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Exposed to Neighbor Friends

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As a 13 year old I was constantly horny, as most boys that age are. Because my parents both worked, many afternoons I would return home from school and would have 3-4 hours alone. During my 'free-time' I would of course masturbate, mostly looking at my mom's clothes catalogs and the pictures of women modeling underwear. One afternoon in the middle of doing my thing, I heard the voices of girls coming up the street. I peeked out the side window of our house from behind the blinds and saw three girls who I knew just a little who lived a couple of blocks up walking up the street. They had apparently just gotten off the bus from school and were walking home (they went to a Catholic school, I went to a public school). I was clad in only my underpants, and was rock hard. Something came over me and I got the urge to let these girls see me in my underwear, so I raced to the front of the house and flung open the front door. The storm door had a screen in the top and clear glass in the bottom. The entrance to our house stood about 20 yards from the sidewalk.
Just as they neared the end of our driveway I let out a pretend sneeze to get them to look in my direction. Sure enough, they did, and as soon as they saw me I ducked back out of the way. I heard them giggling and laughing and eventually their voices got more distant. I went back to the living room couch and masturbated in a frenzy, completely arouse at having exposed myself and had an incredibly strong orgasm (I had started to come when I was 12).
The next day I heard the same voices at the same time, and this time I was prepared to be naked in the doorway as they passed by. Two of the girls were younger, about 10, one with long brown hair and she was very pretty, the other with short blonde hair and rather plain looking. The other girl was around my age, and I could tell her body had already begun to develop as I could see the curve of her breasts through her blouse. I stripped down, opened the front door and stood there pretending I was fiddling with the latch on top of the screen. I was completely exposed, and very aroused. When the girls reached the end of the driveway they stood and stared for at least 5 seconds before I looked out and feigned that I was embarrassed and slammed the door shut. I looked out from behind the curtain and saw them laughing and running down the street, looking back over their shoulder occasionally. I again had a fantastic masturbation session (this time with a pair of my little sisters' panties, but that's another story...).
I knew if I continued and any adults found out I would probably get in big trouble, so after that I stopped. But I still had an exhibitionist urge coursing through me. I didn't see the girls again for about a month, and when I did I was out in the yard (fully clothed), playing football with my friends. They slowed down, whispered and giggled and pointed, but didn't say anything to embarrass me. Thank God!
The next week I was home alone again in the afternoon when the doorbell rang. I answered it (wearing gym shorts and a tshirt) to find it was Wendy, the 16 yr old girl who lived directly across the street. She delivered our newspaper and she was collecting for the week, and I went and got the envelope my mom kept the money in. She and I had very little in common (she was in high school and I was in grade school) and we barely knew each other. When I brought it back she said,'I heard that some of the girls down the street saw you naked the a few weeks ago. They said you were standing in the door in your underwear one day, and without anything on the next.'
I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. I'm sure I blushed a deep shade of red, and I began to shake. I stammered something like, 'Yea, one day the door was open cause it was hot and I was getting changed and I heard them walk by.' By this time I was almost crapping my pants because I thought I was headed for big trouble.
Wendy said, 'That's not what they said. They said it was like you wanted them to see you nude. They said you had a hard-on and everything.' She was smiling a little as she said this, and I'm sure she could notice me trembling and how nervous I was.
I didn't answer. After about 10 seconds she said, 'Don't worry about it. No one is going to tell. You know what, I always wanted to see a guy without clothes on. I've only seen it in my friends Playgirl once, but I think about it a lot.'
I was very much taken aback. It was the last thing I had expected to hear. Looking back on the whole experience of that day now I know that girls and boys hormones both rage in the teen years, and Wendy was just as curious and horny as I was.
She said, 'You're the last house on my route and I'm going home now. My mom and dad are at my Aunt's. Why don't you come over?'
Oh my God! I couldn't believe it. From being snagged and probably getting in a TON of trouble, I was being invited over to this girl's house after she had just told me she always wanted to see a guy nude. I got out an almost inaudible, 'OK' and she told me to come over in five minutes.
