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Exhibitionism Fetish

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I have been masturbating for a few years now and I have developed an exhibitionism fetish. I often think about being watched or even caught while I'm jerking off. At first I wasn't brave enough to act on my fetish, but I had been taking small steps towards it. I would get myself hard and then walk to my room from the bathroom wearing only a towel so that my Mom could see my obvious erection poking out. I would also lie on my bed in the morning naked with the sheets strategically placed so that she could see part of my cock sticking out when she came in to wake me up. I would also 'accidentily' leave some porn magazines lying around my room so that she couldn't help but find them.

Eventually I worked up the courage to take the next step and flash my Mom and Aunt after taking my morning shower. I waited until the day that my Aunt always comes over for breakfast and took my morning shower as usual. After showering I rubbed my cock to get it semi hard and then walked out of the bathroom completely naked. The hallway leading from the bathroom to my room passes by the kitchen, with the kitchen table having a clear view down the hall. As I walked down the hall I could hear the conversation stop as both my Mom and my Aunt watched my now hard cock bounce around as I walked by them on my way to my room. Once I got into my room I had to fight the urge to jerk off right there, but I wanted to act like it was no big deal that I just flashed them. I got dressed, grabbed my book bag and walked out to go to class.

'You college boys sure aren't modest are you?' My Aunt purred as I walked passed them.

'I guess I'm used to walking around naked because of gym class, besides it's not like you haven't seen a naked man before.' I responded with a smile.

'I need to go back to college if that is the kind of stuff walking around naked' she responded.

I drove to class that day with a raging hard on and couldn't wait to get home to see the reaction to my morning show. When I got home that afternoon my Mom was outside in the backyard sun bathing so I went out to let her know I was home. I walked out and talked with her for a short time. I was surprised when she commented on how well I had grown up and telling me that my Aunt has a new favorite nephew. I smiled and said that I was glad to hear that they enjoyed what they saw. She laughed and said that my Aunt enjoyed her breakfast so much that she was coming over again the next day for breakfast.

I went off to work and planned my next move. I thought about it the entire shift at work and came up with a plan for the next morning.

I woke up early and walked down the hallway acting like I was still half asleep and just needed to go to the bathroom. My Mom and Aunt were both siting at the kitchen table as I walked by them naked with my morning wood. I went into the bathroom and listened to see if I could hear any conversation between them about my morning stroll. After a brief time I walked back towards my room.

'That didn't take very long' My Aunt said staring at my cock. 'You should take your time working out your sexual desires in the bathroom.'

'What do you mean?' I asked.

'Judging by your erection I assumed you wanted to relieve your built up pressure. I guess I was wrong.'

My Mom sat at the table drinking her coffee and grinning from ear to ear as my Aunt continued to stare at my naked body.

'You know, a young virile man like you should really masturbate on a regular basis to keep the plumbing working properly.' She said coyly.

'What makes you think I wasn't going back to my room to jerk off before my shower?' I shot back.

'Well don't let me stop you. As a matter of fact since you seem to enjoy show off that nice cock of yours', why don't you show us how you like to jerk off?'

'Yeah, I've heard you masturbating so many times in the morning I'm curious to see what is going on.' My Mom chimed in.

At this point I was so horny I didn't know if I was going to be able to keep from exploding right there. I grabbed my swollen cock and moved towards them, slowly stroking it. The look on their faces made me even hornier and I was enjoying jerking off for them so much that I started to moan softly. After a while I got closer to cumming and I grunted out that I need some place to cum. My Mom handed my Aunt a napkin from the table.

'Here, you wanted this so much you catch the cum' She said.

She took the napkin and smiled at me while holding it up by her chest and began to encourage me to shoot my load. I stepped over towards her and let out a low moan as I began to cum. I shot several streams into the napkin and soon my cum was dripping on her hands as I let a couple more ropes of cum fly.

'Wow, that was impressive! I wish my Husband could cum like that. He won't even masturbate in front of me.' My Aunt exclaimed.

Ever since then I regularly walk around in front of them naked and jerk off in front of them on a regular basis. I even jerk off in front of my Mom sometimes while watching TV at night. I have never taken it past me masturbating in front of them because thaat is what my fetish is and even though both my Mom and Aunt are very attractive older women I have no interest in seeing them naked.



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