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I am so glad this website exists for us horny and curious people to access. I wish it existed when I was younger. I've included a link to my husband's story. He never told me about it, but it sure made me hot to discover it online!


It's true, as my husband said in his story (see link above), that I love hearing about his masturbatory escapades from when he was younger. Sometimes, I ask him to elaborate and make stuff up to get me even hotter.

While I'm sitting here, I can still catch the musky scent of pussy on my fingers, even though I washed my hands three times. I've been glued to the computer screen for hours reading juicy stories on Solo Touch... and touching myself.

For as long as I can remember, I've been into self-stimulation. When I was just three or four years old, I would feel excitement and want to touch my crotch. I started fantasizing at about the same age. Late at night, with the covers tented over me, I would imagine a Dr. examining my bum, putting his fingers inside my crack and inspecting everything in there. While I thought about it, I would gently rub and squeeze myself and clench my pelvic muscles until I felt like I had to pee. Then I would just stop and go to sleep, because I didn't have an orgasm until I was older.

When I was about ten, I started to have overwhelming urges to play with myself. I had a friend introduce me to porn magazines (that's a story for another day), but just about anything remotely sexual would be enough to turn me on. Dictionary definitions, catalogue pages, a bra left lying around the house, or even a cartoon drawing of boobs would do the trick!

So I didn't start to have orgasms until I was twelve or thirteen, but I was already constantly horny and I played with myself often. Once I started to have orgasms, I would masturbate three or four times a day, no matter where I was or how long it took. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, but it was definitely helpful that my parents always left books in there with sex scenes in them. At first, I did not find it easy to reach an orgasm, so I would rub myself for an hour or more, until I was definitely pretty sore and with a tired hand! My family thought I had a lot of bathroom troubles, or so they pretended. I'm sure they knew.

Anyway, there is one time in particular I recall from when I was about twelve. My bedroom was in the basement so that my two sisters and I could each have some privacy. My dresser, lamp, table and bed were all arranged on a bedroom-sized piece of carpet on the middle of the cement floor. I enjoyed being away from my family, where I could masturbate frequently without interruption.

Late one night, I got out of bed feeling really horny. At first, I smoothed my hand down the front of my pyjama shirt to feel my breasts through the fabric. Then I slid my hand up my shirt and rubbed my nipples with my palm. I loved how they felt, all puffy and soft. I lightly slapped my hand on them to feel how they sprang up erectly in response. I liked to hear the smacking sound when my hand hit them.

As I got hotter, I took my pyjamas right off, but I had an idea to put on a pair of my silky panties. I was shivering with delight by this point. I sat down on the edge of the bed and with my fingers, I tried lightly caressing my pussy through the fabric. The feeling was electric! I gently scratched my fingernails over the soft mound my lips made, until I found an area that gave me intense sensations. I didn't know what a clitoris was, but I liked the way that spot felt. I felt an urgency and scratched harder. My legs stretched out and my hips drove my pussy right up off the bed. It felt so good, I couldn't control myself.

I threw myself down face down onto the floor, and started 'humping' the carpet (a friend showed me how to hump), which created vibrations of pleasure in my pussy. I started to rub my tits on the scratchy carpet, loving the slight pain it brought. As the sensations built up, I frantically felt like I needed something more. I pulled off my underwear. To my surprise, a long thread of clear juice slid down my leg. I looked down at my panties and saw a small pool of liquid there, probably one or two spoonfuls. I dipped my fingers in it and felt its slipperiness, then I put my hand up to my nose and sniffed it. Finally it was too much to take.

I scooched across the carpet until the top half of my body was above the cold cement floor. I lay down and smacked and rubbed my tits onto the cement floor. The sound was loud and it felt like a very naughty thing to do. Uncontrollably, I finally rubbed my bare crotch back and forth on the rough carpet a few times until I felt like I had to pee... and then I did, a little bit.

Finally, feeling a bit embarrassed by my antics, I put my pyjamas back on and tried my best to clean up the spot of pee. Thank goodness it was gone by the next morning!

I tried lots of different things over the years, but that was one of the most crazy times I had. I think it marked a transition between my childlike earlier strokes and my mature orgasmic jilling.

Anyway, I have tons more stories to share, if anyone is interested in reading them. Maybe it's too weird!



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