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Exposed, Pantsed, Excited

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This is a strange fetish I know. I keep it to myself though.

Some may say perverted. If you get off on this too, share with others here on Solo Touch.


I'm house sitting till College starts in a few weeks and being bored and excited, I came across this site and decided to share a few of my stories. Mine are true and I have gone to some effort to make things happen. But more on that later. I'm an observer and instegator not a participant.

My masturbation experiences came on rather suddenly after witnessing a pantsing of one of my classmates at the public pool. The stuff I am about to relate is something that I fantasize about nearly all of the time.

I was a bit younger at the time and nieve. I'm 19 now and a sophmore in college.

I had just moved to this town from a smaller farm town back in the spring and this was the first time I had been to a pool. There was no water ways other than ponds or lakes really near my previous home.

The boy I knew had been a real ass to some of the other kids at the pool and I overheard one of the girls hatching a plot to get him back so he would leave the pool.

I heard her say 'go up and yank down his swim trunks!' The two girls were giggling and my heart suddenly began to pound and my legs got rubbery when I heard this.

I was getting ready to see a real wiener for the first time and sure enough this girl Jill went right up behind him when he was pestering a group of girls by slinging koolaid on them from a straw. She grabbed the sides of his baggy trunks and with a swift yank down came his trunks all the way to his ankles!! He had nothing on underneath. Totally naked!

Everybody laughed and some pointed, it took him a second or two to realize what had happened. He yanked his trunks back up and ran off to the locker room. We did not see him anymore after that.

The girls were yelling 'Josh has a teenie weenie' and making jokes. I was very confused about my feelings as I had a tingling between my legs and I was getting very slippery. I had messed around down there a few times but never really got anywhere but now I was fighting the urge to reach down my bikini bottoms.

I went to the locker room but there were girls hanging out in there so I had to just pee and leave but I did give myself a bit of touch down there and had to make myself stop.

That afternoon at the pool I was so horny. I encouraged more of that behaviour trying to hide the fact that it excited me. This girl Serena told me a few tales about pantsing that she had participated in. I had never heard that word before but I knew that the thought of it drove me crazy.

Serena tugged on another boys trunks and I got a peek at his white butt but that was exciting as well.

Serena told me a story about sneaking into the boys locker room one time to peek at dicks and she got kicked out of the pool for the rest of the summer.

I came so close to cumming just thinking about being a peeping jane.

I got a ride home with my friend Sara and her older sis and Sara told the tale about Josh getting his trunks pulled down in front of a bunch of girls. Her sis laughed and reminded Sara about the time last summer when she lost her top at the lake. Sara said, 'you said you would never tell!!

Aha, the truth was out. 'Sara's sister giggling said go ahead Sara, confess, confess.'

'Ok, she said reluctantly. 'I was out in the water bouncing up and down playing volley ball trying to tease these guys and my top came untied and just totally came off and everyone there saw my boobies! I could have died!'

'Come to find out this bitch I knew had untied it.'

'The boys all got a thrill' Said her sister teasingly. They was spanking their dicks that night, huh?

Sara did have a nice, perky C cup rack that she flaunted quite a lot and the boys all seemed to like her because of it. For the record at this time I only had a pair of A's at this time.

I was sitting in the back seat and had my towel on my lap covering my hand and was slowing touching myself through my bikini bottom thinking about the story I just heard.

Sara, giggled and said, 'Yeah I know.'

Sara asked me if I had had anything like that happen to me and I hadn't.

She said it would happen eventually and that she may have to help and winked at me.

Laughing, I said 'you best not or I will kill you.'

We all giggled and my house came up and I got out and ran to my room.

My mom was in the backyard by the garden reading and I quickly took advantage of the moment.

I stripped off my cover shorts and bikini bottoms and top and jumped on the bed and began touching my dripping pussy. It felt so good I could not help but moan a little bit. I thought about what I saw and heard and before I knew it my feet began to tingle and I shuddered and my body shook. My heart was beating so fast I thought I might have a heart attack and my face felt so hot and flushed like I had a fever.

I lay there and calmed down and got up and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I could barely walk as my legs were so shaky.

I went to the kitchen just as my mom was coming in and she remarked that my face was so red that I might be sunburned.

I wasn't I was just excited.

That whole afternoon. I kept think about the same stuff and kept getting worked up.

Sara called me and asked if I wanted to go to the pool again tomorrow with her.

I said yes!

I have more tales to share and I would love to hear others relate about pantsing or accidental nudity episodes they have been a part of or witnessed or even had happen to them. Details Details Details, give us a good build up as it is hard to find detailed stories online or even decent video clips. They are few and far between.



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