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True story.


I am aware of a lot of doctor stories and fantasies here. A college girlfriend confessed to me that she fantasized about her handsome small-town doctor while she was in high school (he also went to her local church). She said she would get very excited (and embarrassed by her arousal) when he did her pelvic exams, and that she was pretty sure once that he was aroused by it too-that while examining her very wet and aroused pussy, he once asked her details about her masturbation habits. She said it was quite thrilling to confess these things to him while he had a finger inside her. But nothing that she considered overtly 'sexual and untoward' ever happened between them. He remained 'professional.' And most women I've known, despite their fantasies, dread going to the gynecologist.

But I thought I would pass on my only 'erotic' experience with a doctor. I went in for a pre-surgery exam at my doctor's office. His practice is large (I've never actually met him on anyone else whose name is on the door). He has a dozen or more doctors and many assistants working for him and every time I go in it seems I see someone different.

This time I was examined by a tall, very beautiful brunette doctor in her early thirties. She was wearing very tight slacks and a short lab coat. We met in her private office and she asked me a lot of questions. Now (I won't go into details), but the operation involved a testicle, so some of her questions were naturally sexual in nature. She asked me how often I had sex; if it was uncomfortable or different; how often I masturbated; what my discharge was like; if it felt different since I had been injured; if I was less aroused now. The questions were straightforward, and as she asked them she took notes and stared at my paperwork in her folder, but I realized the interrogation was turning me on. She was very professional. She didn't smile a lot or have a great bedside manner, and for some reason her indifference made me even hornier.

I realized that I had a semi-hardon when she asked me to go into her examination room, which, adjacent to her office, was the largest I had seen. A nurse came in and took my vitals and blood. Then the doctor told me to undress (she did not have me put on a gown; a first). She weighed me. I sat on the table, with my cock at mid-mast, and she examined me all over with her stethoscope, sitting on one of those little stools with wheels. Then she had me stand up and she put on a glove and had me bend over the table. She told me to part my legs, hold onto the table with one hand and pull my butt cheeks open with the other. She asked me if I had had a bowel movement that day. I said that I had, and she said 'good,' as she put lube on her gloved finger and rubbed it around my asshole for a few moments, opening me up, before she worked her finger all the way inside. 'You've got to relax,' she told me, almost as a reprimand.

Now, this was all very professional (but I felt my cock stir as she worked her finger around inside my ass). Then she wheeled around, threw the glove in the garbage can and asked me to stand in front of her. At this point my cock, still semi-hard, was purple and a little swollen. She took no notice of my condition as she got up and stood with her back to me, bending over slightly at her small table, which gave me a great view of her great ass. Her hip was cocked. She put her hands on the desk and one knee on her little stool, which parted her legs and gave me a view not only of her beautiful ass but of her pants, hugging her pussy, and as I stared at her ass and cunt, my cock rose to full-mast. I willed it not to, but that was not to be. By the time she sat back down and wheeled around to face me, my cock (a little over 7 inches) was pointing straight out.

She hesitated, taking in my cock, before coming in close to examine me further. What I found odd is that she did not put on a glove this time-which every doctor had done before when touching my cock. She sat with my cock at head-level. Her legs were parted wide, which gave me a good view of her camel toe. She looked up at me, smiled slightly; making eye-contact (the first time during the exam that I was aware she had done that).

I apologized for my erection. She just shrugged and made a dismissive sound, as if to say 'Hey, this is normal. Don't give it a second thought.' Very clinically and without any ado, she lifted my cock up with one hand, pressed it against my stomach, and examined my scrotum with the other. She had me widen my stance some so that she could feel between my legs. As she touched me she asked if it hurt anywhere. Then she wheeled back to the desk and wrote something down. I thought she was finished but she wheeled back again and took my cock back in hand and gently examined my scrotum again. By then my cock was throbbing in her hand and pre-cum was leaking out a little, even though she had never touched the head of my cock. She sighed once (but I was not sure why). Then she wheeled back to the desk, wrote some more, and wheeled back to me with a Kleenex. Wrapping the Kleenex over the head of my cock and squeezing gently, she pulled on my cock head and wiped off the discharge, which made me moan slightly. Her response was a smile and a brief knowing look up and into my eyes. 'Sorry,' I said. 'It's normal,' she replied. So, as my cock was twitching a little in her lovely little hand, she felt my balls a little more, comparing one to the other. Everything still felt completely professional. And her interest seemed purely clinical, but this did not change the fact that I was horny and that she knew it. Then she released my cock, which came down right in front of her face and bounced there (waiting for her to take it into her mouth). But she just looked at my cock and then looked up at me. 'Well,' everything considered, you appear to be healthy enough,' she said, with my stiff cock less than a foot from her face. Then, staring at the new pre-cum on the head of my cock, she handed me a fresh Kleenex and told me that we were done here and that she would leave me for a few minutes to 'finish up' and get dressed. She stood up and said (with a wry smile) that when I was 'finished' (her emphasis), I should come back into her office. Again, I apologized for my arousal (I told her it was the first time this had happened to me at a doctor's office), and she just smiled and said, rather suggestively, that 'it happens to the best of us.' I took this to mean clearly that she was also aroused.

Now some of you may think I was being given the go-ahead to masturbate in her examination room (and I thought that, too, and wanted to come badly). But I was not completely clear on that issue. I did not want to violate her space (and for all I knew there were cameras), so I chose to wait until I got home, where I could really enjoy it. I wiped my cock as clean as I could, stroking it a little in the process. I dressed. We finished up in her office, where her demeanor was noticeably different and more open toward me. I might even call it flirting in another setting. Then we shook hands (and oddly for the first time I got close enough to her face to get a whiff of her sweet perfume). I have not been in her office since. (And, yes, I have had a few great sessions thinking about her and what could have happened on that examination table.)



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