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Everyone Has a First

Posted by: Age: 32 now, 13 then Posted on: 9 comments
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Everyone has their first orgasm. Here's the story of mine.


I believe it was early fall. School was starting. I was just getting into that routine. It was probably a Friday, because I'd been at home watching a movie. It was an R rated movie, which were allowed for me even then. Mom and my stepdad had already gone to bed (though I'd heard the noises they were making, so I knew they weren't asleep). I don't remember much about the movie, but I do remember there being what felt like the most erotic love scene I'd ever witnessed. So sensual, so beautiful. And there it was-that tingle I'd come to know, that tingle I was never able to make go away.

The movie finished. I went to my room and stripped. Even then I loved being naked. I laid down on my bed and tried reading a book. Ugh. No luck. That sex scene kept running through that head, that feeling between my legs intensifying. I imagined a boy I liked touching me the way the man in the movie touched the woman. I imagined the moment when she was on top, moving up and down on him.

Suddenly the idea popped into my head: my pillow. I quickly sat up and grabbed my pillow. I straddled it between my legs, pressing my now very wet pussy against it. Oh, that felt kind of nice. Okay, so what did the woman do... oh right. And I began moving my hips back and forth, humping the pillow. I'm not sure why I thought this would be a good method. I knew what sex was, and I knew a penis was supposed to go inside me. But I also knew sometimes I would touch my pussy, or sometimes when I aimed the shower head at it, it felt good. Despite the fact that there was nothing being inserted.

Why I didn't realize then the fun I could have with a removable shower head is beyond me. I guess I can be slow at times. My humping became more rhythmic. I found myself gasping. It felt so good, rubbing my pussy against my pillow. The feelings intensified, building and building. I gasped and moaned and then suddenly it hit me in a huge wave. I came, covering my mouth as a squeal came out of my mouth, hoping desperately my Mom wouldn't hear me and find out what I'd been doing.

The feeling passed. I slumped back onto the bed and caught my breath. And I couldn't help but smile. From that point on, I became an addict. At least once a day, though my methods did eventually change. So that was my first time. I hope you enjoyed it.



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