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Exposed at the Urologist

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Older nurse has fun with my dick.


This happened when I was about 18 or19 years. I had woke up one morning with a slight pain in my testicle. After leaving work early and going to my doctor they sent me to a urologist to get an ultra sound.

At the urologists office I felt way out of place. I was 19 and everyone else in the lobby was 70 and older. After waiting awhile they called me back into the office to get my ultra sound. There was a table to lay down on with a big machine parked by the head of the table. I sat on the table and nervously waited for the nurse to come in.

The nurse was an older lady. I'd say early 50's. She wasn't some smoking hot older lady like a Sophia Loren, but more like a plain Helen Mirren. She was very nice asking how I was and putting me at ease because I was visibly worried about whatever was wrong with me. She told me for the ultra sound that she was going to have me slide my pants down around my knees and she gave me a sheet to cover myself with while she did it.

She turned around while I took my pants down and laid down on the table with the sheet over me. She came back to the table and told me for the ultra sound she was going to be applying gel to my testicles and that it would loosen the scrotum for the machine to read. This whole time I was still a bit nervous and excited about this woman getting ready to touch my penis. She put a pair of latex gloves on and squirted a large glob of gel in one hand. With the other she felt my dick through the sheet and pulled it up just enough to see my sack, but not my penis. She said she didn't need to see more than was necessary, but to be honest I was really wanting her too.

She began rubbing the gel all over my sack making sure she got it completely covered. She took each of my balls in her hands and went around them making sure they were covered in gel as I loosened up. Once I was all gelled up we had to wait for a few minutes. In the mean time she made small talk.

She asked about the normal things like work and what I did and I answered. I asked her about her job and what made her want to 'deal with people's junk' all the time. She laughed and said it was just a career option that was hiring and she was qualified for. I was starting to get at ease and she was being very frank for me being exposed as I was. Once the gel did it's trick she started rubbing this metal wand over each of my balls individually, going back and forth feeling them up. I was slowly starting to get an erection, but still trying to maintain control of not getting a full on erection, but my dick was still out of sight under the sheet. While she handled my balls we continued to talk.

I told her that I noticed it was all elderly people in the lobby and asked her if that was the normal patient. She said yes it was and they don't get a lot of young people in there. By now there was an increasingly obvious tent sprouting under the sheet and the bottom shaft of my dick started to become visible to her. She saw it but seemed unphased and pulled the sheet back down over my penis. She just kept going over my balls with the wand and talking to me. She was laughing telling stories of old guys coming in with problems that were ridiculous to funny.

She stopped talking for a moment. By now I was getting so hard that the sheet wasn't hiding my erection. All was pretty much visible except for the top half and the head. The nurse looked at me and said that since the sheet wasn't hiding anything there was no point in keeping it on. I was almost out of breath at this point. She took the sheet off and my dick stood out like a mast on a ship. I was already showing some pre-cum oozing from the tip of my dick.

The nurse just looked at my swollen dick and said 'Lots of the old guys still wish they could do that!' We both laughed. She just sat there for awhile looking. I didn't know what she was going to do. She set the wand down and started grabbing around the bottom of my dick holding it and squeezing it to get more blood in my already rock hard boner. The nurse said,'Your ultra sound is done, but what are we going to do about this?' She slowly worked the shaft with her fingers, still slick from the ultra sound gel. I was ecstatic. I was pretty much in the hands of this nurse powerless to stop or aide her.

Then she grabbed hold of my dick and started to steadily and slowly jack me off. She told me to remain quiet. She was going to town on my dick. She said she doesn't get that in the office and hasn't seen it around home either. She put more gel in her hand and began to stroke me with two hands. I was going crazy. She told me to tell her when I was going to come. She said she wanted to watch me squirt. Hell yeah. I pulled my shirt up to not get a mess on it and told her I was going to cum.

I came like Old Faithful. The nurse had a look of surprise and delight. I felt like it was something she hadn't seen in awhile. My jizz mixed with the gel. I was a mess. The nurse let out a little chuckle and said 'Wow. Thank you. I hope I made you feel better. Just lie still and I'll clean you all up.' She took the sheet and wiped all the jizz and gel off of my semi-swollen, but spent rod.

I ended up just having a flair up on a cyst, but all the pain was worth the hand job from a grateful older nurse.



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