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Exploring My Cousin

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My family and I live in the United States of America but my parents love to go to the Dominican Republic because we have family from there. Whenever we visit we stay at my aunts house where there are plenty of rooms where we can sleep. We love to go to the Dominican Republic and enjoy my family's company.

I particularly enjoy the company of my two cousins. I especially enjoy the company of my female cousin. She has the nicest tits and the most lovely pussy I've ever seen. I have always had a crush on her ever since she was 10 when I first visited.

When I saw her this last summer she looked so good and had all the things that I love in a woman. Although I found her attractive I never dared to ask her out cause its all weird. So I would constantly find myself with precum dripping down my balls from the mere look at her in the mornings with her short shorts while she mopped the floors. Sweat would glisten off her body. She would even sometimes take off her shirt and expose her cleavage which I adored.

One day I had woken up at around six a.m. to go and pee cause I was about to burst. All the doors were locked and the nearest bathroom was where my parents were sleeping but I did not want to wake them up. So then I decided to pee through a door that only had bars and faced the front yard.

I saw my hot cousin who was leaving for school. She said Hi and I said Hi. I then pulled my shorts down and peed out the front yard. Her jaw dropped and I saw her stare at my semi erect penis. She stood there for sometime until I finished. I shook my dick off many times just so she could get a good view. She bit her lips and said bye with a smile to her face.

I then went to bed to sleep a few more hours and woke up with a very noticeable hard on which pierced right through my basket ball shorts. I jerked off right then and there to the thought of her jerking me off. I came all over my chest and face and had to wipe it off with my shirt which was soaked. It was a very intense orgasm.

My cousin came back from school at around 12:00 and I was eating lunch. I looked her straight in the eyes and she gave me a very moist kiss on the cheek. Then I went in to her bedroom where she changed back in to her tight short shorts and a little tank top. I soon found myself with a hard on again and couldn't help but touch myself. No one was in the house as they had gone to a theme park and I just did not want to go. My cousin also decided she did not want to go so we both stayed behind. We were now alone and I was with a very hot girl which I had fantasies about nearly all my life.

We went in to her room and started watching TV. The heat was unbearable so we went to the back yard and started playing with the hose. She picked up the hose and turned it on while I had my back towards her. She wet my entire back side so I grabbed the hose and wet her white tank top and her yellow shorts. The clothes clinged on to her enough to expose her pussy hair as well as her erect nipples which looked so delicious. My dick immediately responded and instantly had a hard on. I was very noticeble because my clothes were wet. She stared at my crotch and bit her lips. She started to giggle and run while I chased her with my bulging arrow. She then tripped and fell and hit herself on the knee. I then brought her on to the front porch where I sat down next to her to tend to her knee. I cleaned the wound and put a bandaid on it. She was dripping with water so we both went inside to change. she hopped on one leg while while I carried her to her room. She asked me for help undressing her, which I immediately agreed to.

Her pussy was exposed and what a beauty it was with those juicy lips which made my dick get hard. I then took off her shirt and saw her beautiful breasts. She suggested I did the same. So I did and exposed my huge boner. She then put on a thong which barely covered her pussy. She then laid back on her pillow. I stared at her nice thong and tits and started to jack off. She immediately spread her legs and allowed a full view of her pussy pushing her thong aside. I then went towards her and kissed her gently on the lips. I then licked her lips while I placed my cock on her thong covered pussy. I rubbed it and moved it in a circular motion, she started to breathe heavily so did I.

I kissed her fiercely and rubbed my dick all over her. She then grasped my butt while we both came. I exploded all over her stomach and chest, she wet my entire crotch area which had her pussy scent for days to come. I decided to take things further and spread her legs. She caressed my hair and rubbed her tits. She then smiled with her eyes closed and pulled my face towards hers where she whispered 'thank you' and sighed while we made out for a while. When we stopped kissing we both fell asleep for an hour in each others arms totally naked. Our family came back later that evening and didn't suspect a thing. We did this many times and enjoyed all those times of pleasure we shared.



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