after that experience. He came with me a couple of more times and we managed to repeat the fun numerous times over each weekend. I had similar experiences with other buddies over the years, some of which I'll write about later.

And Dad? Well as I got older, it became apparent to me that he knew more about me then than I did. It must have been instinctive because I didn't exhibit any of the classic signs of liking guys. He somehow figured it out and set the stage that would allow me to explore that aspect of myself. He provided me the privacy of my own tent and worked with me to carve out my own private campsite. He encouraged me to bring my friends and was warm and cordial to them when he met them. He even managed subtly to keep people clear of my campsite, especially my mother and sisters and somehow always seemed to know when I got lucky. Maybe it was my blush and embarrassed half smile when he looked at me with that quizzical twinkle in his eyes. Even with that, it was something we never openly talked about.



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