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Extreme sexuality

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I think i've been into a little too much porno lately. I read a lot of stories, and I also enjoy some free videos and pic sites too. If you read my previous post you already know that I'm an avid self-pleasurer. It's not that I can't get a man- I get lots of looks everyday and offers usually once a week. It's just that lately I've been quite content with myself for quite a few months. I haven't been 'with' a man for almost a year, and I'm ok with that for now. I am still very attracted to men, but I just don't desire the real thing lately.

My point of posting was to address my fantasies, of late. They've definitely gotten pretty extreme. I have been pretty sexually adventurous for all my adult life, my ex boyfriends would attest to that. I had a sexual awakening with my first boyfriend. He was really into seeing me dress up and pose and stuff, I think because his previous girlfriends were a little chubby and i'm not. He practically worshipped my body. it was while I was with him that I came to hate tan lines and pubic hair. Also I started dressing sexier for him, but then grew to enjoy it myself.

My second relationship, he was more kinky. We got into making sex videos and pictures, watching porn together, having sex in public, and playing with each others' sexual fluids. (that's my absolute FAVE- doing nasty things with cum; mine or his). The last year we were together was when I got my breast augmentation, my vaginal piercings, and then my nipple piercings.

Why do I keep getting off track? :)

I basically spent most of my 20's with these two guys, and I have no regrets. But since becoming single, I've enjoyed my freedom more, and become quite a bit more sexual too. I feel like I am the only girl in the world that has a mental collection of porn sites. I am also pretty certain that most girls don't masturbate even ten percent as much as I do.

My friends and family have no idea, of course.

It has gotten pretty extreme. I have posted pictures of myself online, then videos, then started exposing myself in public. I have developed sexual relationships online with people. I haven't been fooling around (in person) with strangers, but I want to SO BAD when I'm horny. I just get in these moods, where I want nothing more than to suck off two guys at once and have them cum all over my face.

I read a story (fiction, no doubt) about a woman having sex with ten men and then drinking a coffee cup full of their cum- and it just burns at my soul as I masturbate and fantasize about it. Then for DAYS all I can think about is drinking a cup of semen. I am telling you: I truly do want to watch a couple guys ejaculate into a glass, and then I slowly sip it like a delicious treat. Don't get me wrong: I could/would never do this in real life, but only because of the concern for diseases, and of course I wouldn't want my friends and family to find out. But those are the only two reasons holding me back.

Or another one: I don't 'squirt' like some girls do on porno videos, but I once saw a video of a girl squirting into a bowl and then drinking it! I practically melted with lust when I saw that. I have always enjoyed tasting my own wetness, but that video inspired me. It reminded me that I sometimes get so wet that it begins to run down my thighs, so I got the crazy idea to collect my wetness. I grabbed a spoon and squatted next to a mirror. Sure enough, I was able to gather a nice little puddle in the spoon, and put it directly in my mouth. It felt so kinky, so dirty. I loved it. now it's practically a regular activity of my masturbation. I highly doubt other girls do that.

I've done some rather risky things in how I dress in public too. I rarely wear panties, and I often go without a bra. I always wear clothes that could pass as trendy, just in case I get caught though. One of my favorite things is wearing shirts or dresses that are easy to pull down (or up) to fully expose my breasts. Again, I am always careful to not get caught, but I have blurred the lines pretty close a few times. Three times I have driven on the interstate with no top on, and I was seen by some people then. Another time, I was so horny that I was DETERMINED to set a new record for boldness- it was after midnight on a tuesday night, I left my apartment wearing a cute short denim skirt, sneakers, and a bikini top. I had been teasing myself for about three hours, so I was crazy horny. My plan was to go in and buy a pack of condoms (just for the suggestive effect) and then flash the cashier. I was fingering myself all the way there fantasizing about it, and when I drove up I saw no other cars there, and just one young guy working the counter. The whole place was very well lit, I parked at a gas pump. I had never boldly flashed anyone before, and I was aching with desire at the thought of what I was planning to do. But then as I was just getting out of the car I had an impulse. I paused before closing the car door, and reached back and untied my bikini and removed it, throwing it in the front seat.

I was topless, at a gas pump, with bright lights everywhere. I was on fire with lust. I knew confidence was my only option, so I left my arms at my side and walked a little bit slower than my body desired. I kept my eyes on the door, but saw the cashier watching me. He stared as I walked in, but we said nothing. The air was very cold. I realized I had forgotten my purse, so I walked to the soda machine and began filling a small cup (knowing he would let me have it free). I was SO horny, and my heart was racing. I was pacing my breathing and trying to look confident. This was the hottest, most exhilirating of all my sexual exploits. My pussy was on fire, and I could feel it melting onto my thighs. It took all of my concentration just to put the lid on the drink. I turned and walked toward him, finally making eye contact. His expression was truly priceless. My voice was shaky as I said hi, then I stopped at the counter in front of him and asked if he would let me have the drink free. His mouth was open the whole time but he didn't say anything. He nodded yes. I forced a smile and a very bubbly 'thanks'. I don't know what came over me, but I decided to savor the moment, so I stood there, completely topless for another moment. It felt like ten minutes, but was probably 15seconds. I just stood there with my chest slightly pushed forward, and sipped on my drink with one hand, being careful to not block my breasts.

I realized I had to go, o I smiled at him again and turned to walk out, seeing headlights in the parking lot. My heart stopped for a moment, then I realized that confidence was my only option, so I walked right out the door just as the car was stopping, right next to the door. I could feel eyes on me as I walked to my car, then when I got in, I looked up and saw two hispanic guys staring at me as I drove away. I was giddy and horny like never before. I felt safe when I realized no one had followed me.

This is the kind of extremes I am talking about. I mean, that's the most extreme thing I've done, but my fantasies go much, much further. I desire all the things I experience through the internet- not bestiality or incest, but some pretty extreme stuff. Having group sex, licking up a bunch of guys' semen, sex with another girl, I want it all. I saw a video of a girl eating cooked semen and I even wanted that. it looked like scrambled eggs. Glory holes- oh my! I want that bad. The other day, I had a glazed donut at worked and fantasized the whole time that it was covered in semen.

I guess I'll post more later, I have to get to work.

;) by everyone!



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