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Experiences of an Indian

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These are true stories


This is in continuation to my earlier story, I wanted to share more of my experiences with all of you who are really interested.
One day I went to a movie , it was running for more than six weeks, and the hall is almost empty, and I went a little late, so I did not know the exact seat as the hall is empty no one is bothered and you can sit as you wish, so I just walked to a corner to the front rows and sat , first I did not know where iam, but after few minutes my eyes set on the lady who is sitting besides me ( one seat empty between us ) and I just glanced at her , she must be around 35 and good boobs and built. Then I looked around if any one is near by and noone is there in the three rows backwards and then I had real sensation, I kept looking at her and once she glanced back and I looked straight at her and she turned her head, by that time I had this tingling feeling and my wild sensation began, I slowly gathered courage and moved to the seat just adjacient to her. I thought if she objects or if she is angry then I might stop then and there, but to my surprise she did not say anything, that gave me a lot of courage and I knew that she is also horny, and I started directly looking at her, and she knew that, and I took her hand slowly and started rubbing her fingers and put her hand on my erection, she smiled at me, and I slowly hugged her and opened my zipper, she stared at my cock and handled it and played with it, I took the opportunity to press her tits and slid my hands inside her saree, she is clean pussy, hair shaven and I put my fingers inside her pussy and slowly started to play and she got wet and I knew that she is enjoying and started to play more and more while she played with my dick and almost both of us came at the same time. After that she told me that she is going to the bathroom for washing and after that she did not return, I kept waiting for her till the movie is over, but I did not see her again. But this movie experience is very unique.
Another true experience I had is when I was travelling in a bus(2 hour ride ) , it was extremely crowded one and I could not get seat and kept standing.everyone is rubbing with others, and the bus stopped near a girls hostel and lots of girls ( mostly around 16 to 18 ) got into the bus, and they outnumbered all other passengers and I was in the middle and all around I had girls , I felt the warmth on all sides, and I had the female scent all around me, and with the road condition we have the bus ride is very shaky, and my penis started rubbing with the ass of a young girl in front of me and I started getting massage of tits from behind. I gathered courage and put my hands near the front girls ass and I felt her , she had a firm ass and as it is dark , so others did not know what iam doing, the girl knew though and she wishpered into the ear of her freind and she glanced back at me , and just casually smiled at her, and moved little closed and put both my hands one on the ass of my first girl and the other hand on her friend's ass , and it was hell of an experience and I had a big erection and the girls in front of me are such that my dick exactly between their ass and it was good fun, having dick rubbing her ass, I think they also got horny, and did not bother looking back and are enjoying it, I slowly turned around directly facing the backside girl to see how big tits she had and she had good grown up tits may be 34 and I kept watching them at each ditch she used to bump into me and I had her tits massaging me, then I pretended to put something in my shirt pocket and when she came near pressed her tits with my hands and directly looked at her face, she was shocked how could I press her tits in public with such ease, and I laughed and she too laughed. I had good ride though.



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