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My mom and I live alone and she works for a big art gallery and often we have to travel into Europe to help set up and premiere exhibitions. I don't mind the hassle, I get to see some new places and enjoy the luxury of hotels.

One time we had to visit Paris, quite cool looking back as it's all romantic and all that. The company didn't read mom's expenses form properly so didn't account for me, I had to share her bed. This was nothing at the time. Mom would simply go out to a bar with a colleague or two for the evening until midnight. I'd go to bed at 9:00pm, and hopefully be asleep before she came home to avoid anything embarassing.

Only this time, I had an erection and could not sleep. I was hot, stuffy and irritable. Mom came in without making much noise or turning the lights on, which I found impressive. She undressed completely, and gently climbed into bed beside me. It's about here I think she noticed my erection, then my breathing, before noticing I was awake and hot and bothered.

She leant over me and kissed me softly on the forehead, 'Goodnight honey, sweet dreams.' before pulling the duvet over the two of us and facing away, ready to sleep. 'Uhhh... mom... are you, errr, naked?' I asked, a little bit worried and nervous. 'I thought you were awake, honey!' she said, I imagined through a big friendly smile. We had small talk for a while before she asked 'Is little James keeping big James awake?' and turned around to face me. I could just make out the outline of her hair, face, and shoulders in the glow from the streetlights through the curtains. I asked her what she meant, and felt her cool hand brush my erection, which I'd been self conscious about like all night. I gasped and shook a little, mom wrapped her arms around me and comforted me sympathetically, telling me it was okay, most boys have feelings like that in the night. She asked a bit boldly if I wanted to sort it out, that she'd leave the bed and get tissues if I wanted.

I blushed and felt very hot, I didn't know what she was saying. Mom asked if she should put on clothes and sleep on the floor, I told her no way, she deserved the bed.

She told me about orgasms and masturbation for twenty minutes and kindly tried to answer the hundred questions I had! Eventually she said, 'This might sound really weird, but I can answer all these questions much better if I give you the feelings I can't really describe to you.' I told her I'd like this a lot, and so she kissed me on the cheek and told me to relax. She said she may be a little older than my classmates and a little more chubby but she still had all the right parts in all the right places, and being a gym mom, she was in good shape. She said I could play around with her body, get to know a female, and then she would bring it all together and 'get me off'.

A little shyly and awkwardly I ran my hands over her belly, chest, breasts, thighs, face - mom constantly told me what each part did, how it felt to touch there, etc. I remember concentrating on her breasts, she was very forgiving and allowed this without complaint. I touched her vagina area and again spent a lot of time here, she told me to be gentle or I'd arouse her, but again was comfortable and kind.

After about half an hour I told her I had finished. My erection was very firm. Mom clasped it quite hard and began to move her fist up and down. She asked me frequently how I was liking it. I really enjoyed hard, fast, rhythmic motion.

Soon I had an orgasm. I released a little sperm, and I was shaking when it happened, it felt so very very nice.

I then fell asleep. Mom woke me at sunrise the next morning and asked me how I felt. I simply cuddled up to her. I had a morning erection! She laughed and said 'Well honey, you know what to do!' and left the bed. I said, 'No mom, you can stay'! She turned around and I saw my first fully naked human body other than my own. She told me it was okay to do it to yourself, at which I blushed, realising my mistake!!

As she walked to the bathroom and ran her bath, I found the courage to follow her. 'Mom... I... Don't know how to.' She cut in. 'You want your mom to masturbate you? Honey, that's totally okay!' she told me. She warned me about the moral side of it all. I told her and even scared myself a little that I didn't care, I wanted 'to get off' and wanted her to do it!

We agreed to make it a little more special this time. We got into the deep, foam-filled scented bath (good old Paris!) and mom lathered me up on the ridged slip (apparently you'd lie on there in the olden days and gradually move down as the water cooled...but it was really for romance out the water). She invited me to do the same, and again I played with her breasts! It was incredible. She then knelt before me and slid her breasts up and down my body, kneaded my buttocks, toyed with me. I said to her I wanted to make it up to her and that she wouldn't leave the hotel until she had come. She explained how women don't really come, but they climax, and suggested how (I figured she didn't want to argue with me!).

I lay on my back and she lay on top, her breasts pressing into me. I fingered her area, which was above my face, as she masturbated my penis in a few ways. We came twice each, me a lot quicker I have to say, then we went into the water.

We went home that day.

Five years later, and mom's had one boyfriend for a year, and I've had two girlfriends. We've both not got as far as masturbating with them. However we've masturbated each other countless times.

We haven't tried sex and agreed not to.



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