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Exploring and Then Exploring

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Found an old photo, remembering fun times!


My sister is two years younger and when she was 12 she had a neighborhood friend, let's call her Veronica (because my favorite cartoon girl was Veronica). I was 14 and completely clueless when it came to sex and girls. I'd learned about masturbation about 11 or 12, and this was the age a boy was super curious about girls and sex, but would never admit an interest or even be nice to girls.

Anyway, my sister and Veronica would have sleepovers in the summer and camp out in the back yard. I'd sneak out into the back yard (we had a lot of trees and a hedge, so the yard was protected from neighbors and the sidewalk). They would visit and giggle for hours, and finally fall asleep. Veronica was really built at that age. She was olive skinned and had nice features. She was slender and had huge and natural boobs. At 12 or so, she was a looker, and this 14-year-old looked a lot!

So I'd sneak out to the back yard, and, after they were sound asleep, cop a feel of Veronica's tits. All they wore were PJs and I remember moving carefully under Veronica's top and touching her tits. Heaven! I'd get super hard and then go back inside and jack off.

One night I got brave and unbuttoned Veronica's top. They were in sleeping bags and I'd unzip the bag carefully before copping a feel, And this time I unbuttoned her top. It was nice to feel her tits with her top unbuttoned. Then I'd go back inside and relieve my hard member. I did this several times they slept over. She was just great to see with her top undone in the moonlight or from the street light, cannot remember. Her tits were wonderful. She had pointy nipples and it was a great turn on to see.

I don't think she, to this point, ever figured out how her top got unbuttoned! What a kick. The last time I unbuttoned her, she rolled over and I couldn't pull the sleeping bag back in place, so here she is, her top unbuttoned, and the sleeping bag unzipped. In panic, I just left it. I guess during the night she rolled back over, so there Veronica was, laying on her back, her top completely undone, the sleeping bag unzipped and open. My mom went out as usual to wake up the girls, and here Veronica was, in full view. My mom kind of freaked, and that was the last sleepover in the back yard for the girls. I figure mom was worried having such a well-developed girl half-naked in the back yard was a bit much.

For years I jacked off to those memories. But let's fast forward a few years. Veronica and I dated when I was a senior in high school (she was a junior). We'd hold hands and kiss, but she'd never let me go any further. When I 'accidently' brushed against her boobs, she'd tell me she was a 'good Catholic girl' and couldn't have sex. After a few months, I guess she decided that we could touch and fondle, still leaving her a 'good Catholic girl.'

I never told her about my previous activities when she was younger, and it was still great to feel her tits, even though she wouldn't let me undo her blouse or bra.

One night we decided to go make out at a local drive in (do they exist any more?). We were getting really intimate and I guess it was OK for her being Catholic to finally let me undo the buttons and bra and get a good feel, and even nibble a little. I could tell she was really turned on. By this time she too had felt me hard, but only through my pants. On this night she decided she needed to discover my hardon without clothing in the way. So she undid my pants and reached in.

I can only guess she'd been reading some sex education book, because she whispered that she wanted to make me ejaculate (using the proper word and everything)! So she proceeded, but I had to give her a few pointers as she was real new at this and was yanking really hard. Once she slowed down, it was very pleasurable. With me nibbling on her boobs, I finally came. She decided that was enough, so that ended that night.

A week later, it was her idea to go to the drive in again. I figured I knew what she wanted and I was right. Veronica got hot and heavy real quick, even taking off her blouse for me (and she was not even wearing a bra)! She pulled down my pants and proceeded to get me going. I was finally able to slide my hand down her pants and feel my first pussy. She was hot and wet. She brought me off, but wouldn't let me bring her to orgasm (I didn't know how, and asked her but she wouldn't let me and wouldn't tell me how).

So this became our Friday night date. I didn't complain, Veronica would jack me off, I would get to suck on her great tits, feel her pussy and then we'd call it quits and either go watch the movie, go to her place or mine and watch TV or go get something to eat. One night I asked her if she had an orgasm, and she told me she did it at home after our dates. She said it would probably lead to sex if she let me do it to her and her religion and beliefs wouldn't let her go all the way.

We kept this up for a lot of months, until I went away to college and then a year later she did too. Why I didn't pursue this lovely girl, I do not know to this day. She was smart, slender, loved sex, and we even shared common hobbies. I guess I was just too dumb and young to figure it out back then.

Oh...back to the title of my story. We lived in a rural area, and often our Saturday dates were on hikes to the falls or to the lake. On one lake trip, we took my Scoutmaster's canoe (and he even loaned me his truck) and we were going to float around in the lake. We had a great time! She wore this yellow bikini and we floated to a part of the lake that was sandy and no one was around. I had a 35mm camera (my hobby was photography) and took a bunch of photos of her in her bikini. We swam around and copped a feel or two (she was very gunshy in public and thought someone would see us, even though no one was remotely near us).

She noticed that I was sporting a hefty hardon, but it was daylight and she would not jack me off in public. I finally convinced her to do it in the lake, under water, and that was a thrill. Anyway, back on the beach, she decided we were secluded enough to allow me a couple of photos of her topless. It was very quick and I got the shots. Later she got real worried and made me promise to destroy them. Of course I told her I did, but kept them in my negative file anyway.

I've been converting old slides and negatives to electronic files and scanning them in, you guessed it, a week ago I ran across these photos of Veronica topless, about 17 or 18. What a babe! Those photos brought back a flood of memories. She could have been a top model. As I recall, she was into Geology or something like that. Why I didn't seriously go after her I don't know. Looking at her topless reminded me of what an idiot I was.

Later. Gotta go take care of business!



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