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Exchange Student

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In the summer of 1984, my school arranged an exchange program between our school and a school in France. For the first two weeks of the holidays, a boy called Paul came to stay with us and for the last two weeks of the summer, I was to go and stay with his family in the south of France.

I had only just turned 13 and was nervous about the whole thing. I was being teased at my new school as I was a shy person who lacked self-confidence. The thought of sharing my bedroom with someone who I didn't know for two weeks was not what I wanted.

My family was strict and very religious and made it clear that self abuse, as my father put it, would be punished.

We picked Paul up from the airport, took him home and had dinner with my family. Paul spoke good English and was much fun. He was about six months older than I was but seemed older somehow.

Paul seemed tired, so I showed him to the room, where the bathrooms were and so on. I then went down stairs, said good night to my parents and went to bed myself.

When I got upstairs and into the bedroom, Paul was still in the bathroom. I was shy about undressing in front of Paul so I quickly undressed and put on my pyjamas and then climbed into bed.

Paul came in with just a towel around his waist. Once he shut the door, he dropped the towel and turned around. Naked, Paul stood in front of me and asked what we were doing tomorrow?

I did not know where to look but found it difficult not to look at Paul's genitals. Paul's penis was very big and very different from mine. For a start, he was circumcised. He was obviously more developed than I was, he had a thick wad of black pubic hair and his balls were hanging down low between his thighs.

I said I thought we were going to the beach. He said, oh good, turned and then climbed into the other bed which was about five feet away. I said, good night, and turned out the light.

A few minutes later, I heard movement from Paul's bed, a kind of shuffling noise. I listened for a moment then said, 'Paul are you ok?'

He said, 'Yes; Almost coming!' I did not know what he meant so I turned on the light.

As I looked over, Paul was lying on top of his bed with his erect penis in his left hand rubbing it up and down very quickly. I turned the light off and he said, 'No, why not watch; here it comes?' I was so interested, as I had not seen an erection or masturbated myself or watched someone else do it. I turned the light back on. Paul sat on the edge of his bed and said, 'You don't do this?'

'No!' I said.

He told me to watch and learn. He put his hand back on his penis and gripped it just below the very-flared head. He then wanked off and after about two minutes, came on the floor with three or four spurts. I was amazed, and aroused. Paul said he was going to sleep and that tomorrow, he would show me how to do it. I tried to go to sleep but was excited and looked forward to the next day.

The next night, once we had gone to bed, Paul said, 'OK, let's have a little lesson.' He got out of bed naked and told me to do the same. I was wearing pyjamas, which I nervously took off.

As I dropped my clothes, I felt nervous but excited and very slowly my little penis started to grow. My penis was small, uncircumcised and I had only just started getting a few pubic hairs around where the penis joined the body. My foreskin spouted out about an inch over the end of my penis and my balls were very small and bald but did hang low.

Paul was already started; he was seated on the edge of the bed and was busy getting an erection, which in turn made me get erect. The comparison was startling once we were both erect. Paul had a much bigger penis (we measured it erect at 6.2inches). He was circumcised and had a mound of pubic hair and large balls. The head of his penis was very wide and flared. In short, he had a man's penis on a child's body. I, on the other hand, was uncircumcised and my penis that night when erect was only 4.5 inches long and my balls were small and bald.

Looking at the two erections, Paul got us started by gripping me and pulling and pushing his hand on the shaft. The only other person to touch my penis up to this point were my parents and the doctor. He then got me to take over, but it was not easy, as my foreskin would not retract all the way over the glands. Paul said that I needed to gently take my time and each day pull it back a little until it exposed the head.

I soon started to feel a nice sensation inside at the base of my balls and watching Paul made me learn what to try. Soon, Paul asked me if I could ejaculate. I knew somehow that even though I had not masturbated before I was unable to ejaculate.

Paul came on the floor between us, his hand gripped tight behind the head of his penis. He spurted a few drops and strings of cum on the rug.

I, then, felt a surge of pleasure that was all new. Contractions in my balls and penis told me I was coming but it was dry. It felt amazing and Paul looked pleased as he climbed into bed. 'Tomorrow, we do it again, yes?' he said and I agreed.

Every day while Paul was with us, we would wank together. By the end of that two weeks, my foreskin retracted almost all the way, and after Paul left, I masturbated at every opportunity.

Two months later that summer, our masturbation adventures continued as by then, I could ejaculate. We experimented with his sister who was 15 and Paul's parents caught me at it. More later...



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