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I was 16 and playing in a rec. basketball league that was outdoors and had a bunch of friends, both older and younger playing in the same league. Though the guys were always talking about sex and jacking off together, little was demonstrated for this to be the occassion. Most shied away for a pat on the behind or anything else that might indicate thier willingness to try anything. After one of the early days of the season, I stayed after all the games were over to play pick-up games with 10 boys that wanted a little more action, in a different sense of the word. We hooped it up for nearly an hour before everyone else left, or so I thought. I was packing up my car to get ready to head home when I saw a basketball near the storage garage that was near the court, so I walked over to pick it up and bring it back the next day when I heard what sounded like water trickling. I peeked around the building to find the youngest member of our group, Jake who was 13, standing with his hands on his hips, taking a leak. Pee streamed from his quite large member, nearly four and a half inches soft and very, very thick and hairy, especially for a boy his age. He looked over to me, saw me staring at him, and just smiled, not moving away at all. I watched until he was finished and commented on how far he was able to pee, probably only a couple of feet, but I didn't know what else to say as I felt a little awkward. 'I can make my cum go farther,' he said in response, and launched into a list of places and times he had done it before. I wacked a lot myself, five to six times a week, but never with anyone else. He said we could do it together right there, but I was too scared in broad daylight to just whip it out and have at it right there with him, so I suggested we drive to a rural area and do it there instead. He then realized he had no ride home other than me, so he agreed. I began driving and after five or so minutes, Jake reached his hand over and touched my leg. I just smiled, so he inched closer to my midsection. I was already hard from thinkig about doing it in front of him, but never expected him to touch me. He stroked several times outside of my shorts, then stuffed his hand in my waistband and took my erection gently in his hand, rocking back and forth. As we passed cars, I tried to keep a straight face, but had trouble keeping the intense pleasure off my face. It was so good to have this hot, blond boy's hand rubbing me off. I could see the pleasure on his face, evidenced in his ear-to-ear grin. The place I had chosen was still three miles away and I wasn't going to make it. The pleasure was building too quickly, so I inched up off the seat and pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees. He stared at me, taking in my pulsing head and throbbing dick that he had his hand hammering on, faster and faster and faster. I bucked my hips and shot my load all over his arm and hand. We smiled huge grins at each other as he took his hand off me. I grabbbed a few napkins and wiped up the small amount on me and was calming down from my aroused state until he took his sperm-covered hand and licked every bit of my load off and swallowed it down, smacking his lips. I sped up and we pulled in to the clearing I had been heading for. 'You still want to do me?' he asked. I responded by pulling his shorts and underwear off him, putting the seat back and lying him down. I grabbed his semi-erect dick, but with a few strokes, he popped up to a six and a half inch stiffy. Somehow I expected more since he was almost that big soft, but I took his boy dick in my hand and stroked, alternating between fast and slow, rough and gently, based on the look on his face. In just two minutes, he was spurting a small amount of sperm all over himself and my hand. I helped him clean up and was going to ask about doing other things, but he said he had to be home before his mother got back from shopping so we needed to go. Disappointed, I took him home. I was afraid Jake would freak about and avoid me in the future, but he came back to the league every day. We ended up getting together twice more to masturbate each other, though it never went further than touching each other. He said he had never tried it with anyone else. Glad I was the lucky one.



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