She turned around and walked down the driveway, and I began thinking about what might happen. Wendy wasn't the hottest girl in the world but she did have nice big breasts. She probably weighed about 150 pounds so she was chunky, but I watched her ass jiggle as she walked down the driveway in her cut off shorts and I felt myself begin to get hard. She was wearing a pink tank top that was somewhat loose, and I was hoping beyond hope that I might get to see her tits. She had long, somewhat scraggly blonde hair, and she had lots and lots of freckles. Her eyes, I had noticed, were deep blue.
I closed up the house and made a beeline across the street. I rang the doorbell of her house and she opened the door instantly. 'Come on in.'
She asked me if I wanted a Coke and I said sure. She came back a minute later with 2 Cokes and handed me one as I sat on the couch.
'So, can I see you naked?' she asked.
'I dunno' was my brilliant reply.
'Well don't you like girls seeing you naked?' she wanted to know.
'I guess,' was all I was able to choke out.
'Tell you what,' she offered. 'If you let me see you nude, I'll let you see me. OK?'
Of course it took me a few seconds to process what she had just said. And, of course, being a horny 13-year-old (although shy, despite my new-found exhibitionism) there was NO WAY I would turn down an opportunity such as this.
'But you have to go first,' Wendy said. She was sitting next to me on the couch now, and I could detect just a faint odor of some kind of perfume. I was also becoming more and more mesmerized by her sizable breasts straining against the fabric of her top.
I didn't utter another word. I quickly stripped off my shirt and then unbuttoned my shorts and pulled down the zipper. I lifted my hips up and quickly slid them down my legs, and then sat momentarily next to her in just my underpants. My penis was fully erect which she could easily see.
'WOW! You have a hard-on. How come?' she said. She was staring at it intently.
''Cause I'm horny,' I said.
'Take off your underwear now,' Wendy said. 'I want to see it'.
Without any fanfare, from a sitting position I slid down my Fruit-of-the-Loom briefs and tossed them aside. My erection stood tall and proud, and I had a small drop of pre-cum on the tip. Wendy said nothing. She just stared, and smiled. She was blushing now. After a moment, again without any words, she stood up and lifted her tank top over her head.
I was in heaven. Her breasts were encased in a lacy white bra. Her nipples were hard and I could see them pushing up against the material. Her belly was soft and white, but she was by no means fat. She quickly unsnapped and unzipped her cut-offs and let them fall to her feet revealing white cotton bikini panties. Very plain, very tight and incredibly sexy. Next she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. After hesitating for a moment she shucked it from her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. They were magnificent. Her areolas were VERY large, and her skin was pasty white. Freckles dotted her neck down to her bust line, but her breasts were pure white - and pure heaven. It contrasted nicely with the blush in her face, although there was no other hint of embarrassment.
'Do you play with it?' she asked. 'Like, do you jerk off and shoot?'
Me, being a boy of many words, said 'Yeah'.
'Let me see. I want to see how you do it.'
I needed no encouragement. I began to stroke my hard-on like I had 100 times before alone in my house. The difference this time was that I was looking at my first naked girl, and she was in the process of removing her panties. As she bent over to take them off, and then stood up, I was greeted with my first view of a vagina. It was covered with a soft layer of blonde hair, neatly trimmed, and it was easy to see her slit. As I stroked she reached down and said to me 'I do it too. I LOVE it.' And she began to rub her finger up and down between her legs.
She stood there, and I sat there, for what must have been only two minutes watching each other pleasure ourselves. I went as slow as possible to make it last, but to little avail. As I felt my orgasm approaching I took to bold step of standing up and walking around behind Wendy. Between her now short breaths (she was obviously very aroused and close to coming to) she asked what I was doing. I told her I just wanted to see her ass.
She turned her back to me, and I quickly stepped forward. I pressed my cock right between her cheeks, and it was engulfed in her flesh. I was slippery with precum and began humping up against her. This added to her horniness and Wendy pushed back against me, hard. I reached around and cupped her breasts, and then began to shoot. Stream after stream of semen pulsed out onto the top of her rounded ass and the small of her back; as I was coming she was too and she was arching her back in such a way that created a small plateau for my ejaculate to gather. Some escaped and ran small rivulets down her ass and onto the floor.
We were both spent, and afterwards very awkward and embarrassed. It took my all of 3 minutes to dress and Wendy did give me a kiss on the cheek and told me that it 'felt great'. Later that fall we did get together again for more fun. I'll tell that story another time.



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