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Excited by the Storm

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Glad to see you back. After my youthful recollections 'Thank you Aunty Doreen' 20 Sept and 'Shyness of girls' 20 Oct, I didn't think I would submit anything else. But the other night ...


A storm was raging as my wife and I finished our evening meal. She told me that she had some new knickers she wanted to show me and went upstairs. I followed her to our bedroom a couple of minutes later. The room was in complete darkness, but I could just make out her petite but curvaceous shape under the curtains, bending over the window sill, listening to the rumbling thunder and watching the flashes of lightning that intermitently illuminated the room.

I went up behind her and put my hands round her slender waist and slid them down over the smooth curve of her hips to her plump rounded bottom. Below the waist she was wearing only the knickers. She turned and switched on the bedside lamp and lay down on the bed. 'What do you think?' she asked, pointing to her new knickers, I kissed and caressed her in reply. She pushed me on to my back, sat astride me and pulled her tight black top up to reveal a smooth black bra with delicate lacy sides. I kneaded her full tender breasts and she whispered 'Get them out.' I gently eased them out of her bra. Her nipples bulged like knotted ropes in their wide pimpled areolae. I ran my hands over them and she moved up my body offering a nipple to my lips. I sucked and she moaned, pulled back slightly and offered me the other one. Again I sucked, tugging with my lips and flicking with my tongue and taking in as much of her areola as I could manage.

'They're huge' I told her and she smiled. 'And I love them!' She slipped off her top and I undid her bra and slid it off her shoulders. Her breasts were firm and round and her nipples protruded proudly as she continued to offer them to me for attention alternately. 'Oh do my clit' she said. She dismounted me, removed her now damp knickers, lay on her back and spread her legs. I moved between them, parted her extravagant bush and opened her bulging lips. I was rewarded with a deep musky scent. I touched her clitoris with the tip of my finger and she whimpered. I spread the juices around her fissures and furrows. When I returned it to her clit she bucked her hips in time with my strokes. 'Poke me with your fingers' she pleaded. I obliged and pushed my fingers up inside her wet pussy. 'Do my G-spot.' I curled my middle finger and gently massaged, still toying her clit with my thumb. 'Oooh that's it!' she confirmed.

Normally once I have located the exact spot and the right rythmn, both of which vary, she will cum in a couple of minutes. But not this night. She quivered and writhed on the precipice of orgasm for twenty minutes before demanding, 'Harder, harder.' I increased the pressure of both finger and thumb, and she ground her pussy into my hand grunting and groaning as she did so. Her breathing was becoming faster as she thrashed her arms about. I could feel her body tensing as she got closer to orgasm. She pushed my fingers into her soaking cunt and was now almost sobbing. Her back arched and her whole body went into spasm again and again as she gave a loud wail.

Usually she can't bear to be touched as she orgasms but tonight she wanted me to go on pummelling both clit and cunt. Her contortions were so extreme and exciting I very nearly came too, although she had not yet even touched my prick. Then as her body calmed she eased my hand away. She lay there whimpering and trembling like some lost child, until finally she fell dead still and quiet. She lay like that for ten minutes, enabling me to calm down again too. Then she pulled herself up and said simply 'That was the best orgasm I've ever had.'

Then, at last, she took my throbbing cock in her hand and pounded me to relief.



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