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Exciting Find

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I worked as a maid in a motel the summer I was 14. I got to see my share of nude folks and found some rather gross remnants of sex in the rooms. That did not get me going. The thing that did it for me, was finding evidence of real romance: empty wine bottle, lipstick on a glass, wrapping paper from some sexy gift.

Occasionally I would find a partial bottle of lube or orgasm enhancing hot oil or cooling gel, but the best find for this 14 year old was a clit vibe. It was twisted in the sheets. It took me a moment to figure out what it was. When I turned it on the light went on. I'm not dumb, I had just never seen one. One of my friends said she found her mom's and it was the best thing ever, I was so jealous. I tried to see if my mom had something but there is always someone home, and I did not have much of an opportunity. Even if I had found one, bathroom routines are regimented, one of my sisters is usually in the bathroom while I'm showering, if you are on the throne for more than 3 minutes, someone is pounding on the door to get in. Plus I share my room with two sisters. So I never get to jill at home.

I used to go shopping at least a couple evenings a week so I could have some relative alone time in a stall at the mall. I guess that kind of pathetic, but that all changed about the third week, of the first summer, I worked at the motel. I would clock out and find an empty room and jill a couple out before heading home.

Back to the story when I found the vibe, it was the last room on my list; it was a late check out of a couple who were very kind. I think they were celebrating something special because it was hard to find a time to clean the room, they were always in it. She looked to be 25, and he not much older. I had fantasized about him all week, in my after work jilling.

The thought of him using this vibe on her, maybe as he fucked her, had me beside myself. I turned it on and held it on my clit over my pants. It was F...ing incredible, I thought about waiting till I finished cleaning and clocked out to go find a room, but I could not wait. The room still smelt of sex, the vibe in particular smelt delicious. The thought of lying in the bed they had just had sex in would normally turn me off, but this time it had me on fire. I was willing to risk jilling on the clock, to continue this fantasy to completion.

I stripped in a flash and hopped on the bed and started experimenting with the vibe. I could not stand it on my clit directly. I kept working it around my clit and the opening of my virgin vagina. I slipped it in a little until it met with familiar resistance, then I rocked it back towards my pubis, the handle that was a little removed from the intense vibrations rested directly on my clit. I rocked it left and right over my clit. The build up was like nothing before, when I came I screamed. I tried to keep it on my clit, but I was way too sensitive. Lay their panting, nude, on the sweat stained, pheromone permeated bed, trying to catch my breath, so I could have another go. Just then I hear a key card in the door. I had neglected to dead bolt the door. I froze and yelled just a minuet. I figured it was my boss looking for the maid responsible for leaving a cart unattended in the hall. (Definite no no)

My mind was reeling, as I hopped up and wrapped myself in a sheet as I tried to gather my clothes and make it to the bathroom. As I rounded the corner to dash in the bathroom, the door swung open. It was the female guest who had just checked out. The front desk had allowed her to come back to look for something she had left behind. I don't know who looked more surprised she or I, but we were both dumb struck, frozen in our tracks. Then finally after an awkwardly long pause, she fumbled for words, finally getting out 'you didn't er ah find a ah something in the bed did you'. I burst into tears of embarrassment and shame. She closed the door and tried to comfort me. She walked me to the bed. We sat down and I tried to stammer an apology, but I could not get it out. All I could say was please don't tell, please don't tell, please don't tell. She hugged me and reassured me 'no one has to know. I suspect what ever it was, it was not all that bad.' To which I burst out crying again. She put 2 and 2 together and said, 'I guess you found my vibe.' I nodded my head through tears, she smiled warmly and said 'not to worry, no harm no foul.' We hugged for a while until she asked if that was my first time with a vibe. I nodded. She kind of snickered and said 'it's kinda awesome isn't it.' I smiled and nodded still through tears.

She then volunteered that she was worried that she was going to be the one dying of embarrassment, if someone had found it. She admitted that it was a celebration gift from her husband; they had spent the week trying to get pregnant, and had read somewhere that female orgasm helps facilitate sperm access to the uterus and beyond.

They knew she was rarely orgasmic through intercourse alone, so he bought the vibe to spice up the adventure. She admitted this week was way better than their honeymoon. It was her first vibe, and she said 'I totally understand where you are coming from. I hate to ask you to give it back, finder's keepers and all, but it is kind of special to me. I promise I'll make it up to you.' She goes digging for her wallet, I said 'that's not necessary, it was yours, I had no business, please just don't tell my boss. He is friends with my parents; I would never live it down. I wish I could buy one for myself, but I have no debit card to get one online, and I'm too young to buy one at the drug store.'

Then she said 'I have an idea, get dressed.' she lead me down to the front desk. She smiled and said 'Don't worry I'll take care of this.' She asked for my boss, and said I had found a precious family memento she had accidentally left behind, It would not have meant anything to anyone else, but she told my boss I had tenderly wrapped it, to make sure it was returned to me, and I would like to have her recognized by you, and I would like to send her something privately here to thank her. Would you kindly make sure when the package comes, she gets it. I would ask that it not be opened, as it has several parts, that might get lost, she needs to know she has all the parts, it is kind of a puzzle.

My boss was glowing with pride that I had made a guest this happy. He immediately agreed, and thanked me for being so considerate.

A week or so later a box arrived for me. It had a clit vibe, a club store size pack of batteries, some silicone lube, and a book about how to wait until marriage for sex, and a hand written note. 'I did not wait for sex, and I almost missed my chance at the best man in the world for me. I hope you enjoy this 'puzzle', the instructions are very helpful. I wish I had one of these when my hormones started raging. Good luck!' The book had one page marked with the tub faucet thing explained. My girlfriend had told me about it but in my house more than a minute of uninterrupted bath time is unheard of, except at three in the morning. I'm just too self conscience at home. The thought of trying the tub thing at work though was intriguing. That day was a short day at work. Only a few rooms, I asked my boss if I could use the pool and have a room for changing. He agreed, and it lead to the most orgasm filled afternoon of my life. But that's another story. I might write about that one.



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