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Exposed at the Doctor's Office

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This happened many years ago.


I had to see a doctor for a work physical ASAP. The only one that could see me that day was a lady.

She did the whole physical with my clothes on, except to loosen my pants while probing my abdomen.

I got a bit turned onto the idea of showing a perfect stranger my cock and was disappointed when I wasn't going to get the chance to.

She said, 'Okay, all done. You're fine. Is there anything you want while you're here?

I told her I wanted her to look at a bump on my penis. She got visibly upset and said she'd have to get the nurse in here too. I was looking a little forward to that, her nurse was hot.

She came back with her husband instead. There went the fantasy. She gave my penis a quick look and prescribed a special soap to use.

I was sitting on the exam table and they both got up to leave, when they did so they just walked out and left the door wide open. I stood up and slowly pulling my pants up and tucking my cock inside my jeans when I noticed a young asian gal sitting in the waiting room staring directly at my cock. She had a magazine in her hand which actually fell to the floor. She didn't pick it up, just kept looking. The funny thing about it was when it happened I quickly walked forward so I was out of her sight. She didn't get to see it for more than a few seconds.

Damn my luck, I could have just stood there and pretended I didn't notice her. I didn't think of it at the time.

As I was paying to leave this asian gal kept looking at me, I made eye contact with her and she just smiled, then glanced down at the bulge in my jeans and then back again to my eyes. I was waiting for the nurse to give me my change, she had to go into another room to get it and then came back out saying the doctor needed her for a minute and asked if I could wait?

What choice did I have? But what luck, with the waiting room now empty except me and this hot asian gal. She said something to me that I didn't catch at first cause I couldn't believe she actually said it. She asked, 'Are all white guys as big as you? You've got the biggest penis I've ever seen.'

At first I didn't say anything from the shock of these words coming from her mouth.

I asked how many she's seen.

'Lot's of 'em. Just asian guys though.'

I said maybe that explained it. Maybe I wasn't that big, just the ones she had seen were small.

'Slim chance of that, the ones I've seen were all hard.'

With almost every word I was more surprised by her blatant language. The next ones made me the most; 'How big does that thing get? I'd like to see...'

and she stopped talking the nurse had come back with my change.

The gal was called in and as she walked by she reached into her pocket and gave me her card, smiling all the while.

It wasn't a day til I called her. The card said something in Chinese but in english was the word, Acupuncture and two phone numbers.

She asked that I come in and see her. To make a long story short it turned out she was a masseuse. She worked in a doctor's office as a front. I went in and she gave me one hell of a hand job, for free.

'Come back anytime. Your cock is gorgeous'

The next time I went she said the same thing, only this time I asked if she could think of a better place to put it than her hand?

'Have you a condom?' Of course I did and that's where this story ends, just not for me. It was the beginning of one for me.

Just cause I like wanking doesn't mean I don't like sex.



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