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Extreme Edge

Posted by: Author: Age: 50+ Posted on: 11 comments
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We all love to edge ourselves, but the Extreme Edge is where we want to stay.....as long as we can....


I am a chronic, addicted, compulsive solo masturbator. I am into watching solo jill porn during my masturbation sessions. To me, the fantasies I have while watching solo jill porn are so much more arousing to me than other kinds of porn. When you're watching a hot babe doing herself, you're watching her do herself the way she likes to be done. You know her fuck fantasies are freely flowing and maxxed out; nothing nasty is off limits for the female solo freaker. Anything from a gang bang to threesome, from a forbidden family sex thing, maybe a lezzie sex encounter, to getting off on an old guy watching....it's all there for fantasy self-fucking fun. And you know that. This makes it great to watch and jack off to.

You know solo is always going to start good, get better, and end with an orgasm. You know she wants to edge, too, once she gets to that delicious state of edgy, jilly arousal, that will end in a Big O. Because the ladies take longer, usually, to get to that sweet spot, it's good to know how to build your own slower pace into it, so your fantasy synchronizes with what you're watching. It's good to have a technique that builds slow and easy, gets wet, hard and hot and stays that way while you're watching the same sequence work its way with that sexy lady solo on the screen. Only her pussy is getting wet, then wetter, then sloppy-wet. I love to watch that. I love to see those butter beans get rubbed, the little tentative searches on the snatch, around the edge, the outer lips flaring and getting all purple and stiff or even floppy...I love all those pussies !!! aghfucck YES....jill that pussy!.....aghhhfkkkmeee!!! Then a good, hard pounding on that pussy of love with a man-sized dildo, a little vibrator on the bulgy pink clit, building up to that throbbing, screaming, creaming, squirting climaxxx ... rubbing and buzzing hard on that bulging bean, aghhfUCK !!! FUCK FACE... Big O !!! yeah OH Yeah !! Love me some solo jillin'!

I love to get myself stiff and stay that way during solo sex with porn. I love to make that raging cock drool that slick, sweet pre cum out of my gaping jizzhole. As the jiller I'm watching moans and whimpers her arousal, my pre cum just pearls and slides out in a steady stream, my bulging cockhead all poker-red hot and throbbing, my rampant shaaank throbbing to be tugged hard. But that would bring me off too fast....if I just started pulling on it fast and hard. I like to get to the Extreme Edge. I have a need to push my masturbation compulsion to it's maxxx extreme. I know how to do that. I have discovered a special technique that makes my cock feel like it's somewhere just beyond edging. Extreme Edging.

It's a very simple but elegant technique. It takes some time to ....ummm....master this method. You simply find that sweet spot just below your balls, and with the fuck finger of your non-dominant, non-stroking hand, you just push on that spot, using your PC muscles to make it hard....without stroking on your cock with your beat-off fist (just occasional gentle tugs)....all the while "thinking about cumming" (like when your cock is trying to cum inside a pussy.)You just place your thumb of your non-stroking hand at the base of your cock, reach below your balls with that fuck-finger (or fingers, use your response to judge how many)....and push.....not hard, just sort of keeping contact with it, giving that "cock muscle" (called the perineum) something to resist against. Squeeze those PC muscles and watch your cock get maxxx hard. Watch it get cherry red at the tip. Watch that cap swell. You might even see the flesh of that cockhead get tiny little "blisters" with so much pressure behind that spongy cap. It's like getting a water hose to get stiff, without pulling that hose trigger. Keep it hard during the whole masturbation session.

You won't believe how good that feels. It will feel as good as it did when you first started jacking yourself off. And, once you learn how to handle that amazing "Extreme Edge" feeling, you'll be able to enjoy many "Little O's" with the jilling freaks on the screen. You might even be able to have a dozen or more, or continuous emissions of pre cum, during a single masturbation session. If you're watching a compilation of female orgasms, you might even be able to time those pre cum emissions with each successive orgasm you're watching.

The other night I had a masturbation session watching a couple of clips that lasted over an hour each. I typed in "count down" and came up with two clips that showed solo jills, each one had three or four jillers doing themselves. But the genius of these clips was the guy who edited the clips put a "countdown clock" on to synchronize with the "Big O's" of the jillers on the screen. Guys are really turned on by moans and groans of the female. But knowing when those little groans will end up in that "Big O" groan or even scream, will almost always send a guy over the edge. I like to see if I can be in that Extreme Edge state, and at the point of her "Big O," I try to see if I can get a big pearl of pre cum to drool out of my jizzhole. So faaackin hot! If I don't shoot off at that point, I can keep going. I like to see how many times I can go past that point of orgasm on the screen.

So, it's real hot to know the ladies like to jill as much as we guys like to jack. It's all pretty much a matter of making yourself feel as good as you can possibly get yourself to feel. The ladies who are into extreme fantasies tend to show it on the screen with their own techniques and their responses. I love to watch the solo ladies go to extremes....especially with dildos, with machines....but sometimes a great fapper and pussy-poker works real good, too. Natural masturbation....so hot. Like to see those cunt lips flare out, those pussy holes get wetter and wetter, pinker and pinker....like my cockead gets all cherry-red and bulgy. The sounds of the jiller, their groans and "O Faces" make me get into my jacking almost like an animal, as my face contorts, my body jerks and bucks....I like to just fist my jackstick, hardly stroke it at all, make it almost impossible to not rip on that rod and get it off. When the last act in this masturbation session gets there is entirely up to chance and the amount of control I can muster to keep the masturbation session going. The sweetest thing about Extreme Edging is you don't tug and pump on your shaft until you can't stand it any more; it's all about fucking your cock with your brain and fucking your brain with your cock....it's a "Thinking Man's" technique....less is WAY more.

Nice to finally get to the end, though, even though you want it to go on and on. But this edging technique, once I finally get it sorted out, is so much better than anything I've ever tried. By the time you shoot your load of man skeeze, it's like you've had about 20 or 30 little O's anyway. But I always cum in big heavy wads using this skill, and it looks like white lava pouring out of my cherry-red, cocky volcano down there. Can't stop. Gotta jack. I'm a chronic, addicted, compulsive solo masturbator.




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