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Experiences of a Curious Boy

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I learned something four weeks ago that's changed my life forever. I'll get to that little discovery in a minute.
First, I'm 12 and there's not much happening by way of sex, if you know what I mean. The other day I was caught by my sister and that was bad enough. This is what I want to get off my chest first. Getting caught! How creepy is that? I see now it happens more than I thought. At the time, I was so ashamed and freaked!
I was in my bedroom after school and suddenly I was hard and I really wanted to jack off. So, I pulled down my pants and started jacking off while grabbing my balls. I guess I don't have the biggest dick in the world, only 4 inches (so far) but I can already make a lot of sperm come out when I get really excited. As I said, my big sister came in and stood at the door, looking at me like she had caught me in mom's purse again. I let go of my dick and she smiled even wider. I jumped behind the bed and that's when she decided to tease me. 'You were playing with your dick! Were you thinking about girls?' Of course I was! 'I won't tell mom, if you finish what you started.'
I felt trapped, but I got back on the bed, now completely soft. Sis came over and sat next to me. She took off her shirt and had me feel her tits. She's 16, so they're pretty nice. I never thought of them that way. Then she took off her bra and let me play with her nipples. She had to touch me down there and remind me I was hard again. I started to rub myself and I came all over my sister's tits! It was cool. She wiped it off on my pillow and left the room.
The next time I jacked off, it was the next morning. Sis was in the shower, I beat off, then humped my bed, and the beat off again. That last time I used some baby lotion, which I found works super!
A few days later I was surfing the net on my dad's computer and found a bunch of cool sites. One of them said if you wanted to feel what it was like to fuck a pussy, you take a plastic bag, roll towels around it, with one end of the bag sticking out so you can get your dick in there, you squirt in some oil and you have a party. I tried it. I got a bread bag and put some cooking oil in there and put two towels around it. The bag kept slipping, so I wrapped a piece of rope around the outer towel and made it as tight as it would go. Then I put the fake pussy on my bed and slipped my dick in. I fucked it for ten minutes and then suddenly my whole body felt like it was going to explode. I came so hard I bit my pillow to keep from crying out. It was great!!!
Later, I was thirsty and thought I'd get a Coke from the fridge. My sister was seated at the table doing some school work. She looked at me and made jokes about hearing my bed going squeak squeak. I ran out of the room and went to bed. I freaked!
That night after school and chores, I got back on the computer and found this site. I read a lot of stories, but the ones I liked best were the MM ones. I have a friend named Corey who likes to talk about jacking off a lot and I admit I get horny listening to him talk about it. Problem is, he talks about it when there's people around in the next room. I get nervous and I change the subject. Reading the MM stories reminded me that I have been thinking about his dick and going out in the woods with him and showing him mine and stuff. I went to bed thinking about him and pretty soon I was fucking that fake pussy again, only this time I was on the floor so no one would hear me.
The next day I got together with Corey and we went back to my house. Lucky for me sis had cheerleader crap to do and everybody else was gone. I didn't know for how long and that made it better somehow.
I showed Corey the Solo site and in ten seconds, he had a lump in his pants. Corey is two years younger than me, but I guess his older brother told him all about jacking off and sperm. I don't know half the stuff he knows. We looked at the Solo site and then he had his dick out and he sort of stuck my arm with it, like it was a shot thing at the doctor's. I slapped it away, or tried, but ended up grabbing it. It felt neat! Warm. Hard. I pulled on it and Corey kept telling me to do it more and more and pretty soon he shot sperm in my face. Some of it got on my lips and I licked it off, but I thought it was gross.
Nothing much happened for two weeks. Sis kept out of my way and I fucked that fake pussy two times a day. Once when I woke up and once before bed. I even jacked off at school in the library, but I didn't like leaving the sperm in my shorts for half a day til 3 o'clock.
While walking home from school, I saw Corey and he said he wanted to look at the computer again, but at his house. I went home first to see if it was alright and then we went to his house. In no time we were hard and making little jokes about who takes their pants down first. He ended up doing it. Somehow along the way we found a site with naked girls. We got so excited that I ended up telling him about the fake pussy. I thought I slipped and he'd laugh and stuff. He wanted me to make one for him. I did and he got corn oil and I showed him what to do. He did it first and I admit, I liked seeing him hump that thing. Ten minutes or more and then he stiffened up and his eyes shut tight and I could tell he felt very very nice down there. It was my turn. I could feel his juice in the fake pussy. I liked it. Hope that doesn't mean I'm gay. I started humping away and then I told him to turn the screen so I could see one of the girls and then I was going to pretend I was doing it to her. As I humped away, grunting like a dog. When I came, I kept shooting and shooting and I couldn't help shouting. His mother told us to stop fighting in the house.
That's all for now. I got myself excited and now I want to get out that fake pussy and make some noise!!



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