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Ex Gets an Eyefull

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I didn't think I would get home from my Saturday morning errands soon enough, so strong was the urge. I usually feed my jerkoff addiction first thing in the morning, but this time I wanted to get my car registration out of the way. The whole way home my dick was throbbing, leaking, demanding attention. I practically ran from my car to the apartment. Closing the door behind me, I kicked off my shoes, threw my shirt on the couch and dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles, leaving them bunched on the floor, getting that big boy to stick out and bob up and down. Aahhhh... naked at last! The moment of masturbation had finally arrived. Pleasure tingled through me as I reached down and wrapped my hands around that thick seven and a half inch shaft. I had just started across the room to the cumputer, dick in hand, when there was a knock at the door. Damn!

Naked, I walked to the door and looked through the peephole. Whew! It was only my ex-wife. So I opened the door, standing behind it, said hello and invited her in. Julie saw my bare shoulders sticking out and knew immediately what was up. She rolled her eyes and giggled as she walked inside and noticed my clothes scattered about. I closed the door. Looking sharp in her skirt, blouse and high heels, she took in my nakedness with detached amusement.

'Oh, having some playtime, are we?' she said. 'I just stopped by to see if you still wanted my old printer. Hope I'm not interrupting.' By then I had resumed stroking my hard dick. 'Not at all,' I said. 'But this jackoff session can't wait another minute. I've been looking forward to it all morning and I just started when you knocked.' Her green eyes lit up and her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair shook as she laughed heartily.

'Have you ever NOT looked forward to jerking off?' she said. She gave my bare ass a playful swat as she walked across the room to take a seat on the couch. I walked over to her and stood a few feet away, masturbating in front of her for all I was worth. She had always had a real casual attitude about my jerking off and even though we had a great sex life, I still had to have my jerk time. For the six years of our marriage that ended a year ago, I had the greenlight to jerkoff anywhere and anytime I wanted. We managed to stay friends after our divorce. Wacking off in front of her was always a turn-on and right now I was really getting into it.

'God this feels good,' I moaned, stroking my dick, rubbing my balls and caressing my ass with my free hand. 'It's because you're so good at it,' she said. 'And no wonder as much practice as you get. You really do jerkoff a lot!' I moved over to the couch and sat near her. The large mirror on the opposite wall caught the sight in all its shamelessness, me stark naked and masturbating with abandon, my ex fully clothed beside me and laughing at my inability to refrain from masturbating in her presence. She couldn't hold back any longer.

'You love to beat your meat, don't you?' she said, looking me in the eye in my reflection on the mirror.' 'Oh, yeah,' I said. 'You love this, don't you? Jerking off in front of me, huh?' I nodded in agreement and kept stroking. 'Say it,' she said. 'I, uh, I love to jerkoff,' I said. 'Tell me what you do best?' she said. 'I masturbate the best,' I answered, obediently, loving every moment of my butt-ass naked humiliation. She laughed again at my willingness to go along with this line of questioning.

'That's it,' she said. 'Keep jekring off. You're the biggest masturbator in town, aren't you, honey?' I nodded. 'Say it,' she said, almost sneering but with a smile and a coy soft tone to her voice. 'I'm the biggest masturbator in town,' I said. 'God, Julie, I can't help it. I just love to beat my meat.'

'Tell me something I don't know,' she said. I couldn't hold back much longer and leaned back in the couch. She knew what was coming. 'Come on, Jackoff,' she said. 'Make that big dick spurt like the expert jerkoff artist that you are.' And with that, streams of hot cum begain shooting from my dick head, the first few streams splashing across my chest, the rest puddling on my stomach and thighs. I lay there with cum all over me, trying to catch my breath, a little embarrassed now. 'Is that better?' she said. I just nodded and smiled.



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