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Experimenting With Friends

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When I was four my best friend, who was a year older than me, and I use to pretend that we were having sex and she would lay on top of me with a paper drawn penis taped above her 'area'. She said she knew what they looked like because she had seen her Dad in the shower.

Well during our friendship I had taken up masturbation the greatest thing ever! I discovered it by accident actually. My brother and I use to put an electric toothbrush on our bodies (not the private areas) and laugh because it tickled. Then one day I was in the bathtub with it for some reason and I put it on my clit. Man it felt so good. So I hurried out of the bathtub ran down the hall into my room and did the same thing, only this time I held it there and squeezed my legs together, which made me feel like I going down a roller coaster. It was amazing. I have been doing that for a while now.

Anyway, that friend eventually moved away and a new one moved in. We'll call her Susie. Susie and I finally warmed up to each other. We started off with the typical 8-year-old play. This soon turned into something else.

We started by massaging each other's butts by walking on each other's butt while they lay in the bed. This escalated into pretending to be each other's crushes in her parent's bed. We'd touch each other and that sort of thing.

When she moved our, touching and fondling rose to a higher level. We'd play in her closet and I'd pretend to be the boy and she was the girl in a Sex Ed class. Our assignment was to basically touch each other and figure out about each other's bodies. Another game we played was the typical doctor game; we'd take Q-tips and rub each other's clits. One day Susie found a weird hole so she stuck the Q-tip in it, I made a face (confused). It didn't hurt but it sure didn't feel that great, so I went home and did some investigating of my own.

After a while our friendship became really strong so I decided to share my secret with her. I had then begun using a dizzle doodler, a vibrating pen, to masturbate because the toothbrush had unfortunately broken. She too had a dizzle doodler, but insisted that her method was better. She took a filled water balloon into the bathtub with her and bounced it on her vaginal area. So I showed her how I did it, I put it in between my legs and squeezed my legs together. She however found a different way to do it; she bent her knees and put it right on her clit.

I'm not sure she actually had an orgasm, she made a few noises (moans), but I know that watching her do it really turned me on, so I started up again. Our friendship eventually deteriorated when we got different fourth grade teachers but we still are the managers for our high school wrestling team yet we don't mention it at all. I do miss those days though.

Just to let you'll know I'm not a lesbian nor am I bi.



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