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Eye on the Prize

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The Recent post by Spurtlover 'So Much Cum' reminded me of a solo experience I had several years ago.


I am a straight guy with average endowments but I can appreciate nice attributes on other men or women. I will also admit that I like a good money shot after a little bit of self indulgence. Like others on this site I like to see ropes of cum (as they say). In order for me, personally, to have a large ejaculate I have to abstain from orgasm for at least two days or spend a good amount of time (an hour or two) edging. [For those unfamiliar, edging is bringing ourselves close to orgasm but stopping just before it happens, then repeating again and again.]

On one particular afternoon, while my wife was out at her parents, I was hornier than usual. As I don't always have several hours to myself so I thought I would take my time and have a good solo session. I popped in an adult DVD and pressed play. Just so I wouldn't get too into it and orgasm too quickly, I decided to watch it intermittently at first. That is, I did a few chores around the house all the while hearing the movie or pausing to watch a few minutes when I happened to be in the room with the TV. It didn't take long and for my excitement to grow and an erection to be bulging under my shorts.

As the time went on, I found myself pausing in front of the TV for longer periods and adjusting my hard-on under my shorts. The fabric against my taught skin felt great and I really wanted the release. Another part of me wanted to have a nice cum, visually, as well so I talked myself out of doing it too hastily. I must have been hornier than I expected, or the movie was really good, but I was soon doing my chores while just in my underwear (thank goodness for curtains). This allowed me to shift and stroke my raging erection much easier and more frequently. During a few instances when I paused in front of the TV I felt myself almost orgasm but I was able to hold myself back barely!

Needless to say, I couldn't hold on too much longer. My distracted session soon gave in to a full-on stroke fest! I ended up lying on the cushions of our love seat in front of the TV pumping away on a relentless erection. I ceased watching the move and was fixated on my cock. I gripped the base with my left hand and ran my right hand over the shaft and the head. I used the back of my hands, the palms, then just the fingers, you name it, I was going to town. Soon I could feel the urge rising to the point of no return. I just knew all of my holding back (edging) was going to pay off. The thought of shooting a great load of cum during an amazing orgasm only fueled my excitement!

My body began to rock and flex inward; I could feel the tension reaching its pinnacle. My face drew closer and eyes we fixated on the head of my cock. I could practically see down the hole everything was so taught. Then it happened! As I expected, the wondrous sight! A huge load of semen came gushing out of my cock it all its creamy glory directly into my left eye! Confused, I didn't know if I should yelp in pain or ignore it to enjoy the orgasm. Reflexively I closed both eyes and became too distracted with the sting and semen dripping down my face to appreciate the rest of the moment. I could only ride out the storm at that point (I was so disoriented I didn't think to use one of the hands on my cock to wipe my face!).

When the spasms in my body finally settled I rushed to the bathroom sink and rinsed out my eye and washed my face. The irritation subsided quickly but my disappointment lingered long after, I missed all the glory of the orgasmic climax! It did make me chuckle a bit though, but I didn't tell my wife about it until sometime later.



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