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Excellent Chair Arm!

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Occasionally, for something special, I like to get myself off by humping the arm of a big overstuffed sofa we have. I did it this morning, and I think I'll do it again after I finish writing this.

To begin, I strip down completely and then put on a pair of lovely pink mini-bikini style panties. They're almost like a thong, cut low enough to just cover my pubis and labia, but they're double-layered and very very smooth and sheer. The slippery double-layered fabric is a delicious feeling, sliding against itself and against my clit as I hump or rub myself.

I have to cover the sofa with a towel and then a nice smooth sheet(double or triple layer), so the sofa doesn't get wet. Sometimes as I orgasm there's quite a big gush of fluid. I've found that it works better if I pin the towel and sheet in place so they don't move around.

Then, naked except for the panties, I walk around the apartment for a while, using my fingers on my clit for a few seconds at a time. I love doing this-it is such a sexy feeling!! I'll stop for a few seconds near a window (never too close!). Also I usually watch myself in a long mirror for a few moments while I masturbate standing, with my thighs spread. Walking around nearly naked and masturbating gets me really sexed up, gets my clit nice and big and hard.

I sometimes set up the long mirror just a few feet from the couch, so I can watch myself. I did that this morning.

When I'm finally ready, I climb on the arm of the couch and just start humping. The really great thing about this technique is that I can stimulate both nipples and my clit at the same time, which increases the sexual tension a lot. Sometimes I even attach small weights to my nipples but I didn't do that today.

The humping is slow at first, with full movements of my pelvis so I get complete stimulation of my clit, labia, and everything. Contact with the couch is very light at first but I use firmer contact as I really get into it. The panties get pulled down a little bit so I can see the top of my pubic hair. I have sometimes put a small vibrator under the towel and sheet, so I can tease myself with that-but just humping the arm of the couch is plenty sexy enough!

I use saliva to lubricate my nipples and I masturbate them too, a 'three point landing' a call it. After I masturbate them a little while I like to pull on my nipples. A little bit of pain helps. That's where the weights come in. They bounce and dangle and pull down as I hump. I've used almost 2 ounces of weight on each nipple at times.

As I get close to orgasm, I have to use a hand on my clit, either inside my panties-or sometimes starting outside and then moving to the inside, direct fingers-to-skin contact when I'm just about to cum. I always want to cum just from the humping, and I have done that, but usually I just can't stand not having the intense finger to clit contact when I get really close.

When I get to that point, within about 20-30 seconds or so of cumming, I can't watch any more. I have to lean forward with my eyes closed. I'm usually humping involuntarily by this time, really pelvic spasms I think, and my hand is moving on my clit faster than I can ever move it at another time.

The orgasm is fantastic. I'm completely out of control at that point. Sometimes my hand keeps moving rapidly as I cum. Other times it feels better to stop hand movement and just let the pelvic spasms take over completely. I can feel the wet gush of fluid against my hand.

I usually look at myself again just after orgasm, and I have to close my thighs and roll over onto the couch and rest for a while. It's one of the really great orgasms. Sometime, just thinking about it, I have to give myself another smaller one with my fingers as I lie there.

I have never let my husband watch me do this, even though I have masturbated for him (and he has done it for me) in bed many times.



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