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Exploring New Territory

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I wrote previously of my first masturbation session with a woman, let's call her Karen. This was the first time ever for me to strip naked in front of a woman other than a female doctor or nurse or my mother. It was the first time to play with a woman's breasts, the first time to have a woman play with my penis and bring me to orgasm. It was too exciting to be true and why oh why had I been so shy all those years in my relations with girls and why had I waited so long to have this sexual experience?

Unfortunately 'Karen' had to return home and we resumed our phone sex until the next time we could get together. This time, a month or so later, I found time to get out of town and go home to the North not all that far, relatively speaking, from Karen's hometown. I flew into 'the City' and Karen met me and we took the train up to my parents' house. I introduced her to my folks and we had a pleasant evening together. She was given the bedroom that had been my sister's and I took my own childhood bedroom next door. We didn't try any funny stuff that night, but in the morning, after my parents had left for work, I decided to wake Karen up.

I went into her room and lifted up the blankets and crawled in from the bottom. I wanted to explore the portion of her body which I had not yet uncovered in our first encounter because of her period. I gave her a wake up kiss in this nether region and maybe more than that, but I can't discuss it here. She was impressed that I would engage in such things when she had not yet bathed. I offered to remedy that situation and though she was quite a big girl, the same height as I was, 5'9', I lifted her off the bed, carried her to the bathroom and stripped her naked and put her into the bathtub.

I had fun bathing her and she returned the favor. We each took time to examine each other's body and to appreciate its sexier parts. We had a Kodak Swinger camera and, after getting out of the tub and drying off, we decided to take a few pictures of each other, though she was reluctant to allow anything totally naked of her. She did take one of me with a full erection.

I don't remember at this point how we spent the daytime, but we did borrow a family car and when it got dark, we went 'parking' in various places in the area and began kissing one another deeply and playing with her tits and with each other's genitals. Among other things (she did want to reciprocate for the morning's wake up call) she got me off in the car and I did the same for her. It was awfully messy and hard to clean up with only a few Kleenex to help, but it felt awfully good. I enjoyed running my hand through her thick pubic bush and figuring out the various folds and orifices between her thighs. She enjoyed it just as much or more. I felt the moisture of her vagina and listened to the most glorious sound of all, the sound of a woman in full arousal as she approaches orgasm. I can't think of anything that is more of a turn-on.

Later during this trip we went down to her parents' home which turned out to be very tiny. That did not stop us from getting together at night and jerking each other off in the den or in her bedroom before retreating to our separate sleeping areas. We also discovered a large parking lot at one of the shopping centers near her home and once again, armed with Kleenex, got each other off in the car. This was getting to be a fun habit and we found we couldn't keep our hands off each other.

I believe it was during this trip that I surprised her with a diamond ring and she agreed to marry me in a few month's time. In retrospect, it was not a great idea. I had confused sexual intimacy with love. Both of us were very anxious to get married to anyone and unfortunately had run into each other. At one point she canceled the engagement and I was foolish enough to fly up and convince her to reschedule the wedding but in a different venue. Our marriage ultimately was very short. Nonetheless, in the time leading up to it, whenever we were together, it was a lot of fun handling each other's most private parts and enjoying the sounds, smells, tastes, sights, and feelings of this wonderful part of life. If mutual masturbation was this much fun, whatever would full intercourse be like? We remained faithful to our conception of our religion and waited until marriage to find out.



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