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Exhibitionist in the Locker Room

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The beginning is my daily routine. The end is the day it went much further.


I have been meaning to post this story for a while now and have never gotten around to it but, when I woke up this morning with a full hardon I decided this would be a great chance for a little warm-up.

At the college I attend, like most decent-sized universities, we have a free student recreation center. I soon realized that this was the perfect place to relieve some sexual tension after classes.

In the male locker room, I am a huge exhibitionist. Once I return from my daily swim I like to take long showers, making sure to always use the stall visible from the main locker room and never using the curtain. I usually begin my showers with my eyes closed, pretending I don't notice anyone watching. I soap up my entire body paying special attention to make nipples, cock, and balls. When I have companions in the shower room I work my cock until it is semi-hard and tug my balls as I lather them too. There are a few guys who will stare intently and urge me to bring myself to a full orgasm but, I like to save myself for the sauna.

After my shower I dry off and throw my towel over my shoulder in order to make my way back to my locker. I never cover up so that anybody and everybody in the locker room can see my semi-erect dick hanging heavy and low. I am a little longer than seven inches with a slightly above average girth. My balls are only average size, perhaps a bit smaller though I don't really care. Back at my locker I drop off my towel and take a long time to rummage through my gym bag for my brush, of course I am mostly erect and obviously in need of release by now. Now longer with my towel, I make the long trek back across the room to the mirror where I brush my hair straight back and tie it off in preperation for the hot sauna. If I'm feeling especially cocky I'll take the time to stretch in front of the mirror. AAfter another naked trip back to drop off my brush I finally head into the sauna where I really want to be.

In the sauna I find my place in the corner and lay against the wall. I spread my legs in order give a good view off my cock and relax while others shyly make glances at my swollen member. I can usually only last a minute or two before precum begins to slowly leak out of my teenage cock. I usually wait until another guy will give little signs that he is interested such as tugging at his own dick or 'accidently' grazing me more often than is usual in a small sauna. When we are alone I move next to my new companion and always reach immediatly for his cock. I've surprised a few guys who were ready to jack themselves while I do the same. I like to have them cum on me and allow me to do the same. After I thank them and wash off.

The best experience however came one time during a holiday break. The gym was deserted so I thought I wasn't going to have a jack-off bud. Much to my surprise a guy I had seen many times before came up behind me in the showers and kissed me on the side of the neck. Let me tell you, this guy is fucking hot. He is about 6'2' and in his late 20's with naturally dark skin and muscles that obviously required daily attention to maintain. His dick was just as impressive at about the same size as mine but with huge swollen balls I have fantasized about more than once. He tells me that he was always afraid of getting caught when others were around but since we were alone he could let himself go. I swear to you that he picked me up bride-style and carried me to the sauna where he sat me down on the far bench. He asked me how far I was willing to go and I said I didn't have any limitations. He started to finger my asshole and kissed me deep and long with tongue at the same time.

Once I had a steady stream of precum flowing he began to jack me with long full strokes each starting at the base of my cock and ending with a twist of his hand at the head. I was out of my mind. I wanted edge so I had him stop and began to jack him in a painfully slow motion while kissing his hairless chest and sucking hard on each nipple in succession. We never made it to full penetration for which I am now glad. We did however do some things not to be mentioned on this site and I'll just say he was pretty damn skilled with his tongue. This whole session ended in me laying flat on my back in the hot sauna with him jacking me fast and hard. I was moaning very loud and uttering obcenities I didn't know I knew. This was the most powerful orgasm I have ever had and hope to have again. It was past the point of even being multiple thick ropes of cum, when I finally let loose my cum exploded out of my sensitive cock head and went everywhere, There was cum ranging from my hair to down my leg hitting the walls and my delighted companion on the way. He jacked himself onto my chest whilst straddling me in a very sexually dominating positin. He licked off nearly my entire body afterword and gave me one last deep kiss in which he passed a small mouthful of cum onto my tongue. I just lay there as he showered and left the gym. I waited until I could stand and made my way back to the dorm where I collapsed on my bed ready for sleep. All my roommate said was 'Were there any hot girls there today?'. I guess he's never figured out that I'm gay?



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