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Ex Fiance's Mom

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My story is totally true. The names are fictional. I had just graduated college and was beginning my first year of teaching fourth grade. My fiance Karen was in her last year at college and she lived on campus. We were both from the same home town adout a two hour drive from the college.

After being engaged for nearly a year we both decided that we were not meant for each other and we broke the engagement. Now I must tell you that all the while we dated and were engaged Karen's mom and I got along very well. I genuinely liked her and I believe that she liked me. Sometimes I enjoyed her company more than her daughters. It wasn't anything sexual at all, we just enjoyed each other.

Marlene was extremely upset when Karen told her we broke the engagement. I know this because Karen told me. Anyway, about a month later I'm at my apartment on a Sunday preparing my lessons for the coming week at school. The doorbell rings and it's Marlene. I'm totally surprised and invite her in. Marlene told me that she brought some things down for Karen and wanted to stop in and say hello and goodbye to me.

At that point she started to cry and asked me what really happened. I just told her that Karen and I weren't totally in love and decided to end the engagement. Muriel apologized for the tears and said she had better be going. She then said, 'give me a hug.' We hugged and as we pulled away from each other she lightly kissed me on the lips for a few seconds. As we pulled away I learned in to her and I kissed her back. I didn't give any thought to this, I just wanted to kiss her back. I was a bit teary-eyed myself. This kiss was quite a bit longer and we began to put our arms around each other.

The next moment I could feel her tongue pushing against my lips. I opened them and our tongues met. We stood there for quite a while just tongue kissing and I could feel myself developing an erection. My mind also told me that this was totally wrong and I shouldn't be kissing Karen's mom like this. She then pressed her hips into me and I'm sure she could easily feel my erection as it pushed against my pants. She then pressed even harder. Marlene pulled away then and we just stared at each other.

She then said, 'do you want to take me to your room?' I nodded. The feeling of excitement and arousal were now freely flowing through my body and I reached into my pants to free my penis inside so that it could stand up. I was no longer thinking about the right or wrong of what we were about to do, I just wanted to take her clothes off as well as my own. Marlene is petite and quite pretty with a terrific figure. At that moment with her lipstick smeared she never looked lovelier and I kissed her again.

Marlene took off her blouse and then her bra. Her breasts were quite small with equally tiny nipples which were a lot darker than the rest of her skin. They were actually brown. I could feel myself becoming even more aroused and my heart was pounding. I never ever got this excited at any of the times that Karen and I had sex. I think this was totally mental on my part. This was also to be my first experience with what I considered at the time a totally grown woman old enough to be my mother.

I then removed my shirt and my pants. Marlene gave my penis a light squeeze and began to pull down my undies. She then took off her pants and her panties. I looked down at her pussy and saw that it was very large and totally smooth. There wasn't a sign of any hair. I whispered 'turn round' and I was facing her lovely rear end. I knew what to do. I kissed her shapely rear all over on both cheeks. I spread her cheeks and kissed the inside of each while cupping her huge pussy with my hand.

I then got up and we climbed onto my bed. We started kissing again and Marlene said to me that we were not going to have sex but we were going to make each other feel 'oh so good.' She touched my penis and told me I was leaking. She told me that I couldn't cum until she told me I could and I was supposed to tell her if I started to get that feeling that comes before orgasm. I told her I would. Marlene then told me to play with her tits. I squeezed, pinched, pulled and fondled her tits and her nipples before I put one into my mouth and toyed with it with my tongue. I could tell that Marlene was totally enjoying this and I could see her hips moving slightly up and down.

I started kissing her all over her body. I touched her pussy and she opened her legs and lifted her knees. The inside looked wet and reddish. I began to insert my finger into her hole. She took my hand away and held two of my fingers and placed them on her clit. I began to rub and her reaction was immediate. While I rubbed it she was fingering herself with several of her fingers. After a short time Marlene stopped me from rubbing her and pushed me onto my back.

She held my hard penis in her hand and I thought that she was going to give me oral sex but I was wrong. She was just getting my penis solid for stroking. After a few seconds she began to very slowly stroke my penis. She would then stop and continue stroking. I started to get that physical sensation and I told her. She immediately stopped rubbing me and squeezed the head of my penis quite hard for at least twenty seconds. I didn't cum. This went on for around forty minutes before she finally told me I could cum.

I then asked her if I could please fuck her. She bluntly said no. She stroked me and this time she didn't stop until I achieved a tremendous orgasm. I never saw so much fluid come out of me, it was all over everything and I was completely beat.

Now Marlene got back on her back and told me to 'flick it.' As I kept flicking her clit she held onto my penis and kept squeezing and stroking it so that it continued to stay very hard. It was hard for such a long time that now it started to hurt. I continued to flick her clit until Marlene had her orgasm. She was beyond wet and several drops of fluid dripped down her thigh and onto her butt. She said to me, 'lick it all up.' I did and then I swallowed it. She then told me to finger her pussy some more. I did that and I loved the feel of her hairless pussy skin on my fingertips and my palm. I have never seen a pussy as large as Marlene's even on women I've seen on the internet. It looks as big as a man's fist. Later on I wondered what she looked like in a bathing suit. She would have to wear one of those suits with a short skirt attached. I guess that's why they make some suits with the skirt.

Marlene contined to stroke my still erect penis and I finally had a second orgasm. Only a few drops came out. I was totally exhausted. We both then got dressed and we kissed again and then Marlene left for home. I asked her if I would ever see her again and she said no unless we bumped into each other by accident. I could see tears in her eyes as she left. I felt like crying also. I have thought about that afternoon for months and I'm still thinking about it. I don't think I will ever stop thinking about it. I want to call her but I won't. We should have never done what we did. I wonder if she's thinking about me?



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