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Exhibitionism in the Arcade

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When I go on a business trip I use the airport in the next large city, 50 miles away. It has long been my habit to stop on the return trip at an adult arcade, where I typically rent a video (always an all male film) and jack off two or three times in the private booth.
However, having read and been really turned on by some exhibition stories and some adult arcade stories on this site, I decided to do something different on my most recent trip. This time I bought tokens and went back to the arcade section of the store. To my delight, I found that some of the booths had 'buddy booth' windows (these are opaque windows between booths; if the participants on both sides press a 'consent' button, the screen becomes clear and you can see each other).
So, I entered a booth, found a suitable flick, and let down my pants. My hardon reaches about six inches (no embellishments here, like I think most contributions to this site do), is circumcised, straight, medium thick, with a somewhat larger head than most men.
When I reached maximum hard on, I pressed the button and sure enough there was a middle aged man on the other side, whose most striking feature was a beautifully groomed 'ZZ Topp' style beard that reached the middle of his chest. I could see he was masturbating but I couldn't see his dick. He leaned over to see what I was doing, and wow! what a rush I felt to be showing off! I arched my pelvis suggestively forward, extending my dick to its maximum, turning it up and down so as to give him all angles. Of course, while doing this I am stroking slowly and suggestively with my left hand. He was mesmerized and stopped jacking himself to give me his total attention.
This went on for perhaps ten minutes, until the buddy booth went blank. I tried it again, but he didn't push his button. After waiting a few minutes, I sucked up the deep disappointment and went in search of another booth.
I wandered in and out of several and enjoyed the guys on the screen sucking and jacking each other. In each, I jacked slowly, just enough to keep myself hard as a rock and on the edge, but not over, until my tokens ran out. Tucking my hard dick away with the intent of getting more tokens and finishing myself off, I opened the door and was quite surprised to se Mr. ZZ Topp standing outside my booth. Instantly I whipped it out again and began to give him a face to face show! The rush was double that of the buddy booth!
After a minute he stepped into my booth and shut the door. I knew what was coming now. I sat down on the bench and let my engorged dick stick straight up. He went to his knees and took me in his mouth, taking my full length in slow, firm strokes. I don't think a blow job ever felt so good (and I've had quite a few in my younger, wilder years, but then maybe it's because I hadn't had one in so long!) After a couple of minutes I felt the pressure growing, and I tried to hold it back with all my might, letting the ecstasy build to the mountaintop. Finally I let it go, and when he felt the hot semen pumping into his throat he enclosed me firmly all the way to the base until I stopped cumming. Then he raised up, dropped the rest of his tokens in the slot, and left, without ever having said a word.
Well, I think I have a new procedure for future business trips.



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