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Experience Hotel Room

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This is a true story. It seems as though hotel rooms have a kinky undertone to it, being offered as a place of privacy and a place where something is bound to happen. Well, I had one experience in a hotel room that stands out the most, as I had one of my greatest orgasms there yet. Although it was a solo one, I am happy to share it. This is my first contribution, and so criticism is welcomed.

Well it all started when we flew to Miami for vacation. Just a bunch of family members, about five or so in total. Whenever we fly away it seemed as though we stay up later and is just more free, and I took advantage of that. It started when it was late at night, and we were all joking and kidding around. Well, for some weird reason I got turned on, and I felt my boner rising up beneath my pajamas. Embaressed, I grabbed a pillow and placed it on my lap, hiding it as we continued to joke around. I should note that it was a male cousin, along with my sister and my aunt, the others were sleeping. But anyway, I hid myself as I didn't want anyone to see my getting horny over nothing.

I knew that I would have to relieve myself soon, but before I could we all got sleepy and dropped asleep. My cousin and I slept together, and that was horny enough for my to explode right there, knowing that another male was right next to me and he could possibly feel my boner if I didn't get rid of it soon, I crossed my thighs over my dick, and turned my back to him, rubbing my hands over my hardened dick as to at least give it some pleasure, and I felt asleep just like that, the cover over my head and my hands on my boner. I awoke to see my dick through my pajama shorts, and this made my hornier, knowing that it was free without regard for the others in the room. I volunteered to shower first, knowing that this was probably not going away as I had it from last night. I grabbed my stuff, and slammed the door as I immediately dropped my pants, tore off my shirt and was left in just my boxers. I swiftly took that off, and the sight I saw in the mirror was just as entertaining as stories on here.

The fact that I a horny dick was staring back at me in the mirror was enticing, and reminded me of mutual masturbation. I played around with it awhile, turning on the tap and letting the water beat against it, putting it on the counter and moving back and forth freely. I tugged it, making my fingers into an O as I stimulated the head, and the pleasure felt was doubled as I was staring right back at myself. I could feel as bit of precum dripping out, and this acted as lubricant, adding extra sensation.

I was tired of the same old stuff, simply sitting down and just allowing my hands to slide up and down my shaft, and so, I placed one of my feet on the counter, whilst the other kept my balance and I jerked away. I could feel my sac hit against me each time [as I did it with more force] and my anus retracting as I got closer. I stopped, wanting to preserve the orgasm and the pleasure.

I got the towel that was already wet [turning on the shower to not allow the loud moans to be heard outside the bathroom walls] and placed it over my head. I allowed it to slide up and down my shaft, and placed its penetration on my dicks head. It made my head extremely sensitive, reacting to every single yank I made. I knew that I couldn't hold it much longer.

I placed my foot back on the counter, and yanked away, allowing the 4 ropes to knock against the bathroom door, and the others on the ground and counter. I couldn't help but allowing a silent scream to escape and my chest to come to rest as the orgasm had taken over my entire form. I finally relaxed, and cleaned up afterwards, only to dazzle in the pleasure I had beforehand.



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