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Explosion in the Gym Shower

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I'm an avid exerciser, lifting, running and swimming, my body is lean and rather muscular. Women seem to enjoy what they see and I enjoy them enjoying my 6'2', 205lb physique. This really turns me on particularly after a good workout and swim. I've noticed that my body is also attractive to other men. It's not a turn on to me, but it has put me in interesting situations in the locker room.

A few years ago I was at a week-long conference to present a paper. I was in my late twenties and intense. I found a good gym connected to our convention complex. This gym had a great steam room, sauna and whirl pool. While I was working out during one afternoon to release my pent-up energy, pumping major bench presses, I noticed another young man, maybe 23 or so watching with interest. He seemed to be one of those built similar to me but smaller and looking at my body as a goal to achieve. Usually these guys will talk to me asking me questions on how I got built like I am, what exercises they should add to their routines, nutrition, etc.

Sure enough, this young man did ask me those exact questions. Later when I was done, I left for the locker room. I had about three hours until my next conference session, so I decided to take an hour or two to relax. The shower room was very nice and very well lit. It had about four shower heads on two walls with the whirl pool, sauna, and steam room adjoining it.

Being that I usually ejaculated about four to five times per week and I hadn't yet masturbated in the three days since being at the conference, I was noticeably sexually charged. The instant I walked under the shower head and let it's warm water spill over my muscle-pumped body, my penis began its rise to demand release. Since I was the only one in the shower and that young man was the only other man in the gym and he was still working out, why not stroke and enjoy? It did feel good.

In fact, it felt so good I decided to 'edge,' that is, to bring my self up to my point-of-no-return and then back off as I watched my raging hard-on bounce up and down in rhythm to my semen-less orgasms. I really am seven and a quarter inches long and point upwards at about 60 degrees. When I 'edge' my orgasms make my erection seem enormous as it turns purplish and thick.

I was having a great time and decided to hit the steam room. It's wall to the shower room was completely glass. As I sat in the steam and stroked my engorged and pleased erection, I noticed that young guy very slowly walking by with a towel. He turned, hung his towel and timidly walked in on me pretending not to notice my massive hardon as it demanded attention. He sat down opposite me and the steam suddenly came on and we were both obscured.

I resumed my stroking and probably moaned as I forgot another man was in there with me. When the steam stopped, I was enjoying watching my raging erection as it throbbed with my orgasms. Then I noticed that this young guy was also intensely staring at my enjoyment. He was stroking and his smaller penis was just starting to make it to half mast. I said something like, 'I see that you're not bothered with me masturbating in here.' He said something like, 'I do this sometimes in here, too.' He then asked me a few more questions about my body and made comments that he would like to have a body like mine while he stared at my massive hardon.

By this time I wondered if he was gay. He said that he was. I told him that I wasn't and that I've never been around gay men that I've known of. He said not to worry since he wasn't going to come on to me or anything. I felt comfortable and resumed my penis workout. He did, too.

We went to the showers and cooled off before entering the whirl pool. We didn't stroke in the shower but we did in the whirl pool. When we got out, I noticed that his penis was quite hard and stuck out at about 20 or 30 degrees upward. We walked back to the showers where he took a shower head directly across from me. I told him that I was going to have to ejaculate or I wasn't going to be able to walk back to the conference due to the massive build-up of my semen at the base of my swollen penis. He said that he had masturbated in that shower with another man before and that it was OK with him.

So here we were stroking, me moaning and enjoying the anticipation of a major explosion to come. As my right hand repeatedly slid over my large erection, I could feel the veins and swollen head. My left hand caressed my scrotum that pushed my testicles up towards my body. I spread my legs wide apart as the warm water hit my back and splashed over my shoulders and down my abs and over my cock. I thoroughly enjoyed every movement of the moment. Then I exploded like I hadn't for a good while. My semen shot over and over again into the air splattering nearly to the center of the shower room. My white cum accumulated on the floor to where it started to dam up the shower water from the drain.

As the last of my cum oozed over my fist and began to lubricate my very pleased erect penis, I looked up to see this other young man close his eyes, arch back. His penis erupted his semen in much lesser amounts (he probably had ejaculated that morning and didn't have as much to cum). As his white goo splattered to the floor and covered his fist, he looked up with a gratified sigh.

Afterwards we talked while we dried off. His penis quickly reduced to normal size. Mine is one that will stay fully erect for a number of minutes after ejaculating and will stay half mast for another 20 to 30 minutes. I'm standing there talking with him with my still purple sausage directly pointing at him while two other young weight lifters walked towards the shower. They had to navigate around my very pleased penis and walk between us with erotic humor. I think my masturbating 'partner' was sort of embarrassed. But, I told him that I take a long time to lose my erections. In fact, I had to wait at my locker until I could stuff my slowly receding penis into my briefs. He thought this was amazing.

I never saw him again, but it was fun. I presented my paper later that afternoon and got a standing ovation. I couldn't have done it if I hadn't had such a great masturbation session!



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