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I'm in highschool, and like everyone at school wears the same thing, except a few people who think we're all gay. Well anyway, I look good, I'm fitter than a lot of other kids at my school, I weigh about 115 lbs and I'm 5'10'. I have PE with this kid that I've known since about sixth grade, and everytime I get dressed he watches me. He is very good looking too, and he is about 120lbs and 5'10' and athletic. So when I was walking home the other day with him, I asked why do you look at me when I get dressed in P.E. and he said I can't help it.

And I was just like What? And he said, I don't know just lately, I've been kind of curious... And I was 'like right... So you're bi?' And he said 'No, I just want to know what it's like, you know?' I was like Sure, Kind of... And he said do you want to come over to my house and we can play video games. So I said yeah sure. I was kind of nervous, and he was trying to hold hands with me.

So we got to his house and he was like my room is down the hall and to the right, I'm going to go get some snacks. Just make yourself at home. So I went to his room and he came back in with some cookies and milk. I asked him where his parents were and he said that his mom works late until about nine and his dad is out of town on business.

So he taught me how to use the computer console controls because I have a different model and was used to the buttons on it. He took my hands and sat behind me and was like this is the A button, B, X, Y... and so on.

So he left the room for a bit, and he was gone from the room for like 15 minutes so I went to go and find him. I walked around his house, and I heard something in the library, so I went in there and I saw him getting undressed, I was like Oh, I'm sorry. And he said 'no no its ok, come back.'

So I came back into the room and he's like come here, and he started making out with me and pulling my clothes off (I'm NOT gay or bi, we're experimenting right now) and I was like what are you doing???!! and he said he has always wanted to do this with me. I was like ok...

He started to unbutton my pants, revealing my hardon, and he started to jack my dick! OMG... IT FELT SO GOOD! so while he was jacking me I pulled off his pants and started to jack him off too for a few minutes, and then waited a bit so we could both jack off ourselves. Then I was like, that was amazing! and he told me thanks and likewise. So then I grabbed his cock and started stroking it gently and he moaned and started to hump my hand, and he told me he was about to cum and to stop. Then he grabbed my dick and started stroking it, it felt so good. I was amazed. Then we started to make out again and got onto his bed. He told me he would be right back and came back into the room with a condom.

I was like, what is that for?! and he told me he got it from his dad's room, and he wanted me to put it on and I was like no. I don't want to do that man, so he was like, ok I respect that.

Then we just finished each other off and I left his house around six. When I got home my mom asked where I was and I just said I was at a friend's house and he needed help with homework.



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