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Exchange Student From Finland

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My first time was with an exchange student from Finland. I know, it sounds like a bad porno movie, but she was an exchange student living with my neighbor, who used to be my best friend until a year earlier when we just had a falling out. Anyway, we had a sort of informal 'video game night,' where a lot of kids would come over, and we'd play video games until 1 a.m.

Sometimes, we'd watch a movie because I was the only kid on the block who had a VCR at the time. There was this kid named, Dale, who had an older brother in college, and his brother had bootleg tapes, usually of movies filmed in theaters and stuff. So sometimes, we'd get tapes of stuff not available on VHS, and when 'Star Wars 2: Empire Strikes Back' came out in the theater, we actually saw it a week after it came out, and in our town, the local theater didn't even have it yet!

One night, Dale came with some tapes that he said were 'adult' and had naked women in them. He wouldn't show us until my parents went to bed.

Then, Ted came over with the Finnish girl, Helsa. She wanted to see us on video game night because while she had heard of them, where she came from, not many people had them. Dale rolled his eyes because he didn't want a girl there, especially with those tapes. Somehow she found out about them, and said she didn't mind if we watched them, she'd like to see them, too. After my parents went to bed, they showed them, and man, were they bad quality! The color was almost totally faded, and the audio was terrible. Often they'd end abruptly. Helsa was the worst, though, because she kept laughing like she was seeing the funniest thing on Earth. I mean, the tapes got me horny, but her laughing was very distracting.

Finally, Dale said he had to go home, and Ted said he had to go home, too, and soon, I was alone in the basement. Or I thought I was. I thought about those tapes, and they made me horny, and so I started to rub myself through my shorts. But apparently Helsa had gone to the bathroom, and when she came out, I was shocked and mortified! I didn't know if she had seen me, so when she asked, 'Where did everyone go?' I just angrily said they left.

She didn't leave, though. She sat down next to me, and said she was sorry she was laughing but the tapes were really funny. I told her the guys didn't like that very much, and she said she understood, which is why she stayed in the bathroom for so long, to 'compose herself.' Then she asked if the tapes turned me on, and I said something like, 'I dunno.' Then we sat together for a while in silence. Then she asked what I was doing when she came down the stairs. I blushed, and stammered, and she said, 'Those tapes turned me on, too.' She whispered in my ear, 'That's why I was in the bathroom so long.'

Then she put her hand on my thigh. I sported an instant 'wood'. She whispered things like, 'What part did you like best?' and I was so horny my ears were burning. I just stammered stupid crap, I don't remember what I said. Her hand when up my thigh, into the leg of my shorts, and she began to massage my public bone. Oh, God, it felt good. But I was scared, too. I think the whole combination of fear, tension, embarrassment, and nervousness kept me from spurting into my shorts right off the bat, but all she would have had to do was stroke me a few times, and I would have exploded. She stopped, and asked me if I liked Finnish girls.

Honestly, she was okay. She was a little fat, but she had large breasts, blond hair, and sexy legs. She wouldn't have been someone I would have said was sexy, but now with her hand practically on my hard-on, she was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I told her I did. I asked her if it was true if they all had sex and ran around naked. She laughed, and said, 'Not all the time, but when we are small children, we run around naked a lot in the summer. Is that what you Americans think, that we are all porn stars who wear small bikinis?' I nodded, and she thought that was very funny. Then she said, 'We're not as uptight about sex as Americans.' She started to rub my pubic bone again, and she said, 'Sex is good. Don't you think?'

Then she removed her hand and asked me to play with myself. At this point I was past embarrassment, and told her I would if she would. So she said she liked to watch men do themselves while she stripped. Okay by me! She took off her shirt, and rubbed her body like a dancer. I put my hand down my pants and started to rub again, but she said, 'No, take off your pants. I want to see you stroke your cock.'

I was a little afraid that my parents would walk in on this, but then I thought, 'Who cares! I can't miss this chance!' So I pulled off my shorts and underwear and started to rub my swollen dick. She danced a little more, and then when she took off her bra, revealing her soft, pointed breasts, I blew my wad. She was probably a few feet away from me, but my cum splattered her stomach and breast like it had come from a paint gun.

I was totally spent, but she lay across my lap, and rubbed her semen-soaked nipples, telling me to reach down her pants and finish her off. At first, I was unsure about what I was doing, but she guided my hand, and soon she started to shake and cry out that familiar orgasmic cry.

That's when I heard my parents walk across the upstairs hallway towards the basement door. I shook her and said, 'Cheese it, man!' and I didn't know how quickly I could dress until that moment.

By the time my dad poked his head down the stairwell, we were both dressed, and Helsa was on the floor holding onto her knee. She then made an almost perfect imitation of that moan and said she had smacked the hell out of her knee.

I don't know if my father believed that or not, but he told her it was late, and she had to go home. So she limped up the stairs, and went home. Later, Ted said he was really sorry about Helsa, but I said she was cool.

Helsa and I had a serious fling where we did some pretty heavy stuff, until she left to go back home. But that's another story for another time.



